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 Post subject: Aramis' Beginnings
 Post Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:25 pm 
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Unique Trait: Synaptic Overdrive
Faction: Moirai University
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Name: Aramis Aiello
Age: 18
Height: 6'0
Eye Color:In light:Blue In Darkness: Crimson Red
Body Type: Slim, but extremely dense muscle
Race: Human

Personality: Reserved, Observant, subtle "well contained" violent tendencies.


Aramis Aiello comes from a clan that has spent 20 generations perfecting medical jutsu in an attempt to create a psuedo- Kekei Genkai. In order to create such an anomoly, they looked towards alchemy to give them the answers. For close to 15 generations, their pursuits were fruitless, until one day, something happened. One of their test subjects, a nameless rogue shinobi who was on the verge of death hours before, suddenly exhibited elevated brain activity. Upon further investigation it was later revealed that this shinobi exhibited greater and more thorough healing on par with that of the Senju clan. The anomoly was later understood to be genetic reaction to a certain alchemic formula, one that merely channels alchemic chakra, instead of deconstructing and rearranging atoms.

In order to assure that the formula could be kept secret, the Aiello Clan began branding children on their 1st birthday, and erasing the scar using medical jutsu. Once branded, the childs chakra begins interacting with the formula to freely open up the genome and warp it ever so slightly, to allow for more conscious control of synapsis, cell division, and conscious lengthening of telomere, essentially alloting for continuous cell and chromosome division with no negative effects or limits.

Currently the Aiello clan is prominent in other areas of medicine and alchemy, with their secret arts and formula safe hidden. They still conduct human testing on many unwilling subjects which has caused some members of the family to detest and even separate from the family as a whole. This is what Aramis has done, to a certain extent however.

Aramis was born a twin, an hour after his "older" sister. This created a rift in the family immediately. The clan would accept a female as head with no problem, it has done so in the past, but upon genetic testing of both new borns, Aramis presented much more promise than his sister. Aramis possessed both increased chakra potential, but also synaptic activity that were off the charts.

The rift grew even more when Aramis' genetic composition allowed for much better augmentation via alchemy. Though he received much praise, he also received much more scrutiny, which caused him to develop minor sociopathic tendencies at a young age. When sparring there would be times he would begin laughing manically before suddenly coming to a stop. He would be seen with deep caused along his forearms and neck caused by physical unrest.

Aramis' father suggested than instead of medical means, he take philosophic means. Aramis was locked in a room for a week, with nothing but books and food. He was given a treatment that denied his body the ability to shut off its fight or flight response for the entire week, meaning no food, reduced digestion, and increased synaptic activity that would all be monitored. Aramis neary drove himself insane, not because of his mental state, but because boredom was a fate worse than death in his eyes. On the third day he finally began reading.

His brain understood each page as an image, and was able to read, comprehend, and develop each word an an instant. He was able to read, and memorize 350 page complitation of essays in an hour, and only increased his rate until he could read a page a second. He finally was able to contain his demons.

He now keeps his distance from his family's inner workings, while still mooching off his parent's money and research until he is able to take his spot as the family head, whether it be by force, coup, or natural causes.

" I am he who seeks the many truths of this world. I desire to understand creation, destruction and rebirth. For if I understand everything that can be, I can understand the essence of all existence "

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