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 Post subject: Terms to Know and Understand.
 Post Posted: Fri Aug 23, 2013 10:30 pm 
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The Chaos:A territory forged by two lovers for the sake of creating a safe place in the darkness, both souls viewed the land of Vescrutia as one of great bounty; but, the rising calamity of trying times has plunged the land into bedlam. The Chaos seeks to be the helping hand in the time of need, a community of striving citizens destined for greatness.
This Kingdom met an unfortunate assault at the hands of the Shinigami no more than a year ago and was rebuilt from the ground up with Zeiks growing knowledge of energy. Fearing future violence would befall their land, Zeik created the physical structures of the Chaos from light. The purpose of this has yet to be revealed. Using their reflective properties to reveal the land in the same image before it met its destruction. This is no illusion, the building, apt and other structures are real.

The Great Spirit:The spirit has acted as an ally to the Chaos and Zeiks ambitions since the Hellgate freed him from Hao’s scheme. This union comes with the purpose of safe guarding one of the core pillars to the Stream and the cycle of life and death for Vescrutia. The many uses and purpose of the spirit isn’t clarly defined to the public as of yet.

Astral Link:The first art Zeik came to better understand after his 'soul searching,' brought about by Khrona's less than friendly invitation across the universe. These 'links,' commonly referred to as Astral links, are metaphysical tethers connecting any two or more together. They also serve as the first connection between a a user and the new Chaos Arts

Zeik seeking to test the capability of said links connected himself to his kingdom, acting as its heart so to speak. This same link system is observed through the court systems aswell.

These links influence one another, either for better or for worse. Knowing this Zeik went through the effort of connecting himself to the following: The courts, the dream sphere, his lover and the Great Spirit. These connections in particular act as the shields and guardians of the Chaos with Zeik at the center.

These Astral links are not inherited to Zeik alone, any and all can seek connection with the Chaos; but, due to the risk none have been selected. Mastery of the Astral link should be sought through the perks/arts, before considering a request to connect to the Chaos in such a fashion. Such is not a privilege nor a perk, but a responsibility.

Soul Beat-The 'soul,' beat is the first form of release found through any of the Chaos perk/arts. This release utilizes the souls near limitless potential to harmonize with another. This being beast, man, or weapon. Soul beat is found after acknowledgement of the Astral link between the user and his art. The particular style of this release is not limited to any one expression, that is to say ones soul beat can range from:A unique attack, a (light,)transformation, or a completely none battle useful skill entirely.

Destiny Beat-Destiny beat is the final release of any of the Chaos perks/arts. This release focuses on drawing out the unchained potential of the ones soul. In a moment of mastery and synchronic aptitude a being is capable of harnessing the unchained release of their potential…their destiny. This release, like the soul beat, is not limited to any form.

Court system-The court system acts as the Chaos guiding light through the darkness, crystals found in the crust of the Chaos have since sprouted roots and weapons. These vortexes of energy draw out the user latent potential in a semi-physical reality. Each of the four courts have their own specific purpose and seem to grow with exposure to human light.
Stars: Wisdom and Purpose
Blades: Power and Protection
Hearts: Bonds and Sacrifice
These are but a few of the properties of the Courts.

Core elements- The Core element acts as the surrounding and guiding theme of a Characters development. This Influences a characters action in the same ‘psychic,’ fashion as the Zodiac on the distance universe of earth. Learning of one’s core element does not gift them inherit power, nor some over power boost of energy; but, all knowledge leads to power and mastery. Selecting ones element is a major decision for any character in the Chaos and ‘changing,’ the element without story reasons is ill advised.

A chaos character will not find promotion past agnus(Chuunin,) without awareness of their Core element. Promotion into Iris(jounin,) will no longer be excepted without both knowledge of ones core element and its evolution. Evolving your core element is a storyline specific action, done so through character development at your discretion. The ‘gifts,’ allowed after core element awareness and evolution are left to the users’ discretion. These said ‘gifts,’ should be acutely reflective of the ELEMENT and the USER and will have to be approved aswell.

Astral Kin-Astral Kin is the term given to any of the trusted Astral members and the replacing term of the common occupation of Shinobi.

The Stream- The commonly used term to address the word between the physical and the nonphysical, little is known about this place if it even exists.

Makai-A realm in which is very location is difficult to ascertain and express. Some say Makai exists within the core of Vescrutia and others believe it to be a realm all of its own; neither of these are true or false. The reasons many believe that Makai exists within the core of Vescrutia is because of that fact that Makai is the birthing place of Vescrutias’ chakra source. In a time before we know it today, vescrutia existed without chakra. It was only after the efforts of 13 fabled men and women that chakra could be harnessed by human kind. This process is known as ‘The Turn.’

The gates of Makai are guarded through the few remaining Hellgates, a mental connection that actives with their unconscious decree. The purpose and intent behind a person’s actions depict weather or not the ‘gate,’ will allow clear passage. Due to Vescrutia ability to fend for itself, a feat not possible in older times, zeiks discretion of who comes and goes is loose.

Arts- Acting as another word of choice to described a Chaos perk, power etc.

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