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 Post subject: Dorm Rules
 Post Posted: Sat Nov 02, 2013 12:28 pm 
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-The Kurakin Academy actively seeks to preserve and improve its Kins growth and safety. As such, the Kurakin, has devised a set list of rules and regulations that, like our interest, are actively changing for the better.

-In the effort of protecting the youth, combat is limited to the designated Zones. Brawling, combat without the use of court perks or chakra natures, is not included in this first rule.

-Teams make up a very large portion of the Kurakin stability, as such multiple characters by the same user is prohibited. If you are team lead, you may have one other character join your group. If you are a team member, you may have only ONE character in a single team. This is to divide the users accurately and not stall a team, because one man has three members by the same user.

-Examination are now limited to the Kurakin only and are further limited to designated times for group examination, should you miss your chance a retake will not be administer-without just reasons.

-Conflict resolution is paramount in group activity, if you feel that a post is not 'legit,' or a person is not being 'fair,' to you DO NOT respond. Pm your Team leader first, they will decide if bringing the issue to an admin is necessary.

-Posting Order is another Key factor in the success of the Kurakin Academy. There are three types of posting order,which I will explain and label here.

Standard Order:Generally the posting order remains constant, going from user A,B,C,D and then returning to A. This Order allows everyone a chance to be apart of the action and not get left behind. This order is to be used in situation fitting, meaning 4 or less rp'er.

Advanced Order:The Advanced posting order requires constant understanding of the posting flow and is the most effective in situation with large groups. Going from A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H and back to A can be stressful and unnecessary. Given a persons may not have anything to contribute to the said situation.

Given this understanding, the posting flow will change quite often, but all members most actively seeks to not 'Over post,' one another.

A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H -A,C,E-F,G,H-B,D< As you can see there is no direct order of post, yet everyone has had a chance to post without over posting. An Over post would look something like this.

A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H- A,C,E-A,G,H-A,B,D< In this example, A is consistently posting every chance he gets too, this is unfair to the others and confusing;but, is acceptable under certain circumstances. This 'advanced,' order takes time to understand as knowing when to post is a skill.

Tag Order: In some situation there may be a two on two battle between users, during these situation the Tag Order is key. Assuming that A and B are of the same team and C and D are working together, the order will look like such.
Giving each member a chance to post and not being overwhelming by back to back team post, there are certain situation where a team can post back to back;but, that is not written yet-so dont do it.

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