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 Post subject: Oom The Demon Bastard
 Post Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2015 8:12 pm 
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Name: Oom
Race: Human Demon Hybrid
Age: ???
Weapon: Vecrot The First Demon Blade
Personality: Quiet, Observant, Skeptic, Untrusting

Oom was born in a village named Devivl on the edge of the pit of hell a village which resided neither in hell nor Vescrutia but in-between where the living and the dead could speak and interact with lost relatives, demons, angels, gods and goddess. A melting pot of supernatural creatures. But Oom's mother was a gentle human woman who had been given to the Blue Demon in exchange for her families crop. She had been thrown into the village and into the arms of the Blue Demon who had fallen stricken with her beauty as the story goes. He took her as his wife and bore 3 Children. The children grew into village prodigies but were looked down upon by both human and demon alike. Soon the disgust for them grew to hate and both sides gathered arms to hunt the demon bastards. Raylai age 10 was the first to fall blind sided by the angry mob of humans and demons alike torn to shreds in seconds. Raylai was the youngest.. Oom's vision turned red his hair emitted a black goo with a blue glow. Bright blue horns grew from Ooms temple and his eyes started to glow with a bright pale blue light. At his side stood his brother.. only his eyes were filled with fear.. frozen on Oom. Until that is they heard their mothers high pitch screams as her heart was ripped out by a demon in the mob. Suddenly Oom's brother Vecrot shot forward with all his might at the crowd of demons blinded by his hatred and want for revenge.. he lunged.. and was striken down by a polearm carried by a young demon boy... Oom's rage exploded and with it black goo and blue flames shot in every direction around Oom hitting and dissolving the crowd into nothing but goo. When Oom's rage calmed down the goo turned bright blue and became translucent flying back into Oom collecting his first souls.. he ran to his brother.. unable to save him he made a packed that he will always be by his side using the last of his power Vecrot imbuned himself into a weapon becoming the first demon blade and for as long as Oom carried his sword Vecrot would be by his side lending him power whenever he needed it. Now.. Oom seeks the power to bring his loved ones back. The power to transcend space and time to go back to change it all.

Secret: *** Oom craves souls.. his bloodlust will make him act regrettably in some instances ***

 Post subject: Re: Oom The Demon Bastard
 Post Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2015 4:37 pm 
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Illuminati :: Guiding Light|Advancing Shadow
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