The Gala :: Dance Beneath The Moonlight Equilibrium

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The Gala :: Dance Beneath The Moonlight Equilibrium

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Atra stood in front of a body mirror, in one of the many dressing rooms of the Conservatory's grand ballroom. It was a heavily decorated space the size of a bedroom many Neovian temporaries wished they could have with gilded walpaper, crystal chandeliers that refracted the brightness of Lumin across the space and all the floral scents and furnishes anyone could want. In the mirror, Atra had his tie draped across his shoulders.

"Do you know how to tie a tie? I never learned. You know Kham barely wears clothes."

His response was footsteps, then the raising of his collar, and the fixation of his tie firmly across his neck. Slowly fading into view was his sentient shadow Des'Noir. From the ground up he looked like a collection of black smoke in the shape of a human. Skillfully, with grace, he tied Atra's ornamental tie around his black silk shirt, and adjusted it to ensure it wasn't entirely too tight. Atra smiled at himself in the mirror, always impressed on what his shadow could do, and always impressed with his own looks. He looked rather dapper, despite him being dressed in ball black from head to toe. He kept things simple, he figured if he didn't that others would think he was taking the title of High Counselor too seriously.

"You need to wear something nice too."

Des'Noir vanished almost instantly, his shyness made Atra laugh hysterically. But his words sunk lower and lower in excitement as he listed all of his adversaries tonight.

'What? Afraid of the politicians? The lobbyist? The interest Groups? All the dignitaries, all the handshaking. My god."

He turned away from the mirror and sat upon the counter with his head held high, materializing in a similar fashion was Des'Noir to his right. With a heavy sigh Atra just let his head rest upon the mirror behind him considering the weight of the events that were about to transpire. Why did he take this job again? To live a life off the field of battle? Shaking hands and smiling at needy people? He could hear the footsteps, the small talk, the idle chatter. People were pouring in by the masses excited to celebrate one of Neovia's many festivals all in the midst of war on all fronts. How could Atra assure their unity was never stronger? That this alliance of resources was the proper thing to do. He felt a subtle nudge from his shadow. A simple gesture felt like a paragraph to him. Atra and he were practically the same person, there was much about him that he didn't know however.

"Form an attack plan? Like a... OH!"

Quickly Atra sprung up from his seat, the dinner would begin first, then the dance. And he had approximately 5 minutes before he was considered fashionably late. As the guest of honor, he could slip this small talk the others were partaking in. There was a handkerchief in the breast pocket on his suit, he slammed it on the table, and elongated his finger into a jetblack shadowy consistency. Fervently, he began to write a list of the various peoples he needed to cajole before the night was concluded. A plan of attack, he was at home after all...

First is Biryani, leader of the Amazon Tribe the Lila'Maya. She's definitely worried that her fighting force is not faring too well against the spiders. I'll have to tell her that Kham is reinforcing Kayla shortly and that her people are safe with Neovia at their side. But how? She HATES kham. How to let her know that we're going to be fine? Maybe tell her about COER's lates op on the Ferrymen?

Atra nodded to himself, a subtle nudge in the back of his heart meant Des'Noir agreed. That seemed like a good idea, a tactical deflection from the root problem. Biryani was practical, horribly so. She wouldn't believe that her tribe was safe until the war was over but, maybe Atra could show how dedicated COER was to assisting women. That would smooth things over. Next? Celeste... What could she want more than to rebuild the home that Kham and ZK destroyed? Something neither of them had started on yet. Hmm, maybe Atra would dance with her, to show the unity of Neovia and Atlantis, a bloodsoaked bond that built this place. By the sound of glasses clinking, and people settling down. It was time for Atra to make his entrance. He scooped up his notes and showered himself with some floral scents. Des'Noir had long since vanished, but he would be at his side eternally. One last look in the mirror. And he made his way out the door toward the ballroom.
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Re: The Gala :: Dance Beneath The Moonlight Equilibrium

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Atra's heart was pounding as he placed his hands on the door. It's cold wood electrified goosebumps on his skin, the voices of the attendees called to sweat glands across his forehead which caused him to perspire. He had never felt this much anticipation, even in the thick of combat with Kham' fist to his face, or with Cross' sights honed in on his skull. Or TJ just... thrashing him with unknown maladies of her imagination. The Abyss Fighting pits was his home, a place that smelled of must, sweat, liquor, honor. This was a new battlefield entirely. One not to be taken lightly. And now it was time to invest in a new set of abilities: charisma, intrigue, charm, finesse. Kham's advice was that Atra was not to use his abilities, he could offend those with less combat oriented Arbiters. Best just rely on natural instinct from here, being a social recluse from brith meant he couldn't read people too well but being a Fairy rendered him sensitive to emotion. Plus? He was the high Counselor, most of those people in there are trying to impress him. Kham did it all the time, use his name and prestige as disarming intimidation.


With a scoff, Atra closed his eyes and mentally grew 10 feet tall, with white hair and muscles. The murmurs on the other-side of the hall devolved into mere whispers of anticipation. Where was the high counselor? Late to his own event? No, he just liked to make an appearance. He heard footsteps on stairs, it was time to make the welcome announcements. He could hear the Counselor of Trade breathe and begin his speech.

