Seek Wise Counsel

Stone steps lead to The Kingdoms most powerful possession, the Sanctus Imperium. Three Stone Pillars with runic marking face one another forming a stone alter.
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Seek Wise Counsel

Post by Zeik » Sun Jan 20, 2019 2:31 pm

A man dressed in midnight-blue robes slowly made his way up the stone carved stair case in the Alps of Chaos. Just over his shoulder the Pink-blazing radiance of Vescrutia’s Sun charged the earth that his bare feet kissed. The days were long on Vescrutia, sitting between two stars during the Astral year gave ample energy and light to the planet. He Raised his hand just over his eye brow blocking the light from his face. A large city of stone buildings was nested within the mountains hidden between the high trees of the forest in the distance.

"Astral City..."

He said calmly before turning his back to the cliff and facing the Stone pillars before him. Using his hands the man preformed a series of Mudra and muttered an incantation under his breath.

"Sanctus Imperium. Rise with the sun and head the Call of the King of Chaos."

He said softly. The three pillars surrounding the king were covered in runic markings which began resonating with his call. The Radiant light of Vescrutia's binary star system ignited the markings and the area began to hum with a steady pulse. The man slowly knelt to the floor, sitting on his knees he brought his fist to one another.

"Vescrutia....Anxiety plagues my mind. This restlessness is often the precursor of wickedness. I can sense the eyes of someone...something. Its watching me, but from beyond the veil? I seek your counsel."

The image of a woman manifested within the Sanctus Light. Her hair thick and bushy like wool and brighter than any star above. Her bronze skinned hand gently touched the mans shoulder alerting him of her presence. He remained Bowed to Vescrutia despite their familiarity. She gestured for the King to rise from his knees as she had never asked for such formalities of her children.


The woman said in only a langue the Trees and the wind could repeat.

"You've done well to find me. I know the source of your concern and have waited for you to seek me out. Within the walls of our galaxy, the milky way, is a planet of immeasurable suffering. Its consciousness is still young and dormant."

Zeik rose to his feet and slightly bowed to the Mother of Creation.

'What is the Name of this Planet and How does its Suffering effect us here?"

Vescrutia pointed her finger towards the blistering light of her Green Star.

"A planet with a Yellow Sun known within this Galaxy as Terra. Their destiny is tied to ours...I can show you, if you are strong enough to see the blinding light of Truth? Hmm? Harbinger? "
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Re: Seek Wise Counsel

Post by Zeik » Sun Jan 20, 2019 5:23 pm

‘The Blinding Light of Truth...’

His brow raised in curiosity at the sound of Vescrutia’s Warning. Zeik was a Seer and a gifted one at that. Sensing impending doom and perceiving unprecedented destruction were apart of trade.

‘What...have you seen?’

Nervously he approached her wisdom.

‘Ever cautious of the inevitable aren’t you Zeik?

-She asked with a smile while extending her hand to the Crown King of Chaos. They both knew He wouldn’t turn his back on a Request from Mother of Creation.

Zeik stepped towards the Bronze skinned Goddess his eyes affixed to the light swelling within her hair. His hand made its way towards hers but stopped inches from her grasp.-

You ready?

She asked softly.

Without replying Zeik took hold of Vescrutia’s hand.

‘I don’t see anything.’

-He said quizzically after a looking around the skyline. His attention returned to Vescrutia only to realize he was alone at the Sanctus Imperious and Suddenly night had fallen.-

‘Night soon? ’

‘The planet exists within a Binary star system, making the days an average of 72 hours long. For the skyline to only be lit by the Planets orbiting moons is a Rare Phenomenon for Vescrutia.’

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Re: Seek Wise Counsel

Post by Zeik » Sun Jan 20, 2019 8:12 pm

-The pulsing lights that had enveloped the Sanctus Imperious were gone and nighttime had fallen. The lights of Astral City in the distance stimulated thoughts of home. He missed his family and wondered what Festivities were happening within the city, almost forgotting he was just recently speaking with the Planetarys Goddess,Vescrutia. -


-He thought of his wives and fellow rulers of Astral City as he made his way towards the edge of the cliff.-

‘I should make my way home, who know wh-”

-Suddenly four bright flashes of light struck from the ground causing a massive earthquake like shake across the forest. The bolts of lightning left behind a huge dust cloud with countless gleaming eyes peering from within. Though miles away from the Sanctus Imperious and Astral City, their every step shook the King footing with mighty tremors.

