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Forum rules

This Forum is strictly for the administrators/moderators to make announcements and update existing legislation. Any questions please PM us. In short, do not post here if you don't make rules. Please and Thank you.

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 Post subject: The Official Rules of Vescrutia
 Post Posted: Fri Mar 18, 2016 12:44 pm 
The Great Destroyer
The Great Destroyer
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1.1- Ethics/Morals/Rights/Privileges

Legality Clause
-As a member of Vescrutia it is your right to own every original idea you create and bring to this site.
-It is your right to not be mistreated in any way.
-You have the right to request administrative assistance
-You have the right to make suggestions and recommendations
-We as administrators and creators of the universe reserve the right to discern what is and is not cannon to her main story line.
-You have the right to not RP in any thread you do not wish to RP in
-You have the right to abort any thread you choose that makes you feel uncomfortable
-We reserve the right to deem abuse of these rights as grounds for banning
-You have the right to conceal your OOC identity
-We reserve the right to have works published here, not be published anywhere else without permission from the artists. Any offense therein will result in banning and possible legal action.
-We acknowledge that the pictures, visual aids, music for signatures and often times terminology used herein are not our owns simply works of inspiration and reference and do not profit from these materials
-You have the right to have a kick ass time
-We reserve the right to facilitate that kick ass time to the best of our ability.

Commitment Clause
-The Anticipated level of Vescrutian commitment varies by your interactions with it’s members and its administration
-We are a casual RP, do not adhere to post deadlines or quotas but reserve the right to move any thread forward if the rp’ers therein are no longer present
-You have the right (as the initiator of any thread) to move that thread along if activity is lacking
-You have the right to expect and demand communication to ensure you will not get left behind
-You have the right to demand more responsibility and have a hearing with the administration.

Originality Clause
-Vescrutia is an original fantasy universe that takes place in its own unique creative intelligence and has done so for 8 years. We on this forum only honor and house original ideas. If your character, and other ideas are found to be victims of infringement, plagiarism and quoting then please work with an administrator to make this idea something you can call your own.
-Please know the difference between an Homage, and Plagiarism
-If your character hails from another site, you have the right to keep that information private. But If that character is found to not be your “own”, disciplinary action will be taken

Self Insert Clause
The use one one's real name (First Middle or Last) actual addresses, photographs of self, or any other information relating to ones real identity OOC is strictly prohibited.

Useless Information Clause
-If you are posting in the Role Playable areas, please ensure that your replies are meaningful and catered to the agreed directive of the topic
-Please use the OOC areas/Chatbox for 'text speak' (LOL, JK, and such)
-The use of OOC diction when specifying the rules of a thread, may be utilized but kept in between ((double parentheses))
-Anyone posting for the sake of post count increase will be banned

Solicitation Clause
-If you wish to drive traffic to your site, please contact the administration so we can consider an actual partnership
-Links with referral ID's to other RP'able forums are not allowed in signatures
-Please do not PM members about driving traffic to your site, that will result in a ban.

Morality Clause
-Possible sources of offense, irritation and harassment are encouraged to be settled among members
-You have the right to have the administration dispute these issues on your behalf
-Anyone partaking in unethical behavior like those listed under the realm of common sense and beyond will be banned
-Posts should be cognizant of the possibility that we all come from different backgrounds and age ranges.
-Please provide sufficient warning about mature content
-No pornography

1.2 Character Creation
-Your account is your character please behave as such and utilize OOC space for any OOC behavior
-There is no character creation limit, but some villages do have discrepancies that area so communicate accordingly

Fresh Start Clause: Characters may not have a mastery exceeding their rank, of a novice. They may begin with skills allotted to them at birth and through their story, but should reflect their lack of experience in the new world.
If you have a reason to bring a higher ranking character to Vescrutia it must pass approval from the entire administrative council and ultimately the leader of the affected community. This character will be reduced to an NPC with limited privileges

Allegiance Clause
-In accordance with the Fresh Start Clause, and to ensure your character has some form of combat training Ccharacters can be from anywhere within reason but must be apart of The Void, Nightmare, Astral, or Moirai-Skye Nexus. Character being from obscure places within (Tavern, Armory, or unique village territories can be considered). After the rank of Acolyte your character can defect, but be wary of in story repercussions.

Honorable Discharge Clause
-It is possible to leave a village/group and still obtain certain benefits. PM your community leader for those unique benefits upon obtaining the rank of Acolyte if you wish to defect.

Morality Alignment Clause
-Vescrutia is a place where your decisions impact your relationship with the planet, the universe and its inhabitants. Act carefully.

