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 Post subject: Mira's Bio
 Post Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 4:10 pm 
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Unique Trait: Sila Senpo
Faction: Myself
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Alignment: Good
(I know it's late, please don't hate me.)

Mini Marvel
(DON'T call her Mirabelle!)


      xxxxxxxMirabelle Jones-Blackblade
      xxxxxxx Seventeen
      xxxxxxx Demon Weapon/Succubus/Witchling?
      xxxxxxx Avia J. or Mini Marvel
      xxxxxxx Outgoing | Protective | Diligent | Strong-willed | Loyal | Impulsive | Frank | Immature
      xxxxxxx What do you get when you cross a failure of a demon weapon and a succubus witch?

      Good question, Mira's still trying to figure that out.

      She never knew her father, or that she was a spawn of actual love and not passing lust. The only thing she knew were the stories that her mother would tell. He was a hero, he did what had to be done, and he lost his life for it. Mira... never really bought any of that. Instead, as far as she was concerned, he deadbeat that walked out on them, and no matter how much her mom tried to talk him up, she would continue to tear that image down.

      Eventually, a riff formed between her mom and her. Her mother didn't like the way she was spending her time, always hanging out with her friends in Valparaiso, not living up to her potential and all that, but Mira felt like she could do whatever she wanted. Her mom didn't have the power necessary to reign her in, at least that what she thought, and, in her own way, she was trying to live up to his legacy, ya know? If she could get strong on the streets of the toughest slum in the world then when she finally felt like dealing with that crappy excuse for a school she could shoot up the ranks, make it big, and actually make their names mean somethin'. Her mom never saw it that way.

      Finally, Lily thought it was best that Mira join the 'family business', and it didn't take a rocket scientist for Mira to know what that meant for a succubus and she wasn't having any of that. She knew it was her mother's way of looking out for her, getting her to work through some of those complicated feelings she had, but Mira much rather forget all about that part of herself and... she ran away without a word of goodbye to her mother. She hid, deep in the slums of Valparaiso, testing her powers against people that could barely protect themselves. It was sweet for a while, the freedom, but she could never shake the feeling that she was doing something wrong and eventually she got bored.

      That's when he showed up, whisking her away from all that and giving her a family she cared about and cared about her. She was able to learn to channel her angst into something more worthwhile, come to terms what the legend of her father, and focus her efforts on establishing her family in a more legit way. Unfortunately, when the fall occurred, her mother was lost and so was the school she had finally decided to give a chance so she could move away from her sordid past to a brighter future. Unsure what to do with herself, she changed her name, chose to stay with her master a little longer, and searches for clues to her mother's whereabouts.

      xxxxxxx QUIRK 1 Mira has a huge complex about her height. She's really short for her age, and thick too. She'll fly off the cuff about it too, there's an interesting story that started from this and lead to her nickname Mini Marvel actually.
      xxxxxxx QUIRK 2 Mira is really into Macrame, to an almost unhealthy degree.
      xxxxxxx QUIRK 3 There's a jacket, you'll know it when you're in the same room as her, that Mira loves. If you damage it in anyway, she'll literally take your head off your shoulders.
      xxxxxxx Before the disappearance of the Veritas, and even before the day she met Koudo, Mira collected and devoured her father's soul after finding it drifting where he'd perished in battle. It's the first and only soul she's collected and she'd rather people think she hasn't collected any.


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