Nekki: A Drakyn of Regret

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Nekki: A Drakyn of Regret

Post by Nekki » Fri Apr 12, 2019 6:28 pm

Name: Nekki Ientaru
Species: Drakyn
Age: 21
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Crimson
Height: 5’5
Unique Marks: Scarlett dragon like scales around her arms and legs, however Nekki will normally keep them covered as not to draw to much attention to herself.

-Moonlynia her human mother.
-An Unknown Brass Dragon (Father)

Central Pillar:
-Nekki come from a small society where humans and dragons live in harmony as such many Drakyn (half human/dragon hybrids) are born from the marriage of these humans and dragon.

Contrast Pillar:
-Nekki first arrived to the area known as Vescrutia searching for her brother who had left their home to travel the world. However, upon arriving to the area an gathering some intel she learned of her brother’s death. This revelation has currently left Nekki in a depressed state.

Active Pillar:
-Nekki is currently on a mission of self discovery not only trying to learn how to move past her brother’s death but also find her own purpose in this world.

Crossing Pillar:
-Currently Nekki has no one in particular she is familiar with.

Element Natures: Fire


Skill Name: Drakyn Suppression
Skill Hierarchy: Lvl 3
Skill Description:
Due to being a Drakyn which is a dragon-human hybrid Nekki naturally has many dragon like traits/features which includes dragon scales, horns, wings, and a tail. However, to make sure not to stand out to much while traveling Nekki has learn to suppress these traits resulting in only her scales being visible on his arms and legs. This ability to suppress her natural Drakyn traits has been honed to the point where Nekki does it subconsciously and thus must actively revert to her true Drakyn form.

Skill Name: Scales of Searing Flames
Skill Hierarchy: Lvl 2
Skill Description:
This is a unique ability of Nekki which was born from the mixing of abilities from both of her parents. Nekki will release a small amount of the subconscious suppression she keeps on her Drakyn form causing her dragon scales to grow completely covering her arms. With these scales Nekki is able to absorb basic forms of fire and heat into the scales. However, this fire/heat is not converted into energy but is simply stored within the scales and thus once a certain amount of fire/heat is stored into the scale the energy must be released. This release can be done by either releasing it in the form of a fire based ability, a kinetic based attack specifically with her scales, or once Nekki goes over her scales capacity the energy will be forcibly released in the form of a powerful explosion that can damage Nekki as well. Also, outside of the unique fire/heat absorbing traits of these scales they are also generally as strong as steel making Nekki’s fist powerful melee weapons.


Skill Name: Fire Clones
Skill Hierarchy: Lvl 1
Skill Description:
Nekki will create clones of herself using fire compressed into physical form that are able to fully act and function on their own. Then when the clones are struck by an attack or Nekki forcibly actives it, the clones will then burst back into the flames that created them. While the fire release from the clone can cause burn based damage to an opponent Nekki will normally also attach explosive tags to the clone making the clones explode when destroyed.

Skill Name: Breath of Fire
Skill Hierarchy: Lvl 1
Skill Description:
Taking from her dragon decedents once gathering enough energy in her chest Nekki will release a powerful stream of fire from her mouth. This attack is very simple but with Nekki’s ability to manipulate fire Nekki is able to alter the stream of fire in different ways to make the attack more effective depending on the situation.

Skill Name: Dome of Flame
Skill Hierarchy: Lvl 1
Skill Description:
Nekki will place her hands on a solid surface and will cause a wave of fire to appear either in front or around her created a defensive barrier of flames to block incoming attacks. Not only are the flames dense enough to block physical attacks but because of the basic nature of the fire it has the potential to burn things that come in contact with the flames.

Skill Name: Flame Whip
Skill Hierarchy: Lvl 1
Skill Description:
Using her ability to manipulate fire Nekki will create a long whip of fire to be used as a medium range attack burning anyone hit by the whip. Nekki can also use the whips she creates as a method to restrain her enemies immobilizing them and constantly burning them.

Skill Name: Dragon’s Mantle of Flame
Skill Hierarchy: Lvl 1
Skill Description:
After summoning a decent amount of fire Nekki will then embed this fire on her weapons giving them fire like quality. Nekki is also able to embed these flames into her actual clothing slightly increasing her defenses but also in turn making her clothing/body a weapon which Nekki can manipulate with just a thought.

Skill Name: Flame Sealing Method
Skill Hierarchy: Lvl 2
Skill Description:
A sealing method developed by Nekki to reduce damaging the natural environment due to her fighting style resolving around releasing huge streams of fire. Nekki will pull out a scroll and after a few hand signs chakra-like vapor appears from the scroll, enveloping the flames. The flames will then being to be pulled into the scroll completely sealing it into the scroll and removing it form the area. Flames with unique qualities will either take longer to seal or will not be sealed at all simply burning the scroll to a crisp. Nekki is fully capable of unsealing these scrolls thus releasing the flames back into the world.


Twin Blade:
Nekki’s primary weapon are a pair of twin blades that she wields with great proficiency. Nekki will normally coat these swords in fire using her Dragon’s Mantle of Flame ability increasing their general power and also giving them fire like properties.


Deep within a distant mountain region their lives a small community of humans and dragons who live in complete harmony. Due to such a harmonic lifestyle between the two races it was very common for the marriage between humans and dragon which would result in the birth of many half-human half dragon offspring known as Drakyn. As male dragons would rarely wait around for the child to be born it was normally common for a household to consist of a single parent (male/female) and the offspring of the two. However, within the community there where rare situations where the dragon would actually stay with their lover and help raise their child. This was the case with Nekki’s mother a young woman named Moonlynia and her dragon lover/husband who classification wise was a Brass Dragon. The two worked together to raise their child, teaching it in the ways of both humans and dragons making sure their child would make best of the abilities. However, this is not the story of Nekki’s raising but instead that of her older brother Blaze Ientaru who quickly mastered many of the teachings taught to him.

