Legality Disclaimer

While traversing Vescrutia, there are a few things you need to have in order. Rules, regulations, and character sheets are found in here. Come check out the world and its people.
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Legality Disclaimer

Post by Michio Tribe » Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:12 pm

Hello, and thank you for choosing to create with us on Vescrutia! We are honored to have you and want you to have an amazing time building with us. By interacting with us here you agree to the following terms.

The Characters and Concepts you create are your own. Feel free to take them and reproduce them in anyway.

Vescrutia is officially under copywright. This was a major milestone for us, and there are certain concepts under the Copywright that you may not reproduce in anyway. For details on that list feel free to ask any administrator for clarification. Reproducing them even in a 'spin-off' fashion violates copyright law and is punishable by law.

This website serves as a medium of expression for our overarching copy-written story plot. All things created by the administrators, owners of the copyright are automatically under that copyright and are their own to use as they please. You interacting with it can or cannot be used under the Vescrutia copyright with your permission of course.

This website serves as living breathing creative intelligence, we would love to hear feedback from our community to help us grow and expand our universe using just more than your writing skills. If at any point you wish to collaborate with us, or are inspired by us then let us know.

If you wish to share Vescrutia on your social media, please do so using the #Vescrutia #Ves handles. To put things simply, come here, have fun, tell your friends, but please ask us before reproducing copying or sharing ours or anyone else work. Violation of this can and will result in the deletion of your work, or a ban.

To that point, back up your work on google docs or any other word processor you have incase the site fails you.

Any artistic visual aids that we use are owned by the artist themselves, unless stated otherwise. We do not own any music, graphics or anything unless stated otherwise.

This is a pen-name account which writes from the narrative perspective of:
Michio Kham, T'ajsa Michio, Gaia- The Divine Anima, The Devout (and its members)
Michio Tribe Lore

Everything posted by this account is official property of ©Vescrutia2018, no reproduction, or reposting of this content identical to or closely resembling is allowed.

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