Thank you all for coming on the Moonlight Equilibrium, here we celebrate the unity of the Celestial Bodies that dance above us in the night sky. Tonight we feast, make merry and toast to a new dawn of our unity!

He nodded his head to the surprisingly thunderous roar of applause, but most of those people in there could be drunk already. Well, assume their applause is legit and hold them to it.

In a few moments I'll be knee deep in some mashed potatoes...But I would be happy to converse with all of you throughout the night. Now we should have some words from our high counselor but he doesn't seem to be-

Now! Atra shoved the doors open, revealing the Grand Ballroom: An expansive space large enough to seat a thousand, there was stained glass across the expanse that magnified and refracted the light of Lumin that cascaded a watercolor of rainbows among the white stone floor down below.

30 tables. 12 seats.

360 people, of all different shapes and sizes, from centaurs, to fish, to leaf people, tree people, all elves of course- beings that evolved from less sentient life, but all who rallied to the dance this evening. Which came to roughly.

720 eyes... give or take

All on him. The moment was his. With the high counselor of trade , Mykael perched behind a podium equally stunned, Atra took the floor straight out from under him. Hoping he would take this as an offense.

"I apologize for my lateness, you see... I never learned how to tie a tie!"

And the crowd erupted in laughter, but Atra kept his eye on his place among the other High Counselors: a long banquet table of high backed chairs with every high counselor seated along them perched atop a risers.

"And maybe I was sneaking desert from the cooks in the back."

Another chuckle from the masses. By this time Atra was nearly at the Podium and Mykael was smirking awkwardly behind it. With a brief sweep of the room the ballroom was filled with smiling faces all save for the Amazons who just hated anything related to the Destroyer. But the amazons wanted Atra to try to please him, he wouldn't give them the opportunity to rub his good will in the dirt.

'Can we please thank Mykael Virmtruoso for keeping the podium warm!?"

He bowed out gracefully and Atra took his place behind the dias walking out among hearty applause, maybe there was some bitterness there? A clicking of the tongue? To be shoved aside by some boy who looked half his age and was only a simple murderer a thug? Atra knew Mykael was ambitious true, and since Neovia lived on the free exchange of information and ideas, Mykael knew everything about everything. But Atra needed this entrance, better to give the peanut gallery something to gawk at than have him try to make conversation with no foundation. Now Atra took center stage and looked over the masses...

Roll Call...
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Re: The Gala :: Dance Beneath The Moonlight Equilibrium

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The boy's all grown up.

Said the girl near one of the windows, with the blue hair. The light from Lumin shone through the windows and made her hair more sapphire than the deep blue it normally was. And she even found herself clapping with her attendants. All Atlanteans, Elves, with gills and some, fins in various places. The Mantas sat a few tables down and they too looked swooned at Atra's charisma, fashionably late entry and his joke after joke. But Celeste was quite close with Mykeal, and he wasn't one to be trampled over so easily.

"Win over the masses with a couple jibes in exchange for making a powerful enemy? Risky."

Celeste shook her head slightly as she sipped her tea.

"Whats risky mistress?"

Chimed one of her attendants to her left. A human starfish by the looks of it. Meri floated through space, as if the world was her ocean, what a peculiar existence she lived? Never sitting down. She exuded vast psychic ability and could, without using limbs tend to Celestes every need, and even perform multiple tasks at once.

"The High Counselor. He's funny isn't he."

Celeste dismissed the direct inquiry with a verbal flick of the wrist. Meri's freakishly human face nodded within her many limbs.

"Yes! And cute too. Do you fancy him?"

"We'll converse sometime throughout the evening."

For now, Celeste said back in her chair and let Atra carry on from here. This was one of many nights all of the powers were gathered, but since Kham stepped down to make COER his sole responsibility this was the first time Atra would be in attendance. And he was proceeding, well, swimmingly. The Destroyer, in Celeste's imagination would be here earlier than everyone, waiting for people to take their seat under his watchful eye. The thought made Celestes catch her laughter in her palm.
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Re: The Gala :: Dance Beneath The Moonlight Equilibrium

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Atra quickly glanced across the table, scanning the masses for their level of attentiveness, feigned or otherwise, and their overall attendance. In the span of a short breath he had assessed who was present and accounted for in collection of his view from the podium.

The Ulthrazeen, The Mantas, The Lila'Maya, The Golems- Centaur and Barbarian Alike, The Ah'Kyr, The Fire, Wind, And Earth Fae, and many others. Everyone present and accounted for. Except? Shit. COER's table was empty. No one was here to represent the organization, it was considered a conflict of interest for the High Counselor to be chief assassin of the secret police, but... maybe Atra could spin this to his favor. Lie right through his teeth.

"The Moonlight Equilibrium symbolize the unification of foreign entities. The Cosmic Alignment of spatial bodies who interact with each other, share the same space, and often resources but never seem to fall in line on one accord except every 10 years. How ironic, that this same cosmic event is where Neovia began, and on today we celebrate it, stronger than ever."