‘The Kingdom?! Their headed right towards my home!’

What was hiding within the Dustcloud was veiled,but thier intentions weren’t. Zeik lit Boundless motion and Origin Vision immediately closed the distance between them and his Kingdom, Astral City. The dust began to settle revealing towering creatures of horror beyond his comprehension. His eyes widened at the sight of an endless sea of gasthly abominations now razing the forest.

‘Droves of Nightmares and Horrors. What manner of evil has created you?’

-He said. The Dust now completely settled and the Legions of Nightmares growing numbers with every passing moment. Near the center of the hoard Zeik could see four creatures sitting atop of horses, their presence barring a different signiture than the rest of the legion. -

‘I’ve felt this before. This feeling of dread, inevitable and powerlessness. They...are lookin at me. ’

-As quickly as Zeik came to this conclusion the four intruders appeared above his Kingdom.- <

‘How’d they get past me?!’

-He shouted angrily. It was true their arrival had taken him by surprise, but he should have seen them move or sensed their intention.-

‘Boundless motion!’

-As quickly as the King uttered the name of his rune he appeared between the Intruders once again. His arm was outstretched and a roaring blue flame swirled in his palm offering a fair warning.-

‘...Who are Y-’

A loud and indescribable noise clawed at the ears of all within the forest. Even the deaf scratched at their ear drums in agony as the melodic tune of evil carried on. The animals and citizens of the forest were stirred into a frenzy and began attacking one another

Zeik’s eyes swelled with tears watching his peaceful denizens eat themselves from the inside out.

‘ There...just..are talking.’

He struggled to piece together his thoughts and feelings in the wake of ruin. The mere mention of their language drove Vescrutian life to madness and insanity within an instant.

He struggled to regain his composure under the immense gravity of insignificance, The pressure of their will was consuming. With a mighty shout of his own, Zeik silenced the screeching bellow of evil. In the stillness he could clearly hear only one word.

‘One Sky.’
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Re: Seek Wise Counsel

Post by Zeik » Wed Feb 13, 2019 2:51 pm

‘One Sky.’

The words echoed throughout his mind, shaking his consciousness with a thunderous boom, throwing his psyche into a spiraling bout of fear and asphyxiation. He clawed at his throat gasping for air as the pressure around him squeezed the wind from his body.

A thick miasma quickly rolled in and surrounded the Astral Wilderness, through his own harrowing experience, Zeik could hear the pained choking of the forest denizens below. Their anguished cries filled the forest with a symphony of horror. Peering from within the miasma, their numbers eerily growing in synchronicity with the cries of the suffering forest life, were gleaming eyes. The eyes appeared all around Zeik stretching far into Vescrutias skies and deep into her soil. He noticed the eyes had no pupil or iris, just a oval shaped voids of holographic light.

Zeik struggled to remain conscious amidst the mind-shredding presence of pure evil. His eyes filled with tears as he watched his world fall to ruin-powerless under the weight of their will. His Kingdom, the Astral Chaos, remained unharmed by the miasma but also remained uninvolved in the fight. Neither his allies or family came to his aid. With a burst of light he dispelled the miasma, revealing only the creatures that fell to the Smokey black mist. Through labored breathing and a forced gasp Zeik took a breath of air.

*Deep Inhale*

The miasma retreated into the skies dissipating into specs of holographic sparks, leaving behind the gleaming eyes above.

‘One sky. One Law. One God’

Said a fading whisper.

With his first breath Zeik caught full wind of the putrid smell of the seered and rapidly decayed flesh of The Astral Wilderness. The Miasma had claimed every living creature that lived in the forest. Sandwiched between the gut-retching presence of inevitable death and the putrid smell of flesh, Zeik couldn’t resist vomiting. As he voided his stomachs contents, he noticed the distinct taste of rancid blood in the air.

“One Sky.”

Said the whispers. Soon after Zeik cleared his stomach, voices filled his mind with screams of terror and regret, begging for answers to their untimely ruin. The screams slowly turned on him, blaming Zeik for thier death and demanded his body in repent. ‘We need your blood and body to be whole, we must eat of your body and drink of your blood.’

