Neovian Glossary

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Neovian Glossary

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Neovian Glossary

The Arbiter- A muscle in all creation where the will resides. When the arbiter is awakened the will can harnessed and expressed in a variety of ways

The Cordis Nova- The Physical Manifestation of the will. Whether it be a weapon, spirit or both the Cordis Nova takes various shapes and skils depending on the user of The Arbiter

Neovia- A port City created by reh refugees of the Kemet Crisis. Positioned on the beach of the Freshwater Sea called The Jade Shores. It’s a place founded upon the principle that anything is possible where ideas, skills and knowledge are valued and swapped among those who come to stay. It’s constructed out of what appears to be bioluminiscent structures, the fragments of Kemet’s dying will.

COER- The Center of Emergency Responders, a world wide initiative created by Kham to ensure events like the one in Kemet never occured again. One of their many bases is located in Neovia.

Neovian Arcadium- A place of study where people can learn to unlock their slumbering will called The Arbiter.

Lumin- A mysterious font of will and purpose in the heart of Neovia, it takes shape of a pyramid of light. It's origins are unknown, but it appears to want to align itself with the strong wills of others and create a network of Vescrutian protectors. As a pillar, you can unlock your Aribter and anchor strong wills to Lumin bolstering the united front against the horsemen.
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