The Astral Denkou

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The Astral Denkou

Post by Nazu Denki » Sat Apr 20, 2019 4:35 am

The XX Kingdom II: Astral Denkou

Before today's current Kingdoms were created, The Denkou were great nomads of Vescrutia. Their Chief Ains Valkyn Riore had been blessed by the Raijin and the Kingdom of Denkou had begun to flourish. For the first 200 years the Kingdom of Denkou had a key part in bringing the world into an industrial age. They provided the world with Denki Metal, and New practices of naten control. The Kingdom of Denkou makes it revenue from this.

The Nomads now a civil society wanted to expand and grow. The Great Architect Azu Salvatore of House Gamallow,Diplomat Azurin Xavier of House Ri'ore and Scientists Ly Silvia of House Flonne , searched for other elements to increase the potency of their Denki metal. The battle for the lands of Vescrutia had begun. War plagued Vescrutia. Many Kingdoms fell. As the Denkou were set in. They would constantly be attacked by rebel forces and others who wanted the Kingdom and the Metal for themselves.

The Astral Kingdom had been around for sometime, the Denkou saw no reason to battle. For the forces that rebuttal were the same enemy as the great Kingdom.

This Urged the Denkou to persevere their livelihoods.Through a Treaty of the Lands for peace. The Denkou fought alongside the forces of good. The Astral was becoming full and economic growth was at a standstill.The Denkou saw this as a opportunity to expand their reach.They called upon Diplomat Azurin, a good friend of the Astrals king at the time, to asked if they could build a Kingdom in the mountains of the Alps of Chaos. He shared with the King, that Ly Silvia had created arcane metallurgical technology that could generate Azure using Denki metal.

He offered help in the advances of the Astral growth. Becoming apart of the Kingdom as a whole. The Denkou only wanted to aid in prosperity of the Astral joining them as one nation as they did with their sister land. The King agreed for as long as the Astral is protected by the Denkou and they abide by the laws of the Kingdom. The Denkou agreed and many left the Emerald Ascension.

Thus the Second Kingdom had begun. Azu Salvatore Gamallow created a blueprint that allowed the Kingdom to be built off the metallurgy of the Denki metal. Through mining discovery the denkou found material the same as Denki metal infused in the Alps stone cavities, allowing them to make more denki metal for the kingdoms economic growth.

Together the Urizen Hellgates and Gamallow Denkou began to mine Azure, and Denlements, the elements used to create Denki metal,They help create and build the Azure Oasis which sits in front of the Kingdom as a passageway through the mountain itself and starting point for the home of the Denkou.

The Azure Oasis powers the both lands of the Astral Chaos embedded in the walls of the of the Alps the Kingdom of Denkou is surrounded by large mountains and the Azure Ranges provide passage through the Kingdom.

The Denkou here use flying technology to navigate through the skies of the mountain. Much of the tech is made to endure the harsh environment of the alps.

50 years passed before the coming of the Ruby Queen.

There is no House of Ri'ore Lineage in the Astral Kingdom.

Both lands are governed By the House of Ri'ore of The Main Kingdom in the Emerald Ascension.

The Astral Denkou Kingdom would serve as protectors for the heirs to the thrones of both villages and of their own Lineage.

Training some of the most prominent warriors, Scientists and diplomats.

In the Astral Kingdom of Denkou, Originally a council appoints their Leader. However, The house of Flonne heads the Astral Kingdom and rules alongside the House of Ri'ore. Having Majority come from the Flonne house.

Many of the House Flonne relocated there and are of mixed Lineage. When the nomads left the Emerald Ascension, in the Alps of Chaos they mated with other Practitioners of Lightning Magic creating a Bloodline that could mate with the Denkou of the Main Kingdom without genetic damage.

Astral House Flonne:

The Bloodline of Queen Zaryeia Juhnei Flonne, The Queen to the Emerald King and the blesser of original Raijin Valkyrie. Though Wind Magic is a lost practice these Valkyrie are blessed with the power of the Raijin. Using technologies created to harness and control the power of Lightning to fly in the skies. They appoint a Queen/King to Marry the Emerald King/Queen unless they have chosen a bride. They still having rule of the Kingdom's economy in the Alps of Chaos.

All other houses serve the same purpose as it does in the main Kingdom with the Urso being the protectors of the Denkou throne they hold most of the military bulk and is made of Denkou Valkyrie and Nobles of the Kingdom.

The Flonne are high class and These members however don't engage in battle they simply serve as a council of diplomats.

Flonne(executive)- The Royal family bloodline who rules all of the growth of the kingdom.

Gamallow (legislative)- Represents the Astral Kingdom and its economics handle what laws are final.

Urso (Judicial)- law enforcement

The Ruby Queen- In the deepest lore of the Denkou bloodline there was a woman who bore the child of The Denkou King.The First Emerald King, she held no special magic outside her own. A few Years before giving birth to the Second Denkou King . She was one of the Valkyries of the King,however, he fell in love with her the first day he met her. Her Name was Zaryeia Juhnei Flonne. She was raised in the Land of Astral and had come to train in the main Kingdom. Her Family was to protect the Heirs of the Astral Kingdom. As a treaty with the Astral Kingdom The Denkou had sent a group of valkyrie to aid in the protection of the Hellgate bloodline,members of the respective house of Flonne(1st house of valkries). She showed promise amongst the group giving her the position of Raijin Valkyrie General. Handling more roundtables than battles. Her life had become more than fighting.She had matured logically and was also in love with the Emerald King Ains Vulkyn Ri'ores. She soon would marry the King and become the his wife and Queen of the Denkou Kingdoms.

Soon she was pregnant with a child. The Emerald Kings death left the Denkou powerless for their son had not inherited the powers of the Emerald King.

Each day she was belittled as Queen.Ruling two lands became difficult when one land wanted to over throw the other. Each night she prayed to the Raijin for the people to only respect her and the treaty of the kingdoms.

The kingdom was on the brink of war when The second god of the sky answered the Queens prayers.

She was blessed with power of the Fujin. She had control of the winds and storms. From her back manifested a pair of wings as white as a doves as long as her body. Her platinum blonde hair became fiery red. Her eyes a pure silver like the moons surface. Her voice as gentle as a summer breeze could summon mighty tornadoes that would destroy all in its path.

Her power could be shared through the same means those who pledged to her where blessed with breathe of the Fujin. Creating the Urso branch of Denkou. Many of those who had no power pledged to the Ruby Queen. Helping her create the first house of pure valkyrie and wind mages of the Denkou kingdom.

The power was said to have been lost after her death. The Denkou never able to summon the power of the Fujin again and thus the practices were hidden and written out of the Kingdom history books for almost two millennia.

Nazuma Denkou is currently the only Denkou to be able to use Wind magic since birth he has been able to. Since coming to the Astral Kingdom he has been studying the memoirs of old and has learned much about his prowess.

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