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 Post subject: Demon Weapon; Blue Angel
 Post Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 6:20 pm 
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Unique Trait: Mistral: Aurora Borealis; Sapphire Inferno (Blue Star, Blue Moon, Blue Seed); Ragnarok Nebulon
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(WIP, I was lazy...)

This is Priere's Instrument (Soul Weapon) named 'Blue.' She is a part of Priere's soul and thus is an extension from her, thus has techniques she has adapted from Priere's essence (and thus, picks from Priere's jutsu list), as well as the essence of the Weaponmaster and Judgemaster. She looks like a Crystal Skull robed in nothing but Black Ice and a deep Blue aura.

Blue's Natural Abilities

Convergence into darkness/shadows
High speed movement
Generation of blue energy/condensation and control of said blue energy
Creation of extensible spikes/needles/scythe blades from anywhere on body
Ability to trap things within wings/ Shoot and create spider webs made of her wings at will.
Able to consume souls/spirits/anything associated.
Multi-presence (within Shadows and Darkness, that is.)
Vibration at high speeds.
Ability to faze in and out for periods of time.
Able to merge her shadow with other forms of darkness to take control of them.
Able to move her shadow like a limb or another person.
Can camouflage self by changing her color at will to any color her surroundings are.

Aurora Borealis; Sapphire Inferno, the Velvet Blue Nebulous Flame

One of Three strain extensions of Priere's single KG known as 'Aurora Borealis,' embedded into her Soulmate, Blue. The Essence of Nebulon, the Nebula God, which has been contained within the Sapphire Inferno. It uses the power of a mystic blue flame that harbors the ability to both burn and freeze what it touches with a heatless cold flame. It may take on the property of either Fire or Ice at will. It seems to be connected to Nebula and Stardust, somehow, for it sparkles like the night sky when it it used. It is known also the 'Nebulous Flame' for its cosmic properties and connectedness to Nebulon. It has three components to create the Sapphire Inferno in its entirely, which Priere is able to command as a whole. These three breakdowns are known as 'Blue Star,' 'Blue Moon' and 'Blue Seed.'

Blue Star
'Blue Star' is the 'Fire' component of the Sapphire Inferno and functions as the intensely concentrated heat that is so hot, all around it becomes cold because it is stealing the heat of what it touches. When it comes into contact with another objects, it is able to burn away the particles of what it touches. This was adapted from Blue's original 'Raw Energy' type techniques before they were awakened to their full potential as part of the Sapphire Inferno. Utilizes the power of Light, Heat, Explosions and Fire.

Big Blue: Blue concentrates and condenses energy within her eyes and shoots a large beam of pure blue energy from them. The beam increases in power with stronger emotions felt within the atmosphere be it hers or the opponent's, for the beam feeds on emotions. The stronger the emotions of Blue (or someone else), the more powerful the beam.

Code Blue: Blue condenses small, yet intense amounts of blue energy within her hands/arms and legs/feet to grant her an explosive touch with whatever has been coated. In addition, the higher the condensation of the blue energy around her body parts, the more durable and sharp they become, giving them explosive slicing effects like blades. Plus, the blue energy powers Blue's arms/legs up allowing them to move much, much faster than before, give her increased strength and jumping height, reflexes, etc.

Bombardment: Blue condenses blue energy into her hands or in the atmosphere around her to create small spheres of said blue energy. She then launches the barrage of spheres nonstop at her target, causing small implosions on contact with what they touch, and sucks out a portions of the energy of what they have imploded, bringing it back to Blue. Alternatively, she may create explosions with the spheres that are reflective towards energy, but the explosions don't drain energy and cost more to use.

Blue Moon
'Blue Moon' is the 'Ice' component of the Sapphire Inferno and functions as the intensely concentrated frost that is so cold, it does not allow for 'Heat' to exist in its presence. When it comes into contact with another objects, it is able to freeze the particles of what it touches to the point where even light cannot move. This was adapted from Blue's original 'Raw Energy' type techniques before they were awakened to their full potential as part of the Sapphire Inferno, as well as some of Priere's techniques that she allowed Blue to have for herself. Utilizes the power of Darkness, Shadows, Reflection and Cold/Ice.

Blue Blur: Expels energy in propulsive blasts from herself that leaves blue afterimages that cause damage to the foe by exploding or causing explosions when touched. This ability increases her speed drastically while active, though it is a constant drain on her when it is active for long periods of time.

Agent Blue: Contaminates particles and molecules in the air with some of her super condensed blue energy spores, which are exceptionally tiny, giving anything infected a blue hue. Agent Blue not only drains the energy of whatever is within it, but also continuously contaminates all particles and molecules that come in contact with it, giving it the ability to spread and multiply indefinitely, so long as it comes in contact with something. Also, Agent Blue is extremely corrosive, and each and every particle has the potential to... explode at will in a massive way. <3

Blue Ray: Using potent control over darkness, Blue may fire beams of explosive blue energy from any shadow or dark space she wishes Blue wishes.

Blueprint: Using awesome demonic power, Blue scans the entire area and maps out any area with just a few moments of concentrated thought, the image being left within her head. This means that she can also decipher illusions with ease, scan the opponent, her surroundings, etc. and see everything for what it truly is.

