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 Post subject: Maxim Vulcan IV: the Sated Strike
 Post Posted: Fri May 06, 2016 8:12 am 
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Unique Trait: N/A
Faction: The Neo Nightmare
Age: 35
Sex: Male
Full Name: Cyrus Maxim Vulcan IV
Aliases: Sated Strike
True Age: 35
Birthdate: Unknown
Age Appearance: 32
Nationality: Natural
Hometown:Mount Supremus
Current Residence: Nightmare
Occupation: Mercenary
Birth order:
Parents Cyrus Vulcan III

Physical Characteristics:
Height: 6 feet
Gender: Male
Weight: 198
Race: Human
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Skin Tone: Caucasian


Maxim’s biggest wish in life is to build and govern the Empire his father never let him have. As such, he desires the power needed to do so. Sated has the power but knows that using it again would ruin everything he has. Thus, he desires ways to tap into it, without it overwhelming him and overflowing. The mask is one way he does this, but there are other ways, all in the form of weapons or training. Sated’s biggest traits are hatred and anger, all gained from his history with his father and his father's clone. Maxim uses the name Maxim because he does not want to be associated with his father.

Maxim always needs someone around him of a higher calibre, he does this because he needs someone around whom he can show him he always has limits and always has something to strive to be as good as or better.

Personal History:
Maxim Vulcan IV is the 1st and only son of Maxim Vulcan III. At a young age Maxim was experimented on, but it was soon found that he was incompatible with the Spirit Project. At the age of 14 he was forced into the military of the Holy Natural Empire. Here he began to despise his father. Sometime during his military service, Maxim Vulcan would become seriously injured in a mock battle when his father had a soldier replace the false ammunition with real ammunition. When Maxim IV was presumed dead, his body was taken into a military facility where Holy Natural Scientists brought his soul back and bound it to his repaired body. Sates Strike was born this day.

After being released into the world, Sated Strike would learn that his father had replaced him with a clone of himself. That way his father could have the son he always wanted that was compatible with the Spirit Project. After learning this, Sated’s hatred for his father and the Empire grew and it grew fast. Sated under the Sated Strike guise admitted himself into the Spirit Project and out of sheer will and want to kill his father and his clone would force the Spirit Project to work. And thus the project did work.

Eventually, Sated Strike would learn to tap into his Spiritual Force, a power so strong a special mask had to be made to contain it. Sated at age 16 would venture off and begin training with the best the world had to offer.

17 years would pass and in that time Sated would learn several abilities. (See List). He would then take these abilities to the Holy Natural’s palace on Mount Supremus and challenge his father for the throne of the Empire. In a 3 day battle, both Maxim and the cloned son would battle it out. No food, sleep or resting, just 3 days of fighting brought them both to near death. But in the end, Sated would come out victorious. At this point, his father stepped up to the challenge and began fighting an exhausted Sated. His only real son. It was at this point that Sated removed the Mask, unleashing his full power, which in a single outwards explosion, reduced the entire area and Mount Supremus to a hole in the ground, which eventually filled in to form a large lake.

After this, the Empire and it’s neighbours fell and a cataclysmic event befell the entire known world plunging it into an eternal hell. Sated would spend his life as a Vicar, serving the Tartarian overlord that now ruled the undead lands.

Sated suddenly found himself in a new world, in a new life.

 Post subject: Re: Maxim Vulcan IV: the Sated Strike
 Post Posted: Sun May 08, 2016 2:32 am 
Illuminati :: Guiding Light|Advancing Shadow
Illuminati :: Guiding Light|Advancing Shadow
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Sex: Male
Alignment: Good

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