Vescrutia's COER

The Center Of Emergency Responders headed by Michio Kham, this is where he trains those in in the use of Naten and how to properly protect the planet.
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Vescrutia's COER

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Vescrutias COER

Kham had never thought that the thousands of years he spent as a mercenary, being the pillar that either upheld kingdoms or knocked them over would serve him as the head of Neovia, and arguably Vescrutia’s most powerful network of Defense. But Fate as a way of forcing the neglectful to greatness at inconvenient moments. Upon settling in Neovia, he found himself surrounded by powerful allies and enemies those he had history with, and others a (very rare) blank slate.

With ZK doing his Pirate thing, and Atra playing at a diplomat, they both resigned to The Destroyer to do what he did best. Keep enemy forces at bay by being the monster under the bed of our enemies. It didn’t take much for the faithful, the proud, the reckless glory seekers to rally to his cause. Who wouldn't want to stand among Vescrutia's living legends? Let alone The Destroyer. They came from far and wide, from the seas and the mountains to answer the call. Not only of their refugee pack, but across the globe. Some even defected from their existing factions to become members of COER, the Covert Operations Emergency Responders. A stealthily spy network, that could easily be a full functioning military force in instants. The entry fee was high, The Destroyer’s price was pain of the mind body and spirit, only to reduce the number of informed bodies to a very small, but extremely reliable number. It’s inner circle consists of the following notables…

Atra Luminoso
Michio Kham
Kayla Niyotomi
Kendyl Ah’kyr
Savaj Vanguard (AWOL)
SILK (Pandora, Cross’ AI)
Biryani (Amazoness of the Lila’Maya)
Celeste (Ulthrazeen)
T’Ajsa Michio

And several others who served with distinction risking their lives to prevent threats unbeknownst to the public. The more ruckus they made, the more allies they obtained stretching the influence of COER across every quadrant of the planet. To say Kham is proud is an understatement. But recent events have stretched him very thin, and now, that he has overextended himself, and inner turmoil among the founding members shake the foundations of his organization, ancient enemies strike at his every side forcing him to step out of his high-backed board room chair.

COER is located within the Center of Technology and Advancement segmented in a frozen mountainside overlooking Neovia from the North. It’s membership fee is terribly high, are you willing to pay the price?
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