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 Post subject: Crystal Caste. Astral Inheritance.
 Post Posted: Sun Aug 09, 2015 3:02 pm 
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The purpose of this is to realize the greater potential between the essence of ‘will,’ and ‘force.’ This is the mastery of discovery. Finding what has been lost within, to confront that which aims to consume all.

The core element serves as a pillar through the process of inheritance, while the sixth sense acts as a compass through the process. Your Astral Inheritance is the endowed gifts brought into fruition by vigilance. One must trudge their way through the souls many corridors, diving deeper into the internal hell and wonderment. Once the individual has reached the bottom, or deepest Hell, within themselves the process of renewal can begin and a new light of purpose is forged.

Spoiler: show
Will -or- Force: The crystals explain that energy can be divided into a near infinite number of fractions, but this division lessens its connection to the external world. As such The courts divided energy into two categories which she believe are inherently connected and not in rivaled odds with the other. The separation begins with that which is tangible and that which is intangible. Where Force represent chakra and Will represents spirit. With these two categories, understanding their defining characteristics will become key in deepening the connection of the sixth sense. The quest of understanding will or force shouldn’t put one in a fickle choice between the two, for awareness and experience of both is essential for core evolution and self exploration.

Will:Strength or energy as an attribute of intangible action or movement. The essence of Will takes its form with the shadows, acting as nearly any form of intangible energy from thoughts to emotions and even further. Psychic’s primarily use the essence of will over the essence of force, but this is not innate.

Force: Strength or energy as an attribute of physical action or movement. The essence of Force near always takes its presence in the light, drawing energy or clashing with others directly in an tangible form. Many casters who focus on elemental knowledge use the essence of force.

Spoiler: show
Crystal Caste: Only seven of the near infinite Caste have been found and recorded in the Astral Chaos and they are listed below. New caste will be added but details of their properties are hidden until discovered in rp and saved at the Magus Menagerie

Each of the Seven caste act as fields of study, as to say that an individual may be in knowledge and utilization of any 1 or all of the seven caste. This is not to say that the Astral Chaos ‘chakra,’ is malleable or subject to change to fit a situation. Each person has a ‘core element,’ and the caste of the core depicts the inherent nature of the individual chakra. This is why one must become aware of their core element in order to gain awareness of the caste affinity.

-Vapor: Consumes force to fuel itself. Usually by some form of decay or absorption.
-Caster: ??
-Urizen: ??
-Tamist: ??
-Enforcer: ??
-Undei: ??
-Amarra: ??

Spoiler: show
Soul Inception -- The beginning steps to utilizing the crystals courts, finding your core element, and making use of the sixth sense all begins with stepping into yourself.

Sixth Sense: Exposure to the crystal court's awaken or heightens a dormant sense, the sixth sense. This additional lay to our senses allows us the Astral clearer understanding of the many forms that energy chooses to express itself around and within (dream, thought, emotional field, ETC) Through a process known to the crystals as soul inception. The dream sphere will assist an individual in unearthing their: Core Element, Sixth sense, Crystal Caste and lastly their Astral Inheritance.

Astral Inheritance -- Your Soul inheritance is the unique gifts endowed to you by your cumulative efforts through time and space. The Astral is putting great efforts into understanding the workings of the world within and the crystal have come to assist in this. The crystals believe that the soul records all experiences an individual being goes through. Through a process of alchemy it dissolves that which is without value and flourish that which brings wealth. Its not quite clear what the Crystals are saying about this, but Zeik’s family history can vouch for such a Theory. Every Hellgate is not aligned with the unique traits necessary to use Hellfire. In some lore this is called a bloodline technique.

Core Element:The core element acts as a mirror fraction of yourself, it takes the form of something familiar to your ‘truest,’ expression while still remaining somewhat separate from you. It is both you and not you. It is referred to as an element because of its a part of an abstract whole. Its the first step in of soul inheritance.

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Board index » The Astral Chaos » The Dreamscape » Crystal Court

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