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 Post subject: Rebirth
 Post Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 4:14 pm 
Talim :: Dreamer|Sleeper
Talim :: Dreamer|Sleeper
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I.. I don't really remember much. I mean, I know my name, I remember my favorite color, how to wield a pen and pencil. But I opened my weary eyes to a devils migraine adrift foreign, frozen waters and hadn't a clue as to where I was. I was without a shred of clothes to keep my body from succumbing to hypothermia, but my brain and motor functions felt stable, stable enough to help me swim ashore anyway. But the thing is, I didn't even know how to swim..

Regardless, I parted the waves of what I've come to learn as the Freshwater Sea until the fatigue made me feel every nerve and muscle. I was swimming purely from foreign instinct but damn I was good. With shore in sight, and the fear of a watery grave mum as a mute, bits and fragments of what once was my memory began to scour what little shards remained..

My name is L..

Height: 6'3
Weight: 190
Eye Color: Amber
Hair Color: Black/Silver tips
Age: No idea..

..and as far as what happened? It's more like a huge void with a cascade of blurry colors.

I remember smoldering, crimson flashes somehow darkening the skies, followed by a murder of crows that harvested souls and crops alike. The very air became toxic, burning everything from your eyes to your sphincter with napalm irritation from a simple inhale. Utter hopelessness poisoned atmosphere, swallowing the planet in a darkened hood. I remember resisting but..

"It just had to be winter time.. At least I made it."

I brought myself from the icy waters crawling on all fours, totally out of breath, teeth chattering, and panting like a dog. I felt like an icicle, even considered passing out right here and there if it promised a moments reprieve. I chuckled at the thought.. About how seriously I thought about it but eventually found the grit to stand. In my confusion I wandered toward the tallest building I could see among the darkened clouds, praying they had a change of clothes.

 Post subject: Re: Rebirth
 Post Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 8:04 pm 
The Great Destroyer
The Great Destroyer
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"I am the Last Hope, and The Last Resort."

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