Applause. It sounded surprisingly full hearted. Atra felt thrilled, riding the energy of the moment. He didn't dare look back at Mykeal of whom he'd speak with later, hoping he didn't take his entrance too hard. Atra didn't have a speech prepared, he only had the extension of the applause to calculate his next words carefully. This state of the union had to be delicate. It was common knowledge that Neovia began at the murder of the Atlanteans, and Celeste's gaze was covered in sarcastic display. Atra decided to oust her.

"Like the planets that orbit above us, dueling in their dance and power. Neovia too had to overcome much struggle and strife. None of our hands are free of blood. Maybe except the Ah'Kyr. Who continue to be an example of the old ways before the arrival of the heralds. Nonetheless I thank Queen Celeste, who continues to supply Neovia from food from Ulum, the Freshwater Sea. Long may she reign."

Atra witheld a smirk, he decided to let his powerplay fuel him internally. Now all eyes were on Celeste who had previously looked intentionally bored and disengaged had a glass raised to her from every angle.
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Re: The Gala :: Dance Beneath The Moonlight Equilibrium

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Which Celeste deflected with flawless grace of course. She only gave Atra the pleasure of her true intentions, a flatlined gaze with obvious disinterest and boredom. One he humorously parried with a direct adress from the peanut gallery. Atra was saying in so many words 'I may be new to this, but I catch on quick'. Celeste wouldn't expect anything less from an apprentice of The Destroyer. Still, Celeste was raised in court. And had to swat away the bladed tongues of conspirators since she was a minnow. Once she sensed the heads around her swivel to meet her, it organically, and almost too naturally turned into a soft visage of humility and appreciation. She rose her glass in front of her and nodded.


Shouted the masses, bolstered with cannon fire of applause and cheers.

"They cheer for your mistress. Queen of Ulum. I think Atra fancies you. I truly do. I truly do."

Meri, the floating starfish, completely oblivious to Atra's subliminal assertion of authority was so cute when she was unaware. Her limbs flailed and floated like she was in her own personal ocean. Celeste couldn't help but be trapped in her innocence. Ignorant to the forces at work.

"Yes they are sweet dear. Yes they are."

Honestly everyone was clapping for her, save for the Amazons, they make it their business to actively not participate in anything anyone else did. But what exactly were they clapping for? The fact that Celeste appeared to be over the fact that ZK and Kham decimated their family? That this place was built on the aftermath of war? It was a misunderstanding? It almost made her sick that the blood of her brother, her entire family had yet to be repaid. Still, with grace she let the applause befall her, for she knew if Ulum commanded it, she could drown this whole city in a tidal wave.

Gracefully, she put her glass down and the masses returned to a silent whisper. With her eyes, narrow like sapphire cut diamonds, reflecting nothing but elegance lie focused on Atra she nonverbally said 'you're too new at this for this to be a game, its more of a lesson.'
This is a pen name account that writes from the perspective of the Atlanteans of Ulum which includes but is not limited to:

Celeste (Queen of Ulum- The Freshwater Sea)
Crissette (Celeste's Sister, Princess of Ulum)
Ross (Celeste's Champion)

And many others

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Re: The Gala :: Dance Beneath The Moonlight Equilibrium

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It was hard for Atra to receive such a punitive gaze, while he didn't break composure, and smiled through it all the same, he could feel Celeste draw her sword with her eyes. Time seemed to stop here, as they locked gazes. His orange irises, like The Mother's womb boiling with tact and her azure pupils, hiding many secrets beneath them were dueling among all these spectators. It was hard for him to decipher if her regal reception of the impromptu applause was a parry of a riposte. But he had her attention and that was enough, time to close, and regroup. And maybe point out the obvious.

"You notice we're all here, united and represented. Yet one table remains empty."

He rose his hand and gestured to the center table among the rest with a folded piece of parchment that said 'COER'. Various heads of the other factions, turned as well, noticing the obvious for the first time, perhaps expecting late arrivals. Atra assumed that the 8 empty chairs were for Kham, Cross, Kayla, Ken, and few other dedicated Neovians that were all on the front lines, risking their lives for this feast. It would be a political front to stack the chairs with agents to show how COER remained strong in the midst of these obvious multifaceted assaults. But the people in this room could see through those half-witted lies. Atra let his hand fall back to the podium and took a breath. Best to be unafraid to state the obvious. The situation on the front was dire.

"The strength of Neovia is in this room, a strong network of diversity and power. Outside this room? Is our power actualized. The agents of COER, who spread nothing but peace and benevolence to those in need. And for what? They don't get paid."

That elicited a laugh form the masses. It was unfortunately true. Neovia ran on information, resources, and goods. It was one of the few remaining territories that didn't have an established form of currency, something Atra would rather die than see happen for multitudes of reasons.

