The Neovian Timeline of Events

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The Neovian Timeline of Events

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Neo Nightmare History

Read this along side the Neovian Glossary for reference

10 Years Ago...

The destruction of Kemet left a large amount of refugees. Survivors retreated to their respective homelands, some to the Astral Chaos. ZK doesn’t leave Kemet without grabbing a fragment of the now destroyed, inert structures. Those without another place to go come together to assess their options. ZK convinces Atra to join him on an adventure to the Freshwater Sea. Wagers the stoic character has nothing to lose from a vacation. Kham departs with TJ and Cross in tow, wanting nothing of a vacation but agrees to rendezvous with them when he was done elsewhere, planting seeds for COER, a counterintelligence organization designed to bring law to a lawless land. They arrive at the Jade Shores, the surrounding beach of the Fresh Water Sea early in the morning, using the rest of the day to plan the next moves and build shelter. Unsure of Kham's arrival and where to find the Mako, Zero makes moves for a more permanent housing option, against Atra's better judgement.

Days pass waiting on the shore and the Ulthrazeen, fish elvs who dwell beneath The Freshwater Sea, take note of a settlement on the shores of their territory. They confer with the Mako and strike a contract to drive the invaders off the shore. The intended hit has unintended consequences that force the two factions to reconcile their differences over the king of the Ulthrazeen, Darrius. To make a fair offer, the now queen of the Ulthrazeen and baby sister to Darrius Celeste suggests the foreigners travel through the Lucid South to the Lucis Acolytes and learn of the energy sleeping beneath the land they settled on. If they survive the journey and can pass the acolytes challenge then they are worthy to stay here.

Upon arrival, the Acolytes determine Atra and ZK are The Pillars of the stream who can be aligned to bring a great energy to fruition in Lumin, nearby where Zero wound up setting up shop. They need to learn the history and way of the Arbiter. The also task Atra and ZK with completing the bestiary, anchoring collective strong wills to Lumin.

Six months pass in the darkness, learning how to activate their arbiter, how to activate in others, use them in harmony with each other, and link with the siege force of the Lucid South.
They return to the beach, ZK and Atra anchor Lumin to Kemetian fragment and ignite it’s will construct for them a series of structurues they use to build the beginnings of the Neo-Nightmare use their skills to link Anchor Lumin, and found the first headquarters for the Neo Network.

Present Day

Here are the unfolding main story lines in Neovia, ask, Atra, ZK or The Michio Tribe on how to get inolved!

The Devout Resurgence
The Michio Tribe who were thought to be murdered by Michio Kham’s own hand has returned to destroy everything he has built. They’ve begun by assuming his identity and leadership in COER and sowing discord among the allied factions

There’s A Mole in Our Midst
The Moonlight Equilibrium Festival is upon us one of the many celestial events that appear in Vescrutia’s sky. Atra has taken this time to celebrate Neovias 10 year anniversary among all the factions who make neovia possible. But this Gala has been compromised leaving many dead and COER in splinters.
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