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 Post subject: Home Sweet Home :: Aurelia's Place
 Post Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 6:50 pm 
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Moirai Student :: Genin Level Member
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After nearly dying with Evangeline Aurelia had made her way to the Xylo House, preferring it over the dorms due to the lower amount of people; she did prefer to be alone after all.

Upon reaching the place that would be her new home she found it was fully furnished, completely clean and in pristine condition. She'd have to change the plain colors they had, but it was nice. Making her way to the bed she collapsed and did little more than sleep for the next 3 days.

On the third day she woke up feeling more or less fine. She was still sore here and there, but overall she was good. Flexing her mental muscles she closed her eyes and expanded her territory to it's limits and then pushed it a little bit further, holding it at that range while manifesting other smaller ones within. After several moments of said exercise she decided to practice with mana before heading out. Since the incident with Evangeline she could see Mana all around her, but now after this 3 days she could vividly see it even without territory.

She placed her standard Territory at a comfortable range while dispelling the extra Territories around her. Breathing in deeply she considered the best way to go about doing things, she understood how to gather the mana, but she couldn't control it yet. Perhaps if she put her mind to it she could use her psychic abilities to help?

"I have better interactions with mana when my Territory is active... maybe I can make one for the sake of gathering Mana?"

It was a sound theory, but what range would be safe for her? Too big and she might die from it. Then again, she had been pulling lots of mana for miles around last time as far as she could tell.

"Guess I'll just have to gamble with my life on this."

Sitting down on the ground she crossed her legs and began to focus her thoughts. After a few moments her body rose into the air, hovering a few feet off the ground. Manifesting her Mind's Forge Territory she fell into a deep trance as she began building her domain from the ground up. Tiny piece by tiny piece; it was akin to putting a hall of broken statues back together, but with all the pieces of the different statues in on big pile.

Second's turned to minutes, minutes into hours before she would finally have crafted it. So far all it would be able to do is heighten her feel for mana, it would still take her some time to actually control it. At least in theory, she had to test it first.

Extending her legs she stood from her meditating position and dispelled her Mind's Forge territory before replacing it with this new one, the Manaverse. She had no doubt that over time this would become an important ability of hers.

Once it had been expanded to a safe 10ft radius she noticed that in addition to seeing mana more vividly she could see the paths it was traveling and she could even physically feel it. If she were anyone else this much visual information would have no doubt overwhelmed her mind, but for her it was a pleasant experience. Focusing she slowly began trying to empty herself once more to allow the mana to flow into her, but this time she allowed only a trickle of mana to enter at a time. It worked but not very well, and she still wasn't sure how to expel it so for the time being the very small sprinkle of mana gained would just sit with her.

It appeared the Territory was a success, albeit weak for the time being. Perhaps she would keep it active constantly for a while so as to increase it's powers and her affinity for mana?

"Suppose that's enough for now. I should find someone to test my abilities on and see if I can learn more about magic in the process"

With her territory still active she headed out of the door, reading a book about spells, sigils, enchantments and other magical things. Perhaps she'd find something she could use.

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