A Blade of Darkness, Wielded For Light

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A Blade of Darkness, Wielded For Light

Post by Alaude Nightwing » Sun Feb 03, 2019 3:05 pm

It would be a silent and dark night along the halls of Ars Haven as the echos of a few straggling students would echo along the halls before disappearing as they leave the general area. While at first seeming that not a soul was around suddenly a shadow would begin creeping along the wall of the halls. However, as the shadow continued move through the darkness it would pass by a window revealing to the naked eye there was no one to claim the shadow, rather the shadow would seem to be moving on its own will. The shadow would continue to move around the halls of Ars Haven until stopping at the hallway that would take it to the area known as the Path of Blades before proceeding toward that specific area of the building. As the shadow figure would continue to move toward the Path of Blade the figure would begin to lose its 2D appearance slowly growing into 3 dimensional figure. Once reaching the Path of Blade the figure would stop and with a slight gleam of light from the moon it could clearly be seen this figure was none other then Alaude Nightwing, a member of the Astral Chaos and the current holder of the title Lord of Darkness.

"....I know that stealth is one of my fortes, but still it was to easy to travel through this building without anyone noticing."

Alaude would mumble this to himself while pulling out a cigarette lighting it up and releasing a thick cloud of smoke into the air. Alaude would take a moment to think about how just a little while ago Alaude was approached by the leader/king of the Astral Chaos, Zeik Hellgate. Zeik had explained the new developments in the Astral Chaos including the creation of the new Ars Haven School and the multiple "Paths" that would be taught at the school each working to improve the Astral Chaos in different ways. Overall, Alaude was in favor of the idea as it would not only help the Astral Chaos grow but give the chance for different individuals to help improve the Astral Chaos in a way that better compliments the person's personality, abilities, and more. Those who where fighters could fight to keep their village safe, those who where better with diplomacy and negotiations could act at a foreign diplomat for helping the Astral Chaos ally with other nations and villages. It was a well balanced system to allow everyone to do their part in their own ways and Alaude was on board for all of it until Zeik purposed/asked a strange request on Alaude. With each Path they would need an individual (or "Ace" as he called them) to act at the leader/teacher of the Path making sure things when smoothly. Zeik had already decided to be one of these Aces which made perfect sense in Alaude's opinion, but it was when Zeik had asked Alaude to also be a Ace specifically for the Path of Blades he was slightly caught of guard.

"Of all people what made him want to ask me?"

Wisps of darkness would quickly flow out of Alaude's body as he speaks to himself once more. The darkness would gather and mold itself a few feet away from Alaude and would take the form of an exact copy of Alaude. As Alaude would take another puff from his cigarette the clone would mimic his movements making it appear as if Alaude was looking into a mirror. Alaude was literally looking himself over, trying to understand what made Zeik want to have Alaude as and Ace for his new school. However, while Alaude was looking in the direction of his clone on closer inspection of the direction of his eyes anyone could tell Alaude was looking past his clone to something past it.

"What made him want to ask me...when he knows where I came from before fully joining the Chaos.."

From the darkness from behind his clone the shape of another man would appear standing behind Alaude's clone. It would be a rather tall man wearing a long red scarf, with orange tinted glasses, and bright orange hair. It was very obvious that the man standing behind his clone was his master Shinta Urashura, however this was not the man himself but simply another clone made from the darkness seeping from Alaude's body. For those who don't know when joining the village Alaude went out of his was to locate the man originally known as the Lord of Darkness in hopes of improving his abilities with darkness. Things started off very hard as Shinta did not care for Alaude's alchemy based darkness manipulation, however Alaude's hard work and determination was able to peek Shinta's curiosity. One train session led to another and soon enough Alaude became Shinta's apprentice, learning much under his wing and even being having the title of Lord of Darkness passed on to him. However, while Alaude and Shinta got along well Alaude was always torn between helping his village grow but also attempting to help Shinta with his motives and goals which in some cases actively worked against his village and sometimes all of Vescrutia.

