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 Post subject: The Legend of Zor
 Post Posted: Sat May 07, 2016 3:24 am 
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Zor, a celestial warlock, an immortal being trapped inside of a mortal body. This story begins with a warlock who used to be known as Magnus. Magnus was no fool but he was greedy.. always hungering for more power. One day this hunger was turned against him by one of his most loyal students. In a quest to obtain the Chalice of Dru'coln which granted an endless supply of magic he had brought his most promising student to offer as a sacrifice if the time came. The clever student knew of Magnus' plan on sacrificing him and devised his own plan in sealing Magnus within his staff. As Magnus' was in his chambers gathering up the magic for the quest ahead the student cursed his staff to steal any soul who had touched it. The plan would have worked. But Magnus was much stronger than the student could have ever imagined. When Magnus touched the staff, the curse attempted to steal his soul. Magnus being a warlock of great power, and one who can siphon power used his gifts to siphon the curse in hopes to break the magic. Instead of Magnus being sealed within the staff, his immortality was. Magnus filled with rage realizing that he was just meer mortal now took his staff and impaled the student. In the student's last breath he cursed Magnus once again but using the last of his life magic he had successfully sealed Magnus within the staff. The staff is said to have contained great power which is why Zor himself was seeking it. However upon finding his Zor's soul was lost and in place returned Magnus. The newly inhabited body seemed to be a celestial warlock which is Magnus' speciality. From this point Magnus and Zor were one.

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