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My Own Way

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The thick steel doors quickly opened, giving way to a loud hydrologic hiss. It was the first sound, other than her own heart beat, that she’d heard in hours. Finally free to ventilate, a vast plume of steam followed her through the doors. Her bare and moist feet, squeaked against the smooth, black flooring of the Archer tower.

The mist, more a pinkish and thick fume, followed the lady out the doors of her chamber, swallowing her body in a thick cloud of her own Naten and perspiration.

“Ada. Locate Azazel, is he in the city’’

The mist coiled around her body and formed a skintight,linen, bodysuit.

Ada:Your brother left the village several hours ago. He and Kurai left to Sanctus Imperium. Are you going to eat before practice, young Hellgate?

She ruffled through her soft, curly hair. Altering the color and curl texture as she starred into a large body mirror, admiring her perfect physique.

‘No ada. I’ll get something later. What about my father? Where is he?’

-A crystal monitor affixed to the wall blinked before booting up, the screen showed the exterior of Ars Haven, a school built within the Astral City.’

Ada:Zeik’s overseen the opening of the academy, I believe he is selecting his Aces’s and Testing out the new recruits.

‘Without me?’

-She said bluntly. Her voice ringing with suspicion.-

Ada:You requested not to be disturbed, young Hellgate.

Nagase: You’re right. Sometimes, emotions move faster than reason. What is the curriculum for the academy, Ada.

-Nagase pulled herself away from the mirror and walked over to a switch in the wall, flicking the switch she opened the shutters to let in Vescrutia beautiful skyline. Four moons filled the sky and her room practically kissed them all at this altitude. The light of Xelphis was exquisitely polarized as it bounced off Vescrutia’s four orbital satellites, filling the sky with bright blues, pinks, and oranges rays.

Ada:Curriculum data classified.
Located files;Path of Hearts, Path of Blades and Path of Stars. Primary study...Soul inheritance.

The school is divided into three house, each with a primary responsibility to the city. The path of Hearts handles civil duties, while the path of Blades hadn’t foreign matters. Each student is expected to start their ‘Astral Awakening.’

Nagase: Oh. I overheard him discussing this with Meridia. He believes he can arm them with hope, so that they choose to fight rather than run.

-She retorted coldly while watching the large and colorful avian life fly past her windows. -

Nagase :It’s admirable, I’ll say that. It requires to much energy to repair what’s been broken, given the depth of humanity weakness. He should put his attention to himself, to his family. We’re the ones who’ll tip the tide during the coming war- He knows that.

Yet, his heart gets in the way. He wants to give them a fighting chance, it has nothing to do with them defeating the Riders...he knows that.

-Ada didn’t respond. The room grew quiet as Nagase continued to space out, her warm brown skin, now pressed against the cool glass.-

‘Compile the information about Astral Awakening from my fathers file’s, let see how far along he’s come .’

Ada: Right away.

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