Joining the Astral

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Joining the Astral

Post by Zeik » Sat Jan 26, 2019 1:39 pm

The Concept/Objective
This collaboration request doesn't have an end date. Its a call to arms for those who want to Join the Astral Chaos. Currently Zeik and his lovers rule over a Kingdom located in the Forest of Resonance. A refugee hideout and military unit tasked with repelling the invasion of the horsemen and maintaining free will across the Vescrutian realm.

Back Story/Lore Primer
Astral city was hand built by the rulers and uniquely positioned near the Azure Oasis. The land is lush in minerals and was home to many small tribes before the kingdom was forged some few hundred years ago. The Warrior and crown king of the Hellgate tribe uses the Sanctus Imperious to maintain an impenetrable barrier and craft unique weapons and skills for his Soldiers in the coming battle with evil.

Character Application Form
Come one and come all. You dont need to have crazy skills or powers, there is a place for everyone. The kingdom is looking to expand and open shops, schools and task force. So if you have ideas or need direction seek me out.

The missions we will embark on will span the entirety of Vescrutia, but to get this all started you'll need to find your way to Astral city. There we can meet, grab a drink and plan out some future narratives.

I imagine we will have NPCS in certain functions of Astral City, but at the time i haven't gotten that far.

I will not take you on a story where your life will be ended by any event that you didnt choose yourself. No one is a Martyr to the Astral Chaos.

Combat (?)
Yes! and lots of it. I'm working on some mission story boards but also would like to bring back out roots of 'Arena ROLEPLAY,' thats a little off in the distance;but, still worth the mention.

Party Size
Come one and come on.

If you were on a missions with Zeik or locked in a thread that didnt get finished before the collapse, assumed the thread was completed and pick up from there. If you need to discuss details with me feel free to PM me.

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