RP Request Framework

This where you make Collaborative Requests, whether it be to RP or another project entirely.
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RP Request Framework

Post by Ves » Wed Jan 23, 2019 10:23 am

It's perfect reasonable to simply make a thread and hope someone joins up with you, but if there's something specific you were looking for. A formal request is the best way to do it. That way you can share the link with interested parties, and everyone can be on one accord. This is also a great place to hash out ideas outside of the RP and maintain a record of what is said.

The Concept/Objective
What is the point of this Adventure? What are you hoping to accomplish. Please be open to this changing, as ANYTHING can happen in the RP realm. But it's always good to have a loose idea of what you wish to happen so people can build on that with you. The main thing to think of beforehand is the concept behind your RP. All RP's are based on something, so what about yours? It could be an Anchoring Mission, An assassination, Walking in town with a friend, A romantic dinner date. A journey to outer-space. Its up to you!

Back Story/Lore Primer
Is there any information anyone needs to know prior to joining up with you? Is this information public knowledge? Or would you just like us to know to have a better understanding of what will happen next. Please know that while all threads can be read in the RP, your character may or may not know what exactly happened. Do not Metagame.

Character Application Form
Who are you looking to join up with you? Is there any sort of requirements? The more open this is the better time you'll have creating content with someone. But feel free to ask a direct person if you're trying to collaborate with them.

Where is this going to take place?

Are there any existing, or created NPC's that we're going to interact with?

Is this a life threatening mission?

Combat (?)
Will there be violence?

Party Size
How many people do you want along with you?

Is there any visual aids to locations you want to use? Any music you want to add to get your collaborators in the feel of your work? This is where these extra materials go.

Credit to Scratch's a beginners guide to RP

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