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Re: Flashback - Fall of Arcturus

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 10:40 pm
by Zero Venkage
Zero and Kamui shared a glance and chuckled to each other. Such a long winded story was definitely in line with Zeik's grand demeanor. A man of such royal stature always had more than enough words to fill their ears with not only a vivid picture, but enough worry to build walls between even the most formidable nations.

"That's your friend," Kamui scoffed before turning his attention back to the entertainment at hand. The Mako rarely stood for speak of the hypothetical. Things were a way or they weren't, time spent hypothesizing could be actions taken. It's why they took such a liking to Zero. He also didn't know much of the things Zeik spoke on, the man had some sort of sight that let him read the stars like the Mako read the waves. Although respected, Kamui wanted nothing of this reunion of friends. He attended the Grand Crossing for one reason and the quicker he and Zero could get into the ring, the better.

"Zeik," Zero started, placing a hand on his friend and teacher's shoulder. "I know YOU can see all the energy in the world converging for this... But I can't..." Zero walked Zeik a bit away from Kamui and the banister, hoping to keep his focus directly on Zeik. The Grand Crossing meant so many different things to so many people on Vescrutia, but Zero's understanding of it from a singular perspective kept him from understanding why Zeik appeared up in arms. Zeik typically kept himself very cool and collected, even angry on the off occasion that called for it. Zero took a deep breath and looked into the man's eyes, seeing if he'd take him on an optical trip to give a firsthand look at the situation bothering him.

"You took this whole trip here worried out of your mind bro, something has to really be bothering you. I also really wanna get back to this show because it's a holiday for me so..." Zero twirled a finger next to his face to let the elder mage know he consented to a bit of eye magic. "If you need help jogging your memory, I'm great at running. Just take me on the trip so we can see the same sights."

Kamui sighed in the background far louder than necessary. Zero and Zeik had a bit of a tenuous relationship since Zero left the Chaos. Zero rarely exercised self control while within the Forest of Resonance learning the ways of the blade from the blade master himself. His eagerness to experience new and exciting things sent him across all the seas and, for lack of a better word, abandoning the Chaos for his own adventure with the Mako, Atlantean adventurers from across the Seven Seas. Zeik might not have approved, but as a friend, they could disagree and still maintain a relationship.

"Just get a room!" Kamui grumbled, watching the festivities all by himself while double-Z had a tender moment.

"Shut up, I'll be right back!" Zero spat back at his aquatic friend. He motioned again for the optic trip so they could take a moment to discuss everything they needed without missing a step in the festivities. Although the trips used to make Zero nauseous and feel rather invaded, as the trust between them grew, the discomfort dealing with the ability shrank in turn.

Re: Flashback - Fall of Arcturus

Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 7:37 am
by Zeik
-He listened to his faithful companion intently. His eyes peering into zero’s Iris, desperately searching for a glint of stability to cling too. There was a certain fear on Zeik’s face, along with a disorientated blankness. It’s as if he wasn’t fully here, emotions flashed across his face, some of worry, while others revealed a certain youth and fragility
"Zeik," Zero started, placing a hand on his friend and teacher's shoulder. "I know YOU can see all the energy in the world converging for this... But I can't..." Zero walked Zeik a bit away from Kamui and the banister, hoping to keep his focus directly on Zeik. The Grand Crossing meant so many.
“I’ll try.”

He said softly, his face still twisting into about in confusion as he wizard stared absently. The crowd beneath him suddenly ignited in a victorious uproar, the likes of which startled him, shaking him from his paralysis. He jumped back from the railing in surprise.

“This isn’t a vision, though the symptoms and dissociation are similar.” He said weakly ‘It’s the coincidence that scares’s the synchronicity that worries me. Mother’s eye isn’t a naturally occurring phenomenon, Vescrutia—I’m nervous. I’m anxious. I only get this feeling...right before someone dies.”

He settled on that final note. Death. His mother had once explained that anxiety was the swelling of energy with no clear direction, since then he’d used that information to quell his often overwhelming feelings. Logic had always been his sword and shield and he could feel the proverbial gas deflating as he approached that note- death.

As the mental tension lessened more of his familiar personality began to shine, his panicked breathing subsided and his scattered thoughts began to take a solid form. Hey he confused and lost look on his face was washed away, replaced by a soft, doe like expression.

In the wake of all that, Zero’s words began to play in his mind, further anchoring him in the arena and the moment.
I also really wanna get back to this show because it's a holiday for me so..."
His words rang out to him, near instantly feeling him with guilt an emotion he rarely, if ever showed;but, felt often and deeply.

