The Michio Tribe Character Template

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The Michio Tribe Character Template

Post by Ves » Mon Jun 17, 2019 2:19 pm

This Character Template allows you to be a Michio, and RP closely with the Michio Tribe

This character sheet is proprietary information under the ©Vescrutia2018 all reproduction, expansion and spin-off content of this concept is on a dialogical bases with the owners only. Any unauthorized reproduction of any kind is subject to legal action to the highest extent of the law.

Name: Michio ____

Age: *nothing older than 10,000 years*

Hair color: White

Eye color: Red

Height: *No taller than 5’0” or 1.5 meters*

Unique marks: Here some examples of the Michio Appearance.
Michio 1
Michio 2
Michio 3
Michio 4

You get the idea, All Michio have brown skin, white hair and red eyes. But because you’ve awoken from a 10K year coma your muscles have atrophied and you remember very little from back then.

Parents: Your birth mother and father are not known to you. Nor do they matter. They died in the disaster. However all Michio are family.

Species: Human

Central Pillar: The Khralaessara, your capital city that is now upon one of Vescrutia’s moons hidden from mortal kind.

Contrast Pillar: After waking from a deep coma you’re struggling to find your place in the world while finding your place in the goals of your clan’s elders

Active Pillar: Now? You’re undertaking rigorous training to get your body up to snuff as your muscles have atrophied and your limbs are like jelly.

Crossing Pillar: All you knew before the disaster is gone. You must spend your time making connections with powerful figures to place yourself in positions of power on the planet's surface.

Anthem: Carbon Infusion,

Element Natures: None

Skills/Abilties: None

Weapons: None

Bio: You’ve awoken from deep slumber, the last thing you remember as you wipe the crust from your eyes and your senses return to you is the screams of your dying family as a monstrous figure blows them to bits.


Your homeland, the Khralaessara. You see its sandstone streets, build into Vescrutias cracks and crevasses unfold beneath your very eyes as destruction ensues all around you. You’re being rushed off somewhere, somewhere unknown you’re being dragged by your family. Everyone is outrunning this disaster.

They’re not going to make it. We may have lost another one.

The Stasis technology is not yet perfected. There will be some variance.

VARIANCE? Is that how you account for the lives of our kin? Data?!

Eventually those rushing you away from this calamity shove you into a tight space. The last thing you remember is their faces as gas replaces the oxygen in your lugs and your family of Michio evaporate into crystal. You awake from your trance, your heart nearly leaping out of your chest staring into a few brown faces, with white hair and red eyes. Behind them all is one giant figure with his back turned, terribly angry. One woman looks you in the eye, she takes her index fingers and spreads your eye lids open examining you. She rubs her finger across your teeth and inspects your saliva.

“Vyrin, they’re alive.”


The woman examining you steps aside and the angry figure in the back ground rushes to your aid.She steps aside as the hulking brooding figure in the background rushes to your field of vison.

“Nansa move aisde. What is the last thing you remember Michio?”

You reply.

“The destruction of my people.”

“It’s been 10,000 years since then. Welcome back. We have work to do.”

You are one of the few Michio who survived the destruction of your clan by Michio Kham, the Great Destroyer. Your home is located upon the moon where your clan elders conspire to rule the planet as the were meant to thousands of years ago. As a Michio is your task to hide your identity, infiltrate the planet’s known organizations and become the strongest.

Techniques and Skills

Your Anthem is Carbon Infusion a terrifying anthem believed to have gone extinct that gives Michio the ability to govern the fibers of creation, Carbon Atoms. This anthem was so special, so crucial, our very culture exists to ensure this anthem gets passed down in its entirety by arranged births and reproduction rituals. As you’ve just woken up you dont recall much about your anthem or how it works, the Michio elders will instruct you. For now, all you can do is the following:

Kah Strengthen- Kah is the Michio word for skin. you can expand your muscle capacity to increase your strength, speed and stamina for a short time past its already heightened rate

Kah Condense- You can harden certain parts of your anatomy toward a crystal like consistency to make blows tougher or to resist damage from physical attacks and elemental attacks

Kah Endure- The Michio flesh gets stronger the more duress that it weathers. In battle you can cease all movement, center yourself in your breath and gather energy from incoming attacks to bolster the power of your next attack.

Michio Master Classes

When your ancestors have deemed your worthy it will be time to expand the teachings of your anthem into Michio Master classes

Cenmotori ( Tools of Warfare) as a Cenmotori you will receive instruction from the Breaker, the champion of the Michio. You will focus on your body and strength to master your physical capabilities.

This abilities include

The Nova Cosmic- ???

The Giga Trigger- Michio’s Kah, their skin, contains all of their experience and hardships. This skin can take the form of a living exoskeleton and can be summoned after the Michio has been through great hardships.

Seismic Energy- As you master the ways of earth, you will have the ability to project destructive forces that have been known to shift contents known as Seismic Energy. You can tap into VEscrutia’s core directly and take this energy into your body to greatly expand your capabilities

Reckless Abandon- The Michio Fighting style. One that relies heavily on the Michio durability to enduring and accepting incoming strikes to land heavy blows on the opponent.

The Critical Point Technique- A technique founded by the Michio Elder Gideon which scans the body for its most vulnerable points. When punctures that section of the body becomes useless.


Mancer (Michio scientists and spell casters) As a Mancer you are responsible mind and spirit of the Michio anthem. As a mancer you will undertake a journey of a spiritual sort and expand your anthem into areas beyond mortal preception.

These abilities include:

The Ahlm Tongue- The Michio Language, when spoken and written it’s known to change the world around it .

Biorhythrms- By using crystals to tap into the frequency of life, Michio can alter the cycle of life, either aging, controlling or growing new life.

Crystalmancy- Michio have used their anthem to create crystals that can attune to certain frequencies. This allows them to use crystals as conduits fo their written language to begin amazing feats.

Kinetic Energy Control- ???

Hijacking- ???

Telepathy- ???

The Nova Cosmic- ???

The Giga Trigger- Michio’s Kah, their skin, contains all of their experience and hardships. This skin can take the form of a living exoskeleton and can be summoned after the Michio has been through great hardships.

Passive Traits

You are a Michio, a purposefully bred race of Humans to protect Vescrutia. Your ancestors, have bee very careful trying to ensure that all future Michio get the best of their heritage. You are faster, stronger, more durable and have more stamina than the average Vescrutian. But having just woken up from a coma of man thousands of years it will take you much time to walk beside your elders as an equal.

Elemental Natures

Michio learned the ways of the earth from the Khadar a now extinct species of animals that populated the section of the world in which they dwelled. Knowledge of how to mix your anthem into the earth style is known by your elders, seek them and they will teach you. If you want to learn any other elemental natures you would have to do so on your own.

Everything posted by this account is official property of ©Vescrutia2018, no reproduction, or reposting of this content identical to or closely resembling is allowed.

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Re: The Michio Tribe Character Template

Post by Savaj Vanguard » Mon Jun 17, 2019 2:42 pm

Holy fuck

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Re: The Michio Tribe Character Template

Post by Zeik » Mon Jun 17, 2019 9:00 pm

It begins
Everything posted by this account is official property of ©Vescrutia2018, no reproduction, or reposting of this content identical to or closely resembling is allowed.

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