The Ongoing History of Neovia

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The Ongoing History of Neovia

Post by Ves » Tue Jan 22, 2019 9:12 pm

Out of the Ashes of The Abyss, destroyed by the Heralds of the Horsemen. Michio Kham, Atra, ZK, T'Ajsa Michio and their loyalists journeyed across Vescrutia to a new haven, a place to settle and establish themselves to prepare themselves for the Horseman's return. After a very long arduous journey filled with struggle and strife, some did not quite complete the exodus but Atra, Kham and ZK finally settled upon an eerily quiet body of Freshwater. After being thirsty for years, Siphoning freshwater from clouds, and collecting it from ZK's conjured storms, this looked like the perfect place to settle. Granted Kham felt a little off about this Oasis. It was quiet. Such a bounty couldn't be exclusively theres. The tides swelled and subsided, all was far to peaceful along this beach. He, TJ and Atra, along with a few other Loyalists went to secure the surrounding area to check for dangers while ZK constructed himself a beach house. The more ZK settled upon this beach the more he detected an eerie light emanating from this very much alive body of Freshwater. The curious boy couldn't help but investigate and every step he took on the surface of the calm pools echoed through those aquatic depths alerting the ocean dwellers within that their peaceful existence on their secluded sea was now threatened. That the Great Destroyer and his Supercharged Boy Wonder were at their doorstep, wherever they move chaos follows, and this was a disturbance best snuffed out permanently.

Thankfully ZK was no fool and detected the waves recoil at his touch, his curiosity was not sated but he decided to discuss his discovery with his confidant, friend and rival, The Boulder, Michio Kham who was not having much success with the locals. In all his years of living, Kham's memory was not flawless. He had encountered this landmass before. A rare vast area of land untouched by human hands. The races of people dwelling here were much older than humankind and preferred to be left alone. His years of training granted him a much more stealthy approach through the wilderness where he discovered old foes- The Spider Kingdom, new friends, The Barbarians, Amazoness, and many others. Perhaps, if he could convince them that they come in peace, like his Michio ancestors they could take root here and prosper.

Unfortunately, The Sea's already conspired to have ZK's head before Kham returned from his exodus. In the midst of building his beach house an eerie mist flooded the surface of the freshwater sea that suffocated ZK's ability to use Naten. The prodigal son of Vescrutia, the child prodigy was robbed of his near infinite power and was set upon by assassins of the sea. Celeste and her allies, the Manta Rays engaged ZK in a very long fight for his life. Even robbed of sight, sound, and Naten ZK held his own. When the fight began to turn against him The Great Destroyer arrived and the call to retreat was sound with Celeste suffering heavy losses. Perhaps in his adult years ZK wouldn't retaliate as impulsively as he did, but the events that conspired mere moments after Kham's arrival would be known as the day The Sky Fell Upon The Sea. It was common for the Michio and Venkage to combo their abilities, and so The Great Destroyer used the entire ocean floor to lift their assailants from their safe haven toward the clouds where ZK was free to sear them with repetitive lightning bolts. This act of genocide was forever cemented in the hearts of all the surrounding factions who took their respective sides. Were the Atlanteans right to attack them? Were The Refugees right in striking back after all they were the invaders? The lines were blurred and the protectors of this area revealed themselves moments later. The Acolytes, the protectors of the Light that ZK was curious by. A Vestige of the ancient past. The Light of Lumin. Disturbance to this area did not come often, and The Acolytes had been observing ZK, The Michio and their refugee band since they life the Abyss. It was foolish of the Atlanteans to think they had sole right over Lumin as it's light permeated all creation in this area unlocking its latent will. This power could be revealed to them too so long as they agreed to complete its mandate- The Bestiary. ZK leapt at the chance, Atra was also intrigue. Kham not so much, but whatever it took to fully understand this peculiar place, its power, and settle here. So the pact with Lumin was forged, the Acolytes, immortal projections of Lumin faded away into the Ether and all was still.

ZK and The Michio brokered peace with the denizens of Ulum, The Freshwater Sea and now with rumors of permanent settlement ZK and Atra and Kham immediately began construction of a port city along its coast. The Atlanteans willingly shared the bounty of Ulum with them and the existing knowledge of the Arbiter, linking their own wills with Lumin, and ZK and Atra respectively. Kham took no part in this massive connection but saw great potential for this territory. It's growth exploded in a short period of time, all were motivated to make this a new hub for the exchange of resources and live at peace with the surorunding area. There was plenty challenges and secrets here to investigate and overcome and all were welcome to come and study under this light and learn more about them. A sort of school of study was created. The Neovian Conservatory with hustling bustling economies of ideas and resources built around it. No one really stays in Neovia for long, save for its creators and their families. But all who pass through wish to learn and are more than welcome to. All outside of the Conservatory however is left up to the wilds themselves.

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