"So, let us enjoy ourselves tonight for those who cannot. Knowing that the reason why we can congregate in this way is because we all have each others backs, and we all look toward the future with optimism and hope... To Neovia."
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Re: The Gala :: Dance Beneath The Moonlight Equilibrium

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The room was filled with the rainbow spectrums of light bounding off the congress of raised glasses bolstered with the unanimous thunder of Atra’s echoed statement. He had never heard something more fake in his life, knowing full well the animosity and skepticism of those in the room, there was no way a mere speech could elicit a reaction so strong from an alliance so young so quickly. This just proved that everyone wanted to keep up appearances, that the believed the alliance was at the very least something worth faking. And that was huge. Atra’s face didn’t show his lack of faith, he wore a firm smile and gave the room another sweep with his eyes. Oh he had much work to do. For now? It was time to eat. And talk among the other Counselors. The giant silver doors at the rear of the banquet hall burst open, from them came the servers adorned in the neovian ceremonial robes. Black slacks intricate with jagged designs sewn into the fabric with capes flaring down their backs. They pushed rolling carts as long as they with giant smorgasbords of cuisine even Atra had never seen. The rush of smells hit him first- spices, of sweet and sours made his mouth wate. The sounds next- fresh hot oil, bubbling and popping off the meaty, dishes. This banquet was for everyone to embrace one another’s culture? What better way than to do so with food. This would only be a distraction to him. A welcome one at that, but he had bigger fish to fry. As the servers began their organized dance weaving through the tables. Atra backed away from the podium, and returned to his own round table of Counselors. Out of the Eight, only four were present. A fucking disgrace. More empty chairs.

Atra held his composure as he sat down among his counselors. People who the public deemed were the best to hold these positions. From the left to the right, he knew them all. The Counselor of Trade and Commerce- Mykael a man with a stress filled beard, sunken eyes, and a narrow face adorned in humble blue robes with golden buttons. The Counselor of Medicine and Agriculture, Miracle of the Lila’Maya was staffing the hospital on this evening. Kham was the Counselor of Personage. ZK was the other High Counselor, and Cross was the counselor of Technology and Advancement. All of whom were absent. Filling the next chair was the Counselor of History and Conversation- Hugh Maxwell who sat right across from Atra. An owl, he thought. Some kind of bird with a sharpened beak, sawed down talons, with brown and black feathers. Next to him were the counselors of spirits Ariel and Phillip. Two simple robe wearing types, Ariel had purple long straight here, the only distinctive feature about her that spilled out from beneath her hood. Phillip kept his bald at the top. They were practitioners of the arbiter long before he ZK, and Kham came along and saw it best to speak on Lumin’s behalf. Atra was very out numbered. But he wasn’t overwhelmed.

“Excellent speech High Counselor.”

Claimed Mykael from Atra’s left. Atra nodded, grabbed a glass of water and took a brief moment to think. The first one to speak up was normally the one to first kiss ass. But the others around the table nodded and smiled with their unique pleasantries. Save for Maxwell who was a bird, he didn’t smile of emote physically. He was so difficult to read.

“Yes Mykael had us all thinking our plates were pillows and this was a slumber party!”

Atra almost spat out his water at Hughs joke. He heard stories of the counselor always absorbed in his books, barricaded in his rookery forever thinking of the past, present and future. He never knew he was so good with a joke. Atra cleared his throat instead and set his water down. Mykael’s face flushed crimson with embarrassment.

“Well I would have prepared something if we all knew the High Counselor would be late to his own event.”

Atra’s mind was racing a mile a minute, taking mental notes. This game was already so aggressive. And these minds were showing their hands. Hugh played offensively, disarming his ‘peers’ with witty jibes to back them into a corner. Mykael was polite on paper but quick to deflect the blame when the situation got the best of them. And The spirit counselors, like Atra, let the egos clash.

“I apologize for putting you on the spot Mykael. I thank you for making the speaking easy for me. If it wasn’t for you, they wouldn’t be so easily impressed.”

“Very good High Counselor. Very good.”

Hugh nodded to Atra and placed his beak in his bowl of water recognizing Atra as a peer in this game of wits.

“Let’s hope this night is one to remember.”

Spoke Philip.

“Yes, I do love our festivals. And one among the influential bodies of Neovia will give us all a chance to relax.”

Echoed Ariel. Their game was o hard to discern. Everyone just agreed in their own way. Mykael was tracking the food with his eyes you could mistake them for his stomach. The servers made their way over to them last, an intentionally crafted, admittedly, pitiful gesture of humility that was taken at their expense.

“Finally! The appetizer.”

He exclaimed, he got a chuckled out of the counselors of spirit, so it was an act after all. Atra was already tired of thinking so many steps ahead. He welcomed the food as a temporary distraction. He was terribly hungry. He often always was, thankfully Michio didn’t need to eat or else he would have ate Kham out of house and home years ago.

The amount of smells mixing in the room was one thing but his appetite worsened as the classy server placed the food upon his table. A bowl full of green liquid.

“A Lila’Maya staple Counselors- they call it, Emerald Ambrosia.”

Explained the server. Atra couldn’t hide his disappointment. He wore the blank stare all over his face, his mouth, salivating with hunger ran dry. This looked like green slop in a bowl. What in the name of the Mother was this.