“I’m...sorry Zero, I don’t know what’s come over me.” He said, rubbing his head in dismay. “I’ve been away of a mission for a while, perhaps I’m getting worked up over the amount of energy here. Let’s watch the show.”

He gazed into the arena briefly and noticed the woman who accepted a kham’s challenged looked an awful lot like a Michio. He looked away, quickly returning to Zero’s face to see. He felt comfortable when they were talking, but every time he looked at the moons or that woman he felt nothing but concern and fear.

Hellgate’s are typically ‘fearless,’ and eager to challenge their odds, regardless of how they are stacked against them. However, for Zeik, fear was a compass and his closest friend. That’s to say, he felt very close to fear.

‘I’m just worried is all, whenever I feel happy...I get nervous.’ He said, now leaning over the banister. ‘What’s this show...all about?’

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Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2019 3:21 pm
by Michio Tribe
Zeik and ZK appeared to be a pair of the few attendees who weren’t completely engrossed in the happenings at the center of the stadium. The rest were clapping along rhythmically, layering in their own songs, chants and even dances to the lull of the pied piper Nita who was dancing among a sea of golden-amber leaves, the Mai’Aitoni. In the short amount of time dialogue between mentors and friends were exchanged not only had Nita traversed the arena but she had the swarm circling around her in lockstep and hijacked control of the audience from it’s Master of Ceremonies. Kham was beatific with excitement, his daughter who sat to his left was bouncing on his knee to the rhythms. Across the arena, the ever stoic-mitre clan were tapping their knees and bobbing their heads.

Nita had the plant-based parasites circling around her in a miniature cyclone while she worked up a sweat blowing all she could into her flue, she worked the creatures up into a crescendo causing them to fly around her dangerously close and terribly quick which flooded the arena with the flapping sounds of thousands of bird wings. Eventually they shut up toward the sky in a funnel sort of formation and rained down upon the arenas center as her song came to it’s concluding cadence. The stadium was electric with excitement, Kham cheered thunderously forgetting to withhold the strength of his hands.

As he climbed over the arenas edge, and made his way back to the center, the leaflet creatures parted way. Nita looked him in the eye, and she him. Her gaze assumed so much, so confident and mysterious. Why hadn’t he seen her in Kemet before?

“That was amazing, let’s give it up for Nita, Maestro of the Mai’Aitoni!”

He couldn’t help but smirk at the quick and clever title. He held up her hand toward the sky and The crowd responded with hoots and hollers of their own. He scanned the crowd quickly and locked eyes with familiar faces. Near the front row, opposite his own was the Mitre. Strong warriors from across the sea who were ever so reserved they too broke into applause with their leader Kisha nodding her head. Atra was seated near TJ and Cross who were also swooned. If Kham could breath those stiffs then he surely had the entire crowd back.

“Any of you who talked shit about my anthem can choke on my flute!”

She exclaimed and pointed her flute toward those she was referring to. A few who already had way too much to drink so early. Members of the crowd laughed. Kham had to cover his mouth to hold back a smirk of his own. Nita made her way toward the edge of the arena to find her seat. Kham sneakily caught view of her backside on the way out. For a musician she was extremely fit. But her skin was without flaw. He rolled his eyes, and almost instantly lost physical interest. Back to the crowd, back to history and all that he had built.

“We live upon sacred ground. A Bastion built to house a movement of mighty warriors that drove back our ancient enemies. Their legend has fallen into folktales, but on this day, we will have a renown tellers and dear friend of mine retell the legend of Kemet, and The Great 13.”

Kham placed his hand to the arena floor with a thud and the Mai’Aitoni who had been shifting left and right eerily as before flew up toward the skies and back to their forest. The arena was awash with a sheet of golden browns and beautiful fall leaves, as soon as they vanished a mighty owl, four times as tall as The Destroyer perched behind him without sound or warning. She was of beautiful brown color with a glowing third eye in the center of her skull and a crown of antlers on either side of her head. There were cheers from some, silent respect from others, and all out bowls from the rest of Talon. Owl-Elves who were perched atop the stadium who were students of this renowned chronicler.

“Drudunal, Scholar of War.”

No applause this time, but a chorus of hoots and caws from the canopies of the arena. Kham maintained a bowing position and began to escort himself out of the arena leaving Drudunal to fill the arena with spectacle.