.Family Mob Clause: Users may not have more than four accounts under the same family lineage, or come form the same universe, rp’ed by the same user.
-If extra RP’able family members are requested they must be approved NPC’s with limited privileges

Rule of Many 1: Any character with a username may not title themselves the sole all-encompassing master of a governing aspect a concept.
A-- Birth: Characters born from personal creations/deities/patron saints, may hail from the primordial source and eventually become Gods themselves; but, under the circumstance of present ideas, they should not assume any absolute power or favoritisms therein under their own established concepts.

.B--Power: Character may not acquire ‘objects’ comprised of the Omni source. Beginning and end, both known and unknown.

C—Titles: Titles can suggest adept-mastery over a particular domain, but not assume favoritism and sole authority.

D- Energy: Unique character specific energy sources can be created but characters should not assume superiority in the RP. All these energy sources regardless of their originators use Chakra. Everything uses chakra.

1.3 Forum Conduct

Vescrutia is a communal turn based role playable universe where your decisions scope the world around you. It is imperative and absolutely necessary to behave by the parameters we set in in the RP, and the limits you set upon yourself.

The Honor System is designed so people can have creative control over their story, and sovereignty over how their character interacts with the environment and its people, within the given guidelines. It is a system that relies solely on the honesty of those concerned. If this is taken for granted, then your character cannot exist on Vescrutia.

-The Honor System allows people to roleplay their character how they want to in whatever fashion they deem fitting.

-The Honor System trusts that every Vescrutian is Roleplaying within their characters limits, and uplifts the moral and ethical codes of common sense to ensure a positive roleplaying environment.

-Mastery Sheets, Exclusive Technques, Equipment, as well as ability sheets from other village’s specific perks are all tools that enforce the Honor System. With them, our characters powers are outlined in a clear format and we Roleplay within the guidelines that we have been approved by.

-Our Ranks ensure that we can interact with other players fairly. And value other member's time, and dedication on the site.


Is the hierarchy to Diviner being the End Goal. Each village also has specific requirements of those who hold those ranks, so please dedicate yourself wisely and respectfully.

-The ranking system implies responsibility, power level, sometimes status (if given proper story elements) and length of membership. This does not imply OOC Superiority over another. It is encouraged that people of all ranks engage one another in the RP in any way possible but do recall one of our basic principles: As you progress through your story it's more than likely you will obtain more power, and with it a higher rank, so please respect the ranks of those above and more importantly below you, treat everyone with respect that you would require of yourself as an important member of Vescrutia.
-We will Address how you can increase your rank further on in the rules.

Respectful Post: Characters should not ‘include’ themselves in threads not prior agreed upon. PM the Author of the thread first.

God Mod:
A--The God Hack... The Unprecedented absolute victory that goes outside one's power range.
B--The Mod…The acquiring of knowledge, skill, territory and power that Is comprised of the all there is and all to be.

-The refusal to stipulate information gathered out and in the RP.
-The unprecedented acquiring of information about one's techniques, background, abilities, and the like without obtaining such through legitimate means in the RP.

Vagary Clause: Descriptions in post, both in character creations and interaction should have sufficient evidence to justify claims and actions from the reader's’ perspective, not solely the writer.
---- Auto Hit: Where a character in or out of combat performs an action in which the target's result is already iterated in the same post resulting in unavoidable damage.
----Before post: Never make a ‘Before you did this post.’ If you feel that your character had sufficient reason to ‘avoid,’ a technique prior to its initiation, discuss with the rp’r first or seek the counsel of an admin.

Given the turn based nature of our roleplay, you should almost never be in a position to pull one of these distasteful impolite moves. It’s also highly frowned upon and is perceived as you unwillingness to collude story ideas.

1.4 Progression

Updating Character Sheet Info
-While it's not mandatory to update character information, the honor system indicates that you will update your character when you can, to allow the admin knowledge of what your character is capable of and how you affect Vescrutia.
-It's best to do this regularly so information stays fresh and doesn't get backed up
-Extraneous out of date character information will result in a request to update, failure to do so will result in a lengthy ban until information is updated.
-You have the right to request any person update their Character Sheet before engaging in a topic with them
-You have the right to request any administrator update their character sheet before engaging in a topic with them
-You have the right to specify your own deadline to which your sheets will be updated
-We as the administration have the right to strictly enforce that deadline

Ranking Up
As you progress with your character in a Community up to the rank of Acolyte you will acquire more abilities, time, dedication and responsibly to Vescrutia. This should be rewarded and celebrated.

-Once your character has broken the barriers of Recruit your corresponding Community Leaders will instruct you on how to advance in rank (For more Information see your Community Rules)
-Your community leader has the final say on whether or not you advance through their specific trial
-We as the council vote on the advancement of a certain character, your post count, dedication, rp’ing skills, and overall commitment are all taken into consideration
-Majority vote yields in an advancement in rank.