The voices pleaded, their numbers growing into a coral arrangement of chanting ‘Drink of the blood, Eat of the body.’ A faint image appeared in the distance and distracted Zeik from pleading with the voices of the damned. He wiped his eyes of tears, trying to get a better image;but the image wasn’t there.

His instincts said otherwise. He could smell a strong stench coming from directly infront of him. His senses detected a strong desire to kill, a pure murderous intent

*Labored breathing.*

‘Another vision...’

-He said in between catching his breath. Lookin around to make sure his home was still in one piece.-

Natures Call:The experience that staggers you, is a way of life for the people of Terra. Did you see it?

Zeik: I saw everything. I wouldn’t close my eyes..

He said, hiding the shame he felt in the tone of his voice. He couldn’t shake the feeling of powerless he felt in his vision. Vision of approaching ruin where common place in his life, it’s why he traveled so often. He’d always had the conceptual dominance over his subconscious and his will, so why was he staggered?

Natures Call: No one being can overturn the will of a Collective.

She said. Her voice carried to his ears between the sound of snapping branches, rustling leaves and the clicks and caws of Astral denizen that filled the Forest of Resonance.

Nature’s Call: It is no secret here that your life is given to you by the body, from the womb of your planet, Vescrutia. Little confusion about the oneness of her many children. You are aware that life here makes up one organism with many unique variations. Your ability to use Naten, the universal force, is not veiled to my Children. You have all grown up knowing that you are protected, empowered to explore, defend and create. Together we are one organisms, living out our individual experience.

On Terra...The Enemy has distorted the indigenous species, humans, reality. I was reading the winds of the void when a terrible stench lead me to the young planet. A blue watery planet with a developing human, species. The planet was surrounded by debris, perhaps a destroyed moon or sister planet. There I found the Lost One.

Zeik: Lost ones?

Nature’s Call: Yes, A race of lost beings completely unaware of where they are or who they are. I was young when I first found them, I couldn’t keep myself hidden from the Enemy.

The Enemy we identified as Desolation chased my cosmic footprints back to here and eventually the first born Makaian’s defeated it.

I didn’t go back to Terra for a while,but the assaults from Desolation , his Heralds and Revengers didn’t stop. Recently I felt that Terra was calling out to me and I felt urged to investigate. The enemy has made its home within the living organism of Terra and its native species.

Terra and I met around her moon during the Last alignment of Mother’s Eye, before she and I got separated she showed me some of her history and the curses surprising their awakening, DOGMA , BABEL and DEATH. I couldn’t trace the origins of these curses to any of this galaxies stars, they aren’t from here.

Dogma compiles the collective will of the Planetary organism and warps it against itself, twisting truth inside out and leaving them fighting their reflections.

Babel, Once a megalithic tower of Human accomplishment was high-jacked by the enemy. Using the obelisk against the humans, they distorted their language. Babel fills the space in between conversation with malice and confusion. The realms of thought and higher level of communication, psych. Is also filled with micro organism that seek out dangerous thought forms and attack them.

I learned the planets energetic circuitry, the very same grid that allow Vescrutians to harness and mold Naten, is so severely scarred that the species is developed shorten life span, it’s withered their genetic coding, and damage connections to themselves.

Zeik: So they are suffocating under a smog of fear and isolation, surrounded by people who won’t come to their aid...

Nature’s Call: I believe so. We need to know more about the Enemy before they strike us again, and Terra needs help.

Zeik:How? Time isnt a resource we can expand with traversing the void.

Vescrutia:Some civilizations, devout in their instincts, built thriving civilizations capable of profound feats, there reign was short;but, Terra found a working warp gate.

Zeik:How fortunate.
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Re: Seek Wise Counsel

Post by Zeik » Wed Feb 13, 2019 11:09 pm

His body was stricken with fatigue from his previous vision, he leaned against the Sanctus pillars and listened to Nature’s guidance;her voiced filled his senses with information, walking him along her journey with the blue planet.

Zeik:If Terra’s Grid is severely damaged, then how will this effect those who travel to the planet?