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Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2019 3:15 pm
by Zero Venkage
anding. Sandy-colored feathers befell the colosseum in a fog. Zero stared agape at the mist of shimmering plumage could do to the aesthetic of the ancient arena. It softened the battle worn walls and faces of every merc and merchant in the audience. Kamui reached out to capture a single small one, its quill falling right through his moist fingers. The phantom feathers gathered in concentric piles circling Drudunal's feet, making a stage for his address to the Arcturans. Zero was amazed, a Scholar in the flesh, or the feathers on one of the most important days in the Venkage calendar.

"You don't celebrate the Grand Crossing?" Zero inquired.

Kamui interrupted "Not everyone follows the same dance of alignments," waving his hand through the ethereal fluff descending on the arena floor.

"Whatever, I know that whenever the moons line up like this where I'm from, there's a wild storm that comes in, way wilder than anything we're used to getting normally. But since it's so strong, we use it as a festival game." Zero clenched his fist, eyes dead set on the massive Owl taking center stage. "It was always a rush, we wanted to make the biggest show and be the last one standing in the storm. Is this what usually happens here?"

Kamui shrugged, being familiar with Kemet through his travels across Vescrutia he'd never been present for this particular happening. Other times he and his pod were out on the Seven Seas searching for artifacts to bring back to the cloister. The legend of 13, he had only heard whispers of in the halls of Kemet, apparently sacred ground, holy land meant to be revered. For he and Zero this frequent pit stop was about as sacred as a fighting pit could be. The rule was order through strength, and strength by cooperation.

"Sacred ground, huh..." Kamui mumbled.

"I know, right?" Zero chirped. He patted Zeik on the back, remembering his reverence for hallowed areas found in the Astral. They didn't always see eye to eye when dealing with the term 'sacred'. For Zero, it was a chance to find a new toy to play with or book to read. It spurred his departure from the Astral and out into the open world with Kamui and the Mako pod that brought him to these 'sacred' grounds. The Owl brought with him a story of Kemer and Zero aimed to learn everything he could about its history. It's not every day you're bestowed knowledge from an ancient entity.

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Posted: Sun Jun 23, 2019 4:21 pm
by Zeik
-He was quiet. Worn out mentally by his outburst. It was stressful feeling so much, so suddenly and without any context. It was as overwhelming to experience as it was to watch, maybe even just as confusing for Zeik some times. Certain phases stick out, and coincidence piles up until it’s synchronicity.

Yet, the presence of the Primordial Scholars always soothed his aching mind. Drudunal, a scholar war. Yes, he was probably as old as war itself And loved regaling of rising empires and falling nations. Each of the scholars loved what they did, why else would they devote an eternity to their craft.


He muttered as he leaned over the railings. Scholars rarely appear before mixed company, Hell most of them never reveal themselves to humans. “Another Sign?” He said while observing the audience’s entrancement with the phantom feathers, reaching for what they couldn’t grasp. ‘Hopefully that’s not foreshadow.’ He said dryly. Staring intently at the Drudunal.

“I’ve never celebrated the Grand Crossing, how do you celebrate?”

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Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 12:53 pm
by Zero Venkage
"We ride out the storm!" he eeked out. Zero's eyes widened reminiscing on the squalls buffeting his beaches. The Venkage resides on the Marlboro Archipelago for as long as they recorded their history. And since even before then, the Grand Crossing formation brought with it storms days long from out in the open sea. Lightning strikes razed every inch of the island stretch, a torrent of water drenched the shore and gales peel flora and fauna from the earth. Venkage Alsace dance in the storm, come flying into the beast itself to restrain its ferocity. Others played on the ground to keep the storm from destroying their civilization. Divulging unto Zeik and Kamui a part of his past he held fondly about, Zero's blood warmed. "It's a chance to get out and do some real good for the whole Clos, no matter who you are. Everyone would bring out their best Arts. Imagine this owl coming down from the heavens and bringing with it a storm that could wipe this whole arena off the face of Vescrutia, times, like, a lot, minus the owl."

Kamui's placid eyes twitched, diverting a bit of focus back to the Scholar taking the stage. Zero rarely talked fondly of his homeland, but this festival he called it sounded more like a catastrophe they took into their own hands. If that kind of energy was felt all across Vescrutia and here, they receive the honor of legend retold by its scribe, the Grand Crossing carried some powerful energy behind it. The Mako held no stock in the Grand Crossing as a cultural event, but the sea responded in turn. Around this time of year the aquatic life became more active. Even here the Talon resting in the rafters came en masse to join in the festivities. A celestial formation this grand and its entourage of ancient education quieted Arcturus to a whisper.