Ranking Up Drifters
If you defect after achieving the rank of Acolyte you must bring your rankup proposal to an administrator who you feel will best represent your case.
-Work with that administrator to draft a proposal that adequately conveys why you should matriculate further toward Zealot
-These proposals will be automatically voided if they are solely based on how much power a character has
-You have the right to continue story progression regardless of ranks
-The administration reserves the right to temporarily halt character progression if significant advancements of power cause any disruptions to the Honor System

Character death can occur anywhere on the forum except for the OOC areas. In order to have a deceased character brought back you must have the approval of the entire administration with a convincing proposal as to why/how.
-You have the right to request whether or not interaction with an individual will result in character death
-You have the right to invalidate a death if that information was not provided to you prior
-Community Leaders, Administrators withhold the right to not involve anyone in any events who will not accept the possibility of death

1.5 PVP (Player Vs Player Interaction)

Characters can feel free to engage in combat based scenarios whose severity is agreed upon by participating parties
-Users hold the right to fight anywhere on the forum
-Users hold the right to host fights in OOC areas to prevent possible death
-Users hold the right to solve PVP disputes among themselves
-Users hold the right to have an administrators advocate disputes for them on their behalf
-The administration holds the right to take disciplinary action based on PVP misdeeds
-Users hold the right to not engage in a topic with anyone they don't feel comfortable
-Users hold the right to leave any thread in which they feel wronged
-The administration holds the right to treat any abandoned thread non-canon
-The administration holds the right to treat frequent OOC abandoning of fights as abuse of rights

Auto-Hitting Clause
Contact with intention to do harm that does not leave avenues for avoidance.
-Users hold the right to suggest something is an Auto-Hit
-Users hold the right to have the administration review a topic and post a proposal in the Forum Issues Category

Territory Acquisition/Suggestions
Users hold the right propose forum modifications
-Users hold the right to keep these suggestions private, or post them in the suggestion box/quest invite forum

These ideas can be character specific in nature, but must ultimately benefit the site as a whole.

These ideas must be proposed and voted on by the administration and if passed, be first implemented as an Add-On to the Moirai-Skye Nexus.
-Users hold the right to propose anything to the administrators themselves, or request a moderator do it on their behalf.
-The administrators must give every idea equal consideration
-Users hold the right to suspect administrators of favoritism and bias

If your idea does well then it will be taken up for another hearing and possibly be added to the omniforum with greater freedoms, resources and access to the main story line
-The administration holds the right to properly consult you on this idea and how it can be implemented correctly into the vein of Vescrutia.
-Users hold the right to own this idea and a proportionate stake in the progression of the forum.
-Administrators hold the right to turn down ideas with sufficient proof

Users hold the right to contest ownership of certain areas within the RP
-Users hold the right to agree on these interactions, and if refused, ownership remains the same
-If contested territory and ownership are key to the progression of the main story vein, refusal is highly discouraged
-Frequently bailing on agreements will provoke disciplinary action.

"I am the Last Hope, and The Last Resort."

The Michio Clan Greats
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 Post subject: Re: The Official Rules of Vescrutia
 Post Posted: Sat Mar 26, 2016 1:20 pm 
The Great Destroyer
The Great Destroyer
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Joined: Thu Apr 07, 2011 1:26 pm
Posts: 2094
Unique Trait: Carbon Infusion, Michio Magus, Artisian Destruction, Gi'Asa Comptroller
Faction: The Neo Nightmare
Age: 0
Sex: Male
Alignment: Good
Patch Notes

The Rule of Many 1 applies to unique forms of energy created by characters.

An 'Honorable Discharge' is when you achieve the rank of Acoylte, defect, but depart from your faction in good standing. Honorably discharging from a faction has unique perks, PM your community leaders to figure out what those are.

There are unique ways to leave a faction without achieving the rank of acolyte, but will more than likely result in a dishonorable discharge.

Edited words on character sheets to distinguish Vescrutia further.

Kekkei Genkai changed to Unique Trait
Village changed to Faction
And added the addition of 'Myself' for all you Lone Guns out there who dont run with a faction.

I deleted Magus Art, Soul Reap and Soul Count... Unique forms of magic are unique traits. And in the spirit of reapplying witches and weapons, we are ditching their former way of ranking up.

"I am the Last Hope, and The Last Resort."

The Michio Clan Greats
The Blueprint :: Etuum| The Ghost Wind :: Wei|The Bridge :: Zaraiya| The Master :: Fate|The Cenmotori|
The Sacrilege, The Prophet :: Ragnar

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