Natures Call: Traditionally your connection to the planet, in tandem with your genetic coding, allows you compatibility with naten. However with Terra’s circuitry severed, using Naten will be close to impossible. I’ve pin pointed the seven areas where the damage is prominent, if we remove the daemon that clog the seven areas, Terra will wake up.

Zeik: Daemon? They possess incredible durability and destructive will we fight without Naten and how do they survive in such a ‘dimly lit,’ planet?

Nature Call: The Sanctus Imperium teaches the Astral Citizens about a forgotten power within us all, I believe that power doesn’t rely on naten.

Zeik:Do you have a plan?

Nature’s Call: No. I don’t have enough information for a plan. I only know the daemon’s are what’s damaging the grid, along with widespread pollution of the sea.

What I do know is the Daemon are weakest between the fall equinox and winter solstice. A spell was created long ago by a high priest and priestess, it’s still practiced today;though, it’s form and culture has changed. The humans, however obscure their intentions my be, invoke the rites of the spell during that time. The collective will of the humans are strong and united, you’ll have this opportunity to strike.
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Re: Seek Wise Counsel

Post by Zeik » Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:46 am

The winds were strong, whooshing through the tall trees of the forest bending their thick trunks. Some of the younger trees snapped and were swirled into a spiraling gust forming off in the distance.

Zeik, focusing on the teaching of Sirius, one of the Primordial Dvahi, bated his breath;slowing them and his mind to a certain still. The ever increasing sound of strong gusts ,snapping trees and colliding treebark became mute to him.

‘Origin Vision’

He said softly. Igniting the birthrun on his right arm. His eyes slowly opened revealing the iridescent glint racing around the lid of his eye.

The gusty spiral continued to swell, growing to a gale-force presence, some of the animals began to flee while other, more courageous creatures, challenged the winds.

Zeik:I need time to prepare a strategy and build a team.

He said, lifting his back from the cold pillar,reflecting on nature’s guidance. He directed his attention to the spiraling gale force winds tearing through the forest, its presence still mute.


He muttered. Raising his right hand to the side of his face he unleashed a cone of super heated air, racing from his mouth and spiraling towards the tornado forming in the forest. The collision of the spells released a burst of charged sparks into the air, as the heated air pierced the winds and struck the Daemon at the center with certain precision. The winds died down soon after and the Daemon struggled to remain conscious roughly forty miles away.

Swiftly he dashed from the alter, closing the gap in a single bound and appearing above the wounded Daemon.


He said while using the momentum of his dash to form a single spin, catching the sphere of blue fire that just ignited beside him and fashioning the flame into a Katana. In one hand he held Basalisk and positioned himself to strike, falling from the sky in a dive bomb fashion. With his free hand he pinned the daemon to the ground with strong super heated winds while descending with his blade aimed to kill.

Despite the daemons violent thrashing, the pressure of the winds pushed the creature deeper into the crust of the planet. The heat seered his flesh continuously regardless of its rapid regeneration. Zeik crashed into the Daemon, crushing his skull with his knee and piercing its neck with Basalisk.

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Re: Seek Wise Counsel

Post by Zeik » Thu Feb 14, 2019 1:26 am

The creature struggled for a moment before going limp from his wounds. Zeik surged the daemons body with hellfire reducing it to ash. The creatures bone, made of a material with an exceptionally high melting point,remained unharmed;but, charged with blue heat.

“ Archer. Daemon attacks are getting more frequent, take these bones back to Urizen.’’

Zeik said, jumping off the ground and lifting his finger to the temple of his skull. He Connected with the watchtower inside the Astral Defense system, Archer.

Beneath the bones appeared darkslits grabbing them and transporting them to Urizen Storage.

ARCHER: All taken care of Zeik.

Zeik: Thank You.

He said landing on the ground and observing the native fawn life rebuilding the forest. They were capable of repairing damaged tree roots, even after a tree was ripped from its roots. The primates assisted in setting the trees back in place, while the fawn mended the roots.

Some of the creatures were wounded in the battle as well and would receive medical aid from the Amaris once Zeik alerted them.

‘Send a groups of Amaris to this location, I’m headed to Ars Haven.’

He said to Archer command tower, while dusting his robes off before disappearing into a burst of embers.

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