“You haven’t had Lila’Maya cuisine have you counselor?”

Posited Ariel who wore a sustained, airy, smile. Phil picked up his bowl with both hands and swirled the gelatinous goop around.

“I hate to say that I havent.”

Atra murmured as he looked over his shoulder. Biryani was staring him right in the face, waiting to see his reaction to the food. He greeted her with a smile and she returned it, as he begrudgingly turned back to the bowl of slop placed upon his table. Mykael poked it with a two pronged fork. It jiggled back. He poked it again. Atra placed his hand upon his. The amazons were watching them intently, and Mykael was embarrassing them all.

“Mykael, best dig right in hm?”

Atra corrected he looked toward Hugh for some assistance, and Hugh looked toward Ariel.

“All of the tables get a different meal pattern from a different faction. Our appetizer is from the Lila’Maya, our main course is from the Atlanteans, our desert, thankfully is from the Wargs.”

This was a genius way to exploit cultural bias and ignorance. How was he not told this up front? The atlanteans had the best food, everyone knew it. The Lila’Maya were vegetarians.

“Emerald Ambrosia is made from the Yacum Root. The Lila’Maya neglect to use utensils so as Philip is appropriately demonstrating-“

He was drinking the damn thing out the soup bowl. Atra could hear the fibrous greenery slide down his throat, the whole thing made him sick.

‘Ah! You slurp it then?”

Hugh dived right in beak first. Mykael looked at Atra, it appears they were united in on thing. This shit was disgusting. But, to save face he took the bowl in both hands. It was cold to the touch. Rose it to his lips and slurped audibly. He could feel Biryanis eyes down his neck, wanting to detect any foul play. With a thought Atra could make this food disappear into the Shadow Realm. But he swallowed a chunk of it whole. It tasted awful. Like he was swallowing stones. It felt a cool feeling in the back off is throat. He set the bowl down, and Mykael barely took a sip and dabbed the green remains from the corner of his lips.

“I’ll await the main course.”

He resigned to say. Philip and Ariel laughed while they worked on their bowls. Hugh loved the plant-based dish.

“The flavor is in the texture high-counselor.”

The green goop leaked from his beak. Atra feigned intrigue. He looked out of the corner of his eye toward Celeste who was having a blast conversing with her fellow Atlanteans, enjoying what appeared to be another dish of something he couldn’t recognize.
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Re: The Gala :: Dance Beneath The Moonlight Equilibrium

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“He’s eying you again Mistress.”

Chimed Meri with her 5 starfish limbs floating aimlessly around her central face. You would think she was in water all the time by the way her body stayed afloat. This wouldn’t be possible without the circlets of water around her limbs, keeping her in contact with Ulum. But like the stars in the sky, the starfish people were practically suspended in mind air. Meri raised her place which did not have the strange green goop but a beautiful salad of vegetables, fruits and a peculiar dressing Celeste had never seen. It all looked so delicious, perched on the Dias Celeste couldn’t see what the counselors were having for their appetizer. But Atra looked very envious. Celeste gave him a smirk, and he turned around back toward his plate.

“Yes he is again. Scanning the room for clues I assume.”

“Well he shouldn’t look so damn obvious!”

The grunt through a mouth full of greens and vegetables came from Ross. Like Celeste he was atlantean, who retained more humanoid features than fish. But unlike Celeste Ross had blue skin, wavy hair like seaweed to accompany his gils covered with transparent water filled caps. Ross was very close to Celeste’s brother Darrius, one of the few survivors of the mass genocide of her people. She had no idea how he could maintain his obnoxious positivity when they were almost burned to a crisp 10 short years ago. He had devoured his appetizer and was already flagging down a server for second helpings. Celeste was slowly making her way around the salad, taking time to savor the texture of every vegetable, fruit and leafy green.

“I mean everyone knows these Amazonian leaves are fucking disgusting. Why wouldn’t they just let us cater the whole damn event?”

“Do you know what Lila’Maya means Ross?”

Crissete accompanied her witty remark with a glance and a smirk toward Celeste. At least someone else got the point of the Amazon’s appetizer dish. Crissete was Celeste’s sister, blood sister and almost identical twin if her skin wasn’t as blue as ulum. She was always considered prettier for it. She had a head full of tendril like hair pulsing energetically with electric blue Naten, otherwise human features with aqua-pods covering the gills on her neck and wrists. Ross looked around anxiously for the server with his food and looked terribly disappointed when they returned back with another salad.

“Assholes? Because they’re being assholes. Serving us this shit.”

The server set down another appetizer on his plate, this time it was a bowl of green muck. Ross looked horribly transfixed. Celeste snickered at Ross’ remark and Meri chuckled at his facial expression. The amazons did have a particular set of social rules and they were devouring their appetizers as if they had never eaten before in their lives. But it appeared Crissete had seen through their plot.

“Lila Maya means illusion of play. To them? This is just a big joke. Even they know the food is disgusting to outsiders. But everyone is putting on heirs not complaining. It exposes the illusions that we all abide by.”

“Yep. They’re assholes. Fuck this.”