As time continued to pass soon enough as is normal in this society the Brass Dragon would soon prepare to take its leave from the community. This was not due to any type of argument or falling out between Moonlynia and the Brass Dragon but due to the natural longevity of dragons once enough time had passed the dragon would normally leave for a new home not wishing to simply stay and watch as one if not its only human love wither away and pass right before their eyes. However, unknown to both the Brass Dragon and Moonlynia during their last night together due to the passion and love they held for each other in a act of pure passion the two would lie together one last time. The next morning the Brass Dragon would take one more moment to express its love for both if lover Moonlynia and his son Blaze before taking his leave to parts unknown leaving his family with a heavy heart but knowing the two would live well. However, unknown to both the Brass Dragon and Moonlynia at the time their last moment of passion had resulted in Moonlynia becoming pregnant with another Drakyn child, and it was here Nekki’s story began.

While she had never met her father from the stories she was told by her, mother and brother Nekki was sure not only was he a good father and husband. These stories also reassured Nekki that if her father had been away of her being conceived he more then likely would have stayed to help raise her along side her mother. However, despite these feelings of reassurance there was always a side of Nekki that longed to at least meet her father once, wanting to see if he was actually like the stories told to her, wanting to feel the warmth of a fathers love that only a father could give. Although, while not having a father Nekki was lucky to have a very loving mother and brother who together would over see Nekki’s training in the abilities of her people. Blaze in particular was very patient and caring toward his younger sister alway making sure she had a smile on her face. The bond between these siblings was as strong as a bond could be, however due to this Blaze could easily see through many of Nekki’s fakes smiles and could feel her longing for meeting her father. It was because of this when Blaze was around 20 he had finally made up his mind and with his mothers blessing Blaze had decided to leave home in search for his father. While not wanting her brother to leave on what could be an endless journey because of her desire to see her father Nekki did not openly voice her objection for her brother to leave giving him one last hug before he set out on his journey.

As time passed Nekki would continue to train and go about her normal life while constantly waiting for her bother to return hopefully with her father side by side with him. However, as time continued to pass soon Nekki would begin to simply hope to one day see her brother return home. While it was true Nekki wanted to meet her father her care for her brother who had been their for her since the beginning was quickly outgrowing her attachment to her father. Then one night while asleep Nekki would have a horrible dream, she could see her brother standing face to face with a strange creature a man with large black wings and a ghastly expression on its face. Unable to interact with either of the two before her Nekki could only watch as the two began to fight clashing swords and abilities one after another, fire and darkness staining the ground around them as the continued to clash. Soon enough however to Nekki’s horror after a long exchange of attacks the winged man would disarm her brother and with on quick thrust stab its sword through Blaze’s chest. As her brother’s body would quickly go limp after the stab with a terrified scream Nekki would awaken from her nightmare tears filling her eyes. While appearing to be just a nightmare Nekki could not shake a horrible gut wrenching feeling in he stomach, Nekki knew deep in her heart something had happened or was happening to her brother. It was only a few days later Nekki would pack up a few of her things and prepare to head out to search for her brother. Before being able to leave the house Nekki would find herself face to face with her mother standing at the entrance to their house. However, Moonlynia was not here to stop Nekki because just like her daughter Moonlynia had also recently had a horrible feeling about her son. Instead just as her husband/lover had done before he had left with one large hug Moonlynia pour as much love and affection into her daughter as possible to prepare her for the journey she was going to take. After this embrace from her mother Nekki would quickly leave hoping to find her brother as quickly as possible.

Nekki would find the world outside her small community while beautiful in its own right was also harsh and unforgiving to the unprepared. It was during these travels around the world Nekki would learn many things including the ability to suppress many of her Drakyn like traits suck as her horns, wings, and tail so she would not stand out at much. It would be about half of year of her traveling till finally Nekki would get a lead on her brother location. Apparently a young man with similar featured of her brother, who also apparently was a natural in fire based abilities was residing in a area of the world known as Vescrutia. While having found many leads like this in the past this was the first one to give Nekki a definitive location so it was a small flicker of light in her search so without hesitation Nekki would head toward the multi-village alliance region known as Vescrutia. However, upon arriving to Vescrutia and asking around about her brothers location this flicker of light would suddenly become a abyss of darkness. According to all the intel she gathered a drifter known as Blaze had come into contact with a member of the Astral Chaos Kingdom who at the time was possessed by a powerful demonic entity. While fighting proudly and even helping in subduing bother the Chaos member to the demonic entity Blaze had perished during the encounter.

Nekki’s world was shattered because of her childish longing to meet her father she had caused the most important person her life to die. Nekki was now completely lost as of what to do, she hadn’t the heart to return to her home just to tell her mother her son was dead. Nor did Nekki even have the desire to search for her father as now it would only remind her that it was this reach that resulted in her brothers death. For now Nekki found herself simply remaining in Vescrutia hoping to find something worth continuing on for.

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Re: Nekki: A Drakyn of Regret

Post by Zeik » Sat Apr 13, 2019 5:56 am

All your skills have checked out.

All humanoids with Animal like features/functionality are considered Elves within the vescrutian universe. So in this case, your species of elves are the Drakyn.

This is just for information and your story/ lore purposes. There will be a document explaining this further on the site in a few days, thank you for your patience.
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