Chapter Two:Welcome to Ars Arena (Slade vs Nazu)

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Re: Chapter Two:Welcome to Ars Arena (Slade vs Nazu)

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Having missed his initial strike Slade would step in to launch his second attack, but would withdraw the attack as it would come short of making contact. Crouching, Slade would prepare to lunge in for another attack but noticed that Nazu's energy diminished. As he observed he would notice the fluctuation in Nazu's energy output. "Interesting. he didn't have a follow up for my attack. He's not storing up power. I'd be able to see it welling up if he was. So whats his plan?" As he thought to himself he would then notice another wind strike being formed, but this one was different. As it touched down Slade knew the time he had to react was small as he saw the twister touchdown between them and begin to grow in power. After a couple lightning streaks danced across the skies he figured that a storm mixing with the twister would be bad news.

Hearing the words of Nazu Slade couldn't help but Laugh to himself. "Any that would take any aspect of nature lightly is a fool. Well spoken kid." He would then coat his body in his malleable energy creating a dragonesque silhouette of around his body that would seem to grow and gather pieces of earth and stone around it. At the same time attached strings of energy to the ground anchoring him in place. "One must respect all elements in order to wield them. Glad to see you have basic respect for nature"

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Re: Chapter Two:Welcome to Ars Arena (Slade vs Nazu)

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Nazuma's plan had worked. He created a tornado that anchored his opponent for the time being. He would release his form. The wings of fujin would vanish and his hair back to its normal silver tone. He would land gently on the floor. The twister pulled with tremendous power, each second that passed it grew. The storm outside dance in symphonic harmony it was as itlf the young Denkou was an umpire to a orchestra reaching its climactic stage. He would use his natural wind magic as a force so that he himself wouldnt be pulled in.

By releasing his Runy Kjng powers he was able to use his natural abilities of flight. His Naten at about 65% he knew he wasnt going to be able to use that form long. The draw back was that he couldn't use his wind magic so that last manifestation was all that he could do for now. But it also allowed him to tap in to his lightning mage abilities. The power of the lightning represents the blade of the wind. Nazuma believed so, he could feel a heavy weight upon his back. His body stiff and hard to move. The drawback was taking effect quicker than anticipated. Nazuma chagred his joints with lightning magic, loosening them, soon he could move more easily.

This took tremendous focus, he was relying on the magic to now move. Hopefully, slade didn't notice this tatic he was using. Nazuma still wondered what this man was planning. The last strikw was to close. He used a lot of power in such a short period he had to reserve what he had.
I'll Admit, you're a crafty opponent. Earth is a perfect defense against wind. But a storm is the earths fear..

Nazuma watches as the twister grew more in size. Its tunnel spiraled riping into the ceiling. It began to cause the roof to crack and pieces of debris fell onto the stage and all around the arena.


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