Blue Seed
The Final Binding component of the Sapphire Inferno, which keeps the Balance of Fire and Ice at bay and these two completely contradictory techniques from destroying each other. Where, given their abilities, the 'Blue Star' would consume the 'Blue Moon' and vice versa due to each either consuming or nullifying the other when in use, the 'Blue Seed' serves as the binding force that holds them together, like Yin and Yang. The 'Blue Seed' controls Particles, thus allowing the control of Particles either being vaporized by the Blue Star or compacted and frozen in place by the Blue Moon, but still maintain their form. With precise particle control, the Blue Seed can alter the effects of temperature and composition at will, allowing for the Sapphire Inferno to exist as a flame that is capable of both burning and freezing either separately or at the same time. It consistently alters the molecular structure of the flame, allowing it to take on the plasmatic property of fire, yet maintain its shape and form like a solid. Therefore, it can basically alter the composition of anything it so chooses, even if it should be in a different state of matter. It may cycle through Solid, Liquid, Gas and Plasma at will and do so with any other Matter at will. By being able to manipulate the material structure of the energy itself, it allows the energy to take on different forms to the will of the user, which usually look like solid, blazing blue constructs. Uses the power of Matter, Energy and Yin and Yang.

Blue Whip: Condensed energy beam in the form of an explosive whip.

Blue Blade: Condensed energy beam in the form of an explosive sword. The sword has the ability to cut through most objects, for when it makes contact with something, it may make a big explosion or a series of miniature, concentrated explosions on the object it is cutting, making it seem as if it could cut through things like a light saber.

Blue Screen: Condensing a large amount of Blue energy in a single space, Blue creates a large blue wall of energy that will rush toward the opponent. It scrambles the molecules/atoms of what goes through it, breaking them down into nothingness as they pass through, however Blue cannot move while using the Blue Screen, and it only goes in a straight line. Every time something is scrambled and destroyed, it takes power away from Blue. The larger the screen, the more power it takes to maintain.

Living Shadow; Black Ice (Living Ice)
(Adopted from Priere's Weapon List. Details on it later. Living Shadow + Black Ice = Living Ice) Priere's Living Shadow, as is given to the Original Three Spirit Daughters of the Tensei Lore.

Living Ice
The Living Ice is a very powerful weapon created by the hands of Priere with the help of her family's grimoire. This creature is a monster of about 50 feet tall and 30 feet high, and even that is liable to change with Priere's power. The Living Ice is made out of special magic of Priere's and blessed with a life-giving, protective incantation that causes its ice never to melt and to become several times sturdier than before, making it very hard to break or even crack this ice. It is known to have many supportive and offensive magics that have to do with Water and Ice and is said to have the ability to hover. Its most potent ability allows it to flash-freeze a majority of the area. It is known to have 3 forms, however Priere only knows of 2 of them. In its first form, also called the Tank Mode, the Living Ice is at its most defensive. It is slow, but it can take countless hits and dish out magical attacks relentlessly, much like a tank. If it wishes to pick up its speed or evade, it begins to hover, however when hovering its magical prowess decreases. A picture is below.


Living Ice; Form 2
When given any form of command, the Living Ice in Tank Form is able to change into its second form, which is the Humanoid Form. The Humanoid Form possessed high mobility, speed and attacking power due to its sleekness and immensely high fighting capabilities, however it is not as durable or magically inclined as the other two forms. Its ice has become extremely sharp and pointy, blade-like, even. It has the power to penetrate even the toughest of armors and slice through the most durable of substances with speed to match said power. If it concentrates its power, it can release freezing waves of force from itself and also freeze things with its body. Its powers are also not limited when it hovers, for its speed increases when it hovers that are much faster than that of the sound barrier. Because of its weakness in using its magic while in this form, it rarely does use it, for most times it just hinders and doesn't help.



Shieldus - Creates a massive shield, barrier or protective energy around itself, allies or the entire area to defend itself from attacks and keep itself from harm. While this barrier is up, it cannot cast any offensive magics and only supportive ones, however.

Reflect - Generates a massive shield, barrier or protective energy around itself, allies or the entire area to reflect all non-physical attacks from itself and reflect them back at the caster with double the potency, speed and power. Is not restricted to reflecting back at caster, however. While this barrier is up, it cannot cast any offensive magics and only supportive ones.

Purify - Cleanses self and allies of harmful foreign hazards via the power of magic. Must wait after usage until it recharges.

All Aquarius - Releases a massive, destructive tsunami of water from itself to destroy all things in the area in a flood. It may also freeze this water at will.

Snowstorm - Generates a powerful blizzard from itself to hinder vision, cause freezing and also harm the foe with hail the size of minivans.

Freeze - Sucks out the heat in the area and converts it into energy for itself, causing those cause in its radius to freeze from lack of heat.

Black Frost - Its special ability that causes the entire area to become flash-frozen, leaving all those who are unwary frozen in their tracks immediately with Absolute Zero coldness. It takes a bit of time to charge up, however, and it must recharge after using this ability.

Blue Mind, Blue Moon, Blue Seed; Theme of Saphiere

Blue Violet ~ Peace be with you.

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