Ross stood up from his table and pointed toward the amazons who were a table across from them. Celeste’s heart nearly leaped out of her chest. Meri swam over to try and get him to calm down and Crissette was humbly enjoying her salad.

“Ross sit dow-“

She tried to stop him but it was too late.

‘Hey! This food tastes god awful!”

He shouted toward the table of women of all shades and colors, humbly dressed in what appeared to be rags with their hair shaved. The only distinguishing features among them were painted markings on their shoulders. Maybe ranks? The banquet was reduced to a whisper. Celeste glanced at Atra who too had his eyes on the proceedings.
This is a pen name account that writes from the perspective of the Atlanteans of Ulum which includes but is not limited to:

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And many others

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Re: The Gala :: Dance Beneath The Moonlight Equilibrium

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“It appears our Atlantean guests are very displeased with the appetizer High Counselor”

Remarked Ariel who also was watching the spectacle. The only sound Atra heard was Philip placing down his bowl, and burping very loudly followed by some dry awkward coughs from the other members in attendance. Atra jaw fixed open. He was so confused, so very confused. This alliance just took an abrupt turn down a very dark path. Was Celeste trying to sabotage him? The amazons showed no emotion of offense but they had to react some kind of way. He had to do something.

“… could be war.”

Atra caught a murmur from the dinner party.

Get up idiot.

“High counselor? Shouldn’t you intervene?”

Ariel sounded worried, but nerves had him bound to his chair. There were too many cultural minefields afoot, what exactly would he do?


His eyes found movement from Biryani, the amazon with the colored markings upon her shaved head looked to her other sisters. And rose her hands. Atra catapulted out of his seat and drew breath not before the amazons burst into laughter?


She exclaimed, she and her sister cackled themselves into a frenzy.

“You-yo-you all should have seen yourselves eating this shit!”

Shouted one with a face full of tears.

“Pretending to be polite?”

Responded another who was practically on the floor beatific.

“You all are fucking assholes!”

Ross laughed his insult through his sharp teeth, and looked legitimately humored by the Amazons prank. Atra slowly lowered himself back into his chair. My’Kael offered him a rag, he didn’t even realize he was sweating profusely. The rest of the dinner party was laughing at one another, slapping each other on the back and Ross was fraternizing with the amazons. Waiters who were very much confused were currently removing the dish from the tables and bringing about the main course, provided by the atlaneans. The smell of fried fish flooded Atra’s nostrils. Sedating him to a calm. Hugh simply lowered his bowl to the table as well, he cleared his throat and spoke.”

“Lila’Maya means illusion of play. They find formal events like this a joke. They find social norms to be contracts that bind us to illusions of hierarchy and lies. Now? It appears that admire the Atlanteans for being honest where honesty is normally not permitted.”

It was true, Celeste had won favor with the Atlanteans. They even pulled their tables together, again breaking convention, again shattering this illusion of a ‘formal’ gathering.

“They’re pricks.”

Mykael spat from across the table, Ariel laughed, Phillip was licking his bowl clean. Mykael was looking at the plates being circulated across the room getting drunk of the smells, letting the hunger show his hand before he played it. Atra knew the Lila’Maya were eccentric, and awfully selfish of their knowledge beyond healing arts. No doubt the Counselor of Information interacted with them too often.

“They think they’re eccentric because their social anarchist, but they’re really just fucking dicks.”

“The amazons are certainly unconventional-“

Philip was playing a neutral card. Mykael loved to hear his own opinions and so did everyone at Atra’s table, save for Hugh who hated hear him talk but didn’t mind letting him talk himself into an ignorant hole.

“Unconventional? That’s one way to put it, they’re really just dick-”

“Mykael where are you from?”

Atra cut him off, he was tired of hearing him. If he was going to talk, it’d be best to learn more about him and how to get im on his hide. He didn’t look surprised to be steered in another direction. But Atra was legitimately curious as to how he was elevated to his station.

“Me? Before I lost everything in The Abyss?”


Hugh corrected. He could never have Mykael say or do anything without knowing he was superior in intellect. But he was in Kemet, The Abyss. Arcturus. Atra combed through his brain but he had never seen or heard of My’Kael. But then again he was young and arrogant, he only remembered The Arena. Fond memories of dirt and sand.

“A lot of people lost in Kemet.”

Phillip sighed, no one liked reflecting on those days. Even those who weren’t there didn’t want to think about the hundreds of thousands of lives lost. But one thing was for sure, if you did talk about it, people got defensive.

“Not you two. You two were never there. Neither was the owl.”

“The owl has a nam-“

“You weren’t there Hugh. You only read about what happened. Wrote about what happened like you often do. Hiding behind your-“

“OH! Hiding is what I do? ME? The man who’s sole task is to count inventory?!”

Hugh’s neck was swelling, feathers bulging out from the collar, he almost grew twice his size. At this point Atra was so properly hungry he wanted to let them have at one another until the server placed foot infront of his plate.

“Your second course comes fresh from Ulum’s harvest. Charred black fish with a buttery honey mustard glaze, a side of seared scallops drizzled lightly with sage.”

