Chapter Two: The Question

Stone steps lead to The Kingdoms most powerful possession, the Sanctus Imperium. Three Stone Pillars with runic marking face one another forming a stone alter.
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Re: Chapter Two: The Question

Post by Nagase Kura Hellgate » Mon Jun 10, 2019 3:59 am

"Did you come here just to boast?" She asked, smirking thoughtfully.
“No.” She said softly. “I came here to make sure I wasn’t falling behind, but what a silly fear that would be.”

She glanced over at Azazel towards the end of her sentence and gifted him a warm smile.
‘Yes!’ He shouted. ‘She literally, only, shows up in my life to antagonize me. She has robotic birds keeping track of me, making it all to easy to show up, precisely in my most vulnerable moments;but, you guys never believe me!’
My. My. My. Brother you have such an imagination, but you wound me. I wouldn’t devote my time to finding your most vulnerable moments, I’d dedicate my time to learning your weaknesses. So, I can help you grow from them of course, dearest brother.’

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Re: Chapter Two: The Question

Post by Kurai » Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:47 am

Kurai couldn't help but roll her eyes. She loved her daughter dearly but sometimes...often actually...she seemed to be totally unaware of how intrusive she could be and how thin she could split a hair.

"Now, Nagase..." she said with a stern tone that she so rarely used.

"If this is true... You must know how inappropriate this is. Just because you are sensitive enough to sense nearly everything... Does not give you free reign STALK your brother under the guise of teaching him what you think is best for him"

She spoke as if it was only a possibility yet the feeling that it was true pervaded her mind persistently.

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