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 Post subject: Moving the Stagnancy
 Post Posted: Tue Jun 07, 2016 3:35 pm 
Arcanuum Iris of The Chaos
Arcanuum Iris of The Chaos
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*As's voice was low, but still echoed throughout the cathedral. He slouched back in a chair in the room he designated as his own. Setting down the book he had been reading on his clan for quite some time, he taps a finger to his temple. Finally reaching the end of the journal, he learned a lot more about his clan and ancestors: techniques, weapons and technology, and, most importantly, their location.*

That makes no sense. How does one even hide between existences? To hide in a plane of nothing, where there should be absolutely nothing, is just...unthinkable.

*Asmudein rose from his seat and crossed the room to his balcony. He gently clutched the necklace his mother gave him as he leaned on a pillar, staring out into the night sky. He couldn't help but feel a tinge of frustration. It seemed like, just when he was getting closer to finding an answer to the nonsensical questions in his head, more of them would arise. On top of such a mentally draining procedure, he seemed to be lacking in growth, unable to match up with the feats of his parents, particularly his mother. He could care less about the being he called father, but his mother was admirable, worshiped by the Ishidates as a god. Polaris..."

Mother...You have the answer to this all, don't you?

*As' scoffed. He knew that this was going to cause way more work than he originally planned. In the end, his safety wasn't even guaranteed. So what was all of this even for? Why should he even continue fighting. He could easily put down his weapons, cease resisting the fore coming future and live the rest of his days, no matter how numbered they were, in peace with his family.*

Heh, as if she'd allow me to give up fighting.

*A small smile crossed his face as he turned to his door. Leia was as passionate about doing the right thing as her father was. Asmudein knew she'd never let him abandon that fight. However, her vision needed a slight adjustment. She had to learn about the balance of light and dark, just like her father did. And he had an idea on how. It all fit together anyway. He takes his cloak off the hook on the door and places his mask on his face.*

Well, the first step is always the most difficult. Execute: Extermination.

*There was an eerie silence. Asmudein's own breathing filled his head. After a few moments the entire cathedral began to rumble. Walls that had been exposed to Asmudein's energy for so long began to radiate and pulse with it. A few more moments and the halls were all bathed within the energy. Asmudein quietly strolled to the main hall. It was teeming with nasty looking creatures. Skin like ink, empty white eyes, and vicious, beast like jaws. The creatures halted their movement and focused attention on As'. He simply put on his cloak and summoned Crescendo to his side.*

...I am here to retrieve what I have given you all. Unfortunately, that means that you all shall perish. However, it is simply because you have served your original purpose, and now I require something else from you. Consider it a promotion of sorts.

*The beasts looked back and forth among each other, as if communicating with one another. it seemed that As's message was received loud and clear, though they were not happy about it. The creatures let out a vile clicking-scream. Well, it wasn't like As' thought this would be easy.*

Does it truly matter what I say? Half of you will think I'm evil, the other half will label me insane. I only care if you stand in my way.
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