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 Post subject: Zeik Hellgate:The Astral's Bottomless Flame.
 Post Posted: Thu May 15, 2014 5:48 pm 
The Flame of One :: Kaosukage
The Flame of One :: Kaosukage
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Unique Trait: Makai Chakra
Age: 6664
Sex: Male
Alignment: Good
Character Bio Information
Name:Zeik Hellgate
Age - 6664 old but appear in his later 20's
Appearance - Zeik appearance captures his youthful heart, while his eyes discerns his elder wisdom. Sharp, decisive and stern eyes complemented by his bold facial structure. His gives off the appearance of a striving man in his younger years.
Attitude - His attitude is often lacking in easily emoted expressions. Not one to laugh or joke about. Zeik is a very serious character, often taken to be drastically cold or lacking sensitivity;however, his heart is always coming from the emotions people believe he lacks. He is a stern leader, but never ask for loyalty, or servitude. As a humble leader he often bows to his friends if they bow to him as an expression of mutual respect.
He is well spoken, often speaking in metaphors as opposed to directly addressing a question or circumstance, to him this is through;but, not always very concise.

Character Jutsu Information
Chakra Natures - He wields the elements well for a man of millennium of existence, but prefers the elements of fire and light, sometimes Lightning depending on the situation.

Other Village Perks - Zeik has lost nearly all of his outer village perks, some assimilating into himself and broken down into spare 'parts,' others just sitting in his home.
-All Recorded Jutsu (I'll put my jutsu list link here.)

Character Weapon History
Outer village weapons - He has none. He has lost or retired them all.

Extended Rubric/Bio
Core Element Zeik has an 'advanced,' core element;but, is young in its knowledge. This advanced element is known as a 'Deidren,' a mystical FaeDragon believe to be extinct.

Soul Beat - Equilibrium is Zeik base Soul Beat. How this beat functions is still a mystery to the Hellgate.

Destiny Beat - Unobtained.

Court Affiliations- Zeik has venture to three of the five courts. Stars, blades and the DreamSphere;but, hasn't taken to a calling in either one as of yet.

If I must Fight...

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