Unexpected Arrival

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Unexpected Arrival

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Earth Year 2851
The Faith of Heart was an old ship, dating back to when Earth was still around. It was the flagship at the time, participating in many wars, battles and had a history longer then most of earth's older empires and nations. The had long since ost it's flagship status and had gone through many changes and re-classifications. The latest of which, was that the ship was the personal property of Liam Savvik.

Liam could be found in his personal quarters. Two of the ships lower decks that had been converted into a garden in which his home, a single bedroom flat could be found. Liam was standing with his front towards the window. The window overlooked the underside of the ships lower hull. Liam had been standing by that window for 47 hours now.

Liam was a human, or his body was, his mind had long since been digitzed and he was permenetly connected to the Real Hologram Network. But that didn't stop him from living, or spending time helping humanity grow and survive, even after nearly being wiped out twice.

As he stood by the window overlooking the void of space, the entire ship would begin creaking and rocking back and forth as if something was grasping onto it and trying to shake everyone inside out of it.

Immedietly, Liam would turn around where he was and would begin quickly walking towards the ships Teleportal. As he walked towards it, the entire ships lighting would shut down, the space behind him that should have had stars would shut off, and within seconds, Liam would find his mind going blank. He would then pass out falling to the ground.

As the light was restored to the ship, and the stars became visible again, Liam would awaken in the same spot he fell in. After a few seconds of lying on the floor of his ships house, his visions would light up wth notifications. Looking through them all, he would be alerted multiple times to come to the bridge.

After getting up, Liam would head to the ships Teleportal after going down some hallways and corridors. After walking into the Teleportal, Liam would find himself floating on a disk of light. Walking off the disk he would enter the bridge and would see the Holographic display of the map of the area they were in.

"Report" Liam would call out as he walked out of the Teleportal and up the 3 stairs that leads to the Bridge's lower deck, which was used for navigations, science and communications. After walking around the navigations section, he would walk up the ramp to the upper bridge and take a seat in the captains chair.

As he sat down, FAITH, the ships AI would appear infront of him and begin speaking.

"Location Unknown Binary Star
3 Planets in the System

Attempts to scan beyond the system has failed

Crew status, unknown"

Liam would look at the star chart hologram which was empty except for the current system they were in. The Chart showed that one of the planets was habitable, and the other two were not. Scans of the world showed life, large energy signatures and some areas of civilized life.

After he looked over the data for a few minutes, Liam would stand up.

"I'm going down there" he would say heading back to the Teleportal which brought him here from the Garden Deck.

On the Hanger Deck, Liam would appear at the end of the Hanger, after which he would walk towards the large opening of the hanger that seperated the ship's hanger from the void of space. Standing near the edge of the launch slingshot, Liam would activate his Guardian Armour. After activating, the FAITH Ai would wait for the go ahead.

"Liam Savvik, launching" Liam would say as the Slingshot would glow, Liam's HUD would appear and he would find himself shooting into space, preotect by the RHS's ability to create shields and personal enviroments.

Liam would blast through the void of space and head towards Vescrutia, aiming to land somewhere near one of the habited areas.

As he approached his destination, fell through the atmpshered and came to a flying stop just above the target. After this he would make a soft landing in the forest, deactivate the Guard Guardian Armour and begin walking.
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