Guided Role Play: Astral Mission -The Breach-

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Guided Role Play: Astral Mission -The Breach-

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Hey! Astral Leadership with a mission announcement! We will be hosting our first guided Roleplay mission and hope that you’ll join us. This is part of an effort to expand the Astral City story line. This mission arc will give players and readers a chance to experience Vescrutia on a closer, more intimate level. You’ll travel to new lands, meet a species of Elvs, battle the revengers, and hopefully seal the Breech preventing Vescrutia from meeting further calamity. There will be three missions, each with a different secondary objective and location.
If you’re looking for loot, a place to sharper your skills, or a reason to stop scrolling Facebook- sign up now.

The Objective
Primary objective:Prevent unnecessary destruction, defeat all the Ravenegrs and any other Horsemen kind, find the source of the Breach.

A long time ago the horsemen waged war against Vescrutia, after a great battle,lead by 13 mighty warriors, the horsemen were forced to retreat and defenses were created to prevent their unwanted intrusion- The Obelisk.
So long as the obelisk defenses are in place, Vescrutia can carefully monitor the genetic coding of creatures entering her atmosphere and repel or destroy unwanted entities.
Acrix Desert/ Alps of Chaos/ Neovian Outskirts
It’s an option, but I will not steer you there.
Yes. There will be combat.
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