They all paused collectively, slowly the Owl exhaled, Phillip looked more relaxed and Ariel was already digging into her meal. The scent filling their nostrils banished any sense of aggression between the war of egos Atra looked at Mykael who was red in the face from the challenge but took a deep breath, centered himself and said.

“Pass the Salt.”

Hugh passed, and the tension went with it.
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Re: The Gala :: Dance Beneath The Moonlight Equilibrium

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“We frown upon gatherings like this. Meetings of social status that reinforce hierarchies.”

Celeste watched admirably as the woman of dark brown skin, head bald as the desert, with two crimson streaks down the sides of her face, over her eye lids smear the purpose of the Moonlight Equilibrium Gala though the mud. Seated around her were women of all shapes, sizes and colors, one was even a mantis of sorts? Obviously the Lila’Maya hated established government systems to such a degree they even intentionally let female species of any kind into their ranks. It was all too admirable, and while Celeste delicately separated the meat from the bone of her fish she could foresee herself separating the Lila’Maya away from Neovia almost permanently. This cultural gathering, this celebration of unity although well intentioned was not a solution for all.

“We have no leaders, respected members sure. Elders yes. But once you’re initiated, your voice is weighed equal with the Elder Seer. Every member of the Lila’Maya acts with consensus. The only rules we have are love and respect.”

“I can’t see your way working out at all.

Celeste let Crissette carry the conversation. The queen of Ulum was far too busy stuffing her face but intuitively she thought best to speak bluntly to them, Ross’ outburst taught her that much. And by the look of Biryani’s face, the smirk in the right corner of her mouth she could see they were catching on. These were however matters of diplomacy so even Ross was silent.

“Oh it doesn’t always work out. Trust me.

“So why bring yourself into the alliance if you are so against it?”

“Because they want to be like us.”

“Yeah, no they don’t.”

Ross finally spoke up. Saying what was on Celeste’s mind. She glanced around the Amazon’s toward Atra’s table who was silently eating some real food for once. The amazons were fasting, letting their food waste away beneath their noses. As Celeste scanned their faces, only one of them looked desperately hungry. The others looked like they ate resistance for their meals.

“I believe they do.”

One spoke behind Biryani, and Celeste found her eyes. She had fairer skin and wiry thick hair clustered atop her head spiraling in every which way. She was a bit younger that Biryani there were no wrinkles beneath her eyes. She hadn’t seen much war or death. The world hadn’t hardened her quite yet. But she was passionate.

“The Michio approached us first. With talks of unified peace, an offensive against the world’s evils. We sent him away. He sent his woman next. And we sent her away before she opened her mouth. The Shadow Boy is who expressed his admiration for our culture, our intent. He wanted our resources true. But on our terms. Most of all he wanted to establish harmony among difference. He tries. And for that we thank him. We’re well aware of the roots of the union, what happened to your family, your brother-“

Biryani’s eyes found Celeste and Crisettes. Her mouth was too full to speak but she did so anyway.

“My brother was defending our shores.”

“We don’t disagree with you. Any who infringe upon our forest also dies, but, it takes greater strength to set aside that pain.”

“Oh please Odie, they still harbor resentment. I know I would.”

Biryani spoke what was on Celeste’s mind. Ross was startled a bit and looked toward Celeste who continued eating as usual. Crisette never liked being called out, she took a calculated bite of her meal. It was finally her turn to speak, after all she observed she had been hoping this issue would arise. If honesty was the accepted currency here, she was rich beyond measure.

“We do grieve. Odie is right Biryani. Darrius was a great king, and his death has left a power void among the 9 Seas that I aim to fill. But he acted in haste. The rest of us were only following orders. And the Mantas lack both spine and loyalty to Ulum to not do their job properly. But wasting lives avenging one is not our goal. And if you all won’t eat, Ross will happily oblige. Dont waste Ulum’s gifts.”

“I like you all very much. It’s still our food to give however.”

Biryani didn’t hesitate to show her appreciation, the others nodded save for Odie of course who presumed too much, she withdrew to her seat.

“Well are you going to give it to us or not.”

Ross interjected, having devoured his plate eagerly anticipating seconds. Biryani let the suspense hold for a moment, embracing the illusions of play. But there was something else at work, a certain weight to the hesitation that all the members at the table could not ignore.

“By all means.”

She finally resolved to say.

“Final fucking-ly”

One by one they slid their plates over toward there’s Ross got up from his seat and stockpiled their steaming, savory dishes atop his own. And stuffed his face in a calculated and polite manner. They all ate in silence for a few bites until Biryani broke it.

“The Destroyer will not be reinforcing us. And while the military might of COER is formidable, the Web of End has limitless numbers. We will let the spiders overrun our home. Close them in, you will drown them.”

“We’ll do WHAT?”

The mantis-elv shouted from behind Biryani, which was followed by an onslaught of comments from the others.

“Sanctuary is our home. We can’t let the spiders take it!”

“Where will we go? I refuse to stay here in this pretentious-“

“-Self righteous-“

“The plan makes sense.”