"I wonder would I...would I go along with Shinta even if it meant destroying my home? Or would I stand against the man who gave me so much to protect my home?"

As he said this the clone Shinta would place his hand on the clone Alaude's shoulder causing black like tendrils to being appear on the Alaude clones shoulder. The black tendrils would expand to slowly being covering clone Alaude's whole body. This was Alaude current conflict within his own mind and soul giving physical form right before his eyes. While he did love his village and cherished the bonds and connections he has made with many of the people of the Astral Chaos, Alaude is still the student of Shinta Urashura. While it is true that for a while now Shinta has disappeared of the radar giving Alaude plenty of time to help the Chaos grow their was no telling when/if Shinta would ever return. While thinking of this the black tendrils would continue to spread taking over now 50% of the Alaude Clone's body, perfectly showing how even tho Shinta was no long around his influence was still something fresh in Alaude's mind.

"Darkness beckons darkness, consume all around it...is that all I am destined to be constantly approached by light only to watch it be consumed by my own darkness?"

The Alaude Clone would continue to become coved in darkness until just a small part of his face and chest remained. Alaude would watch for a moment ready to watch the darkness full consume his clone, thus accepting the fate the would come with it. However, as the darkness attempted to full cover his chest it would suddenly stop being resisted by some strange force. Confused by this sudden development Alaude would walk forward and begin inspecting this area of the clone what was seeming to refuse to be engulfed by the darkness being produced by the Shinta clone. On a closer inspection Alaude would be able to notice that the section of his clones chest that was resisting the darkness overtaking the rest of the clones body was being halted by a similar but different aura of darkness one more potent and stronger then the one attempting to overtake it.

"The Dark Force!? But why...?"

Suddenly, Alaude would have a flash back to one of his last training session with Shinta, particularly the one in which Shinta gave Alaude the Dark Force along with the title of Lord of Darkness. Alaude would remember that during this training session Shinta gave Alaude a detailed explanation of the Dark Force, including the fact that most people who have attempted to use this power would be completely consumed by its energy. Even through his life Shinta was never fully able to take control of it, but Shinta believed that Alaude would possibly be able to use the Dark Force to its full ability, making it his own. With this memory fresh in his mind Alaude would reach outward placing his hand on to the chest of his clone directly touching the Dark Force. Quickly the dark force would spread outward destroying the darkness that he perviously been enveloping his clone. The Dark Force would quickly free Alaude's clone while also quickly engulf the Shinta clone turning the clone pure black and motion less. Looking at the state of the Shinta clone and his own clone a small smile would crack on Alaude's face.

"This darkness is mine to do with as I see fit...I will make my darkness my light, and in turn be the darkness for the Chaos so it my remain in the Light."

While saying these words Alaude would stand up straight to look his clone right in the face. The clone would fallow suit and would even begin to crack its own smile. Suddenly the room Alaude was standing in would being to lightly rumble as light would begin to appear on the ground around Alaude. Soon enough the light would engulf the Alaude Clone and the immobilized Shinta clone condensing them into a small ball of light. The ball of light would then shrink before in Alaude's hand would be a soccer ball sized orb of light flowing in his hand. However, the ball would then quickly turn pure black radiating with darkness and would then quickly being to bend and morph changing shape. After a minute or two the light would finally die down and suddenly floating in Alaude's hand would be a small skull with its lower jaw attached to a sharp, arched claw and on where should be its cheeks two 3-piece claws.


Alaude would feel a large amount of power coming from this small totem, but could also feel a deep connection to this item as it was a symbol of his resolve to carve his own path and not let anything or anyone hole him back from what he thinks is right. Alaude would then wave his hand and in doing so would cause the totem to disappear distressing into wisps of darkness that would simply flow back into his body. Alaude would take a moment to look around the Path of Blades area one more time before he would turn around and begin to leave out of school...for now.

"It might not be a Darkness Manor...but I think things are going to work out fine."

With that in a flicker of darkness Alaude would for the mean time leave the area to better learn about the totem he had just awakened, so then he would be ready to help other learn to control their own powers once they begun to awaken to it.

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