Hellgate Tribe Character Template

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Hellgate Tribe Character Template

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This Character Template gives permission and guidance on creating your own Hellgate , and RP within the Hellgate Tribe

Name: Always a first name, second name commonly Hellgate, but not required.

Age: 15-600yr This is typically the Age of Adolescence, you’ll start here and begin your Quest of Maturity.

Hair color: There are nine families in the Hellgate tribe, so the hair colors vary. (No limit)

Eye color: (No limit)

Height: nothing taller than 8ft

Unique marks: All Hellgate’s are born with a birthmark called their birth rune. This skill is present at birth, but typically doesn’t activate until late in their adolescence.

All Hellgate’s have brown skin, bushy, curly, textured hair they live in the same country as Astral City but very far away, the have long life expectancy, centuries of culture and a knack for knowing their way around challenges. The tribes home city is called Acrix Solara, a sand region in the Astral.

Parents:Your call. It’s kinda a huge community deal within the tribe. If your born from two different families within the tribe, Vesta mother+ Urizen father- you only get one of the families Anthem.

Species: Human

Central Pillar: Hellgate’s have a strong presence in the country Astral Chaos, known for their quality merchandise, astronomers, astute warriors and philosophers. They’re centuries old and have deep knowledge about naten and their connection to life. Their culture draws great emphasis to the sun and share a deep fear of the expanse-Outer space. Dna Evolution is a close and familiar conversation within the tribe and host unique rituals during the Astral Year to ensure the evolution of the tribe.

Contrast Pillar: Hellgate’s are given their room and board as a birthright, you don’t fight for food and you always have a place waiting for you back home. This allows their youth the time they need to develope and decide what they’re contribution to the world will be. Parents are typical very relaxed, allowing their children a wide spectrum of behaviors as birth right of expression and a natural process during the Quest of Maturity.

Active Pillar: By the time the youngling has reached ripeness within their adolescence, they are expected to take the Quest of Maturity-which is gauged by Intellect, emotional capacity and self identity.

Crossing Pillar: The Hellgate ideology revolves around a balance between individuality and connection. Encouraging its youth to understand the value of life and their connection to its prosperity or downfall. Hellgate’s are builders, healers, warriors, and thinkers -these archetype typically find themselves in service to their ideal community.

Hellgate’s are taught the universe is subjective from a young age. They share no Mythos within the family and don’t believe is an objective universe or polarity. They believe good and evil are actions, seen only in people- but, the universe operates under the order of Paradox and Chaos.

Anthem: See Guide The Nine

Elemental Nature’s: Hellgate’s are born with a Dominate and recessives element.(non spatial/ Non temporal)

Birth Rune: This is another unique skill, kinda like a “second,’ anthem. Birthrune rarely reappear, but it’s not impossible to inherit your parents birth rune.

Knowledge of the Occult:
A vast majority of Hellgate’s are caster, their study of the arcane grants them incredible elements magicks and a wide variety of psychic abilities.

Sixth Sense: Hellgate’s are deeply connected to all of nature, this includes the Astral realm. Granting them a passive sensory perception ability. This is commonly referred to as a sixth sense. Some experience this intrinsic knowing visually like the Vesta, but the floura experience this through touch and even smell.

Weapons: Martial Arts including weapon arts are taught to every child, each Hellgate selects a weapon before maturity that they are expected to master.

Bio: You begin your journey At home, in the thriving city of Acrix Solara, home of the Hellgate Tribe. You’re waiting for your scores to be announced and all your peers are bragging about their Maturity Scores. You’ve study your tomes, ,did well in weapon demonstration and can’t wait to receive your Mark of Maturity.
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