Odie was the only supporter. The rest argued around Biryani who gave the atlantean one of those ‘I told you so kind of looks’. Celeste looked at Crissete, who tactfully took another bite of her salmon. Meri who had been the most patient vassal letting leaders converse among implied leaders finally spoke up.

“The Queen does not simply throw Ulum wherever she pleases.”

She was correct. While Celeste’s arbiter was the will of Ulum, and it’s Cordis Nova was something else entirely. It didn’t quite work that way.

“Is your will not the will of Ulum queen Celeste.”

She nodded. The rest of the amazons were focused upon her answer.

“It is.”

“Could you not drown all of Neovia if you wished.”

“As my vassal mentioned it doesn’t quite work that way. If we were to do it, it would have to be on the next Moonlight Equilibrium, when the tide is highest.”

She did not sound satisfied at that answer. Not one bit. The other amazons who dissented were very much elated in knowing that their home would not be washed away into the seas any time soon. But Biryani who had previously looked upon Celeste with admiration, now regarded her with much distaste.

“Hm. You are weaker than your brother. Far, far weaker. King Darrius could-”

Crissette leapt to Celeste’s defense.

“EXCUSE ME? Don’t you dare speak upon Darrius like that.”

“It’s true though, isn’t it?”

Spoke one of the Amazons from Biryani’s rear guard.

“King Darrius could drown Neovia if he wished. Any day of the week, at any time.”

“The Princess asked you all politely to not speak of King Darrius. Now do I have to make you honor our request or are you going to keep being assholes?”

Ross wiped his mouth clean and burped and the air was thick with anticipation again. Celeste had to thank her sister, Ross and Meri for sticking up for her because while she couldn’t show it, the amazons had the truth of it. She was far, far weaker than Darrius. And it was something she carried with her every day of her life on the surface. The shame, the guilt, that none of them held her accountable for but all of them normalized and accepted like she was some crippled or disabled child. This, coupled with the fact that the amazons were just using her guilt, that she told them as a power play to get her to do them this favor tore at her from within. They were very skilled negotiators. And just plain assholes. She drew a breath.

“You all have one week to tell the council of our plan and evacuate sanctuary. Then I shall rain the might of Ulum upon the forest.”

She let them have a bit of silence to chew upon, and savored their facial expressions. Her heart was pounding with adrenaline, the challenge answered and the bets raised. Once the one called Odie drew breath Celeste interjected one more.

“My tide will cut a path straight to the web of end. Then we can leave her to COER.”

Biryani only nodded, pleased, impressed. Celeste didn’t care much for their opinion much more. They had been used. Fallen victim to the illusion of play. There had to be something she could ask of them in return.
“Very good Queen of Ulum.”

She extended her hand, the surface dweller’s attempt at a binding contract. Celeste shook it and a eerie green energy burned itself into Celeste’s palm. Once the two broke away, she looked upon the seal. It had the number 7 upon it. And nothing more.

“What… what is this-“

“Consider it a reminder of your good will Queen of Ulum. You said one week, and one week it shall be. Go back on your word and you will find the repercussions very severe.”

“Are you threatening MY queen?”

“Be still Ross, I thought the Lila’Maya spoke to the point. Now you talk in riddles?”

The mantis behind her spoke for Biryani.

“It’s a binding contract. If you fail to accomplish or task in the time you agreed to, the seal will claim your life.”

Odie qualified her sentiments

“It cannot, will not, be removed until it is done.”

Ross was not pleased. Neither was Crissette. But Celeste was fine with it. The amazons had little negotiating power, no military might, their biggest weapon was the mystery of their culture. Death contracts were of little consequence. But she still had more questions.

“This favor does not come cheap.”

Biryani already looked victorious, and she continued to play the humble card as if she didn’t sentence Celeste to death moments ago.

“What could we, humble exiles hope to give to the might of the Ulum? Our medicine practices are already at the alliance disposal.”

“Besides, the contract is already forged, we don’t have to do anything for you.”

That bitch Odie again. Crissete regarded her with a menacing glare. Ross looked confused as to whether or not he should be beheading these women. No one knew anything about the Lila’Maya save for their proficiency with medicine. But by Biryanis look she was hiding something, daring Celeste to call them out on it. She admitted she was at a loss here. But there was one thing Celeste did know. She looked over at Atra who was observing the whole conversation, and she wondered if his Shadow was eavesdropping.

“Why have you all not yet anchored the forest to Neovia. Ulum is anchored, the Michio girl tames the desert with the centaurs to anchor it yet the forest remains an obstacle.”

The other amazons looked very uncomfortable at the question, Odie appeared to be recalling horror. Biryani appeared emboldened.

“Yeah you fuckers aren’t the sagely little wood nymphs that you appear hm?”

Ross backed up celeste with a salvo of cannon fire.

“Ahh… Now we get to the good questions. Very Good queen of Ulum. Before you drown the forest, I implore you to come visit and I will show you who the forest belongs to.”

“So it’s not just the spiders who you’re hoping I get rid of.”

“Oh no… The spiders are the least of our problems. The Wendigo however are a different story entirely.”
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