Kai: A Glorious Fall From Grace

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Kai: A Glorious Fall From Grace

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Name: Kai Ishidate (Though he's dropped the family name.)

Age: 29 (by choice?)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown with a silver outer ring.

Height: Around 5'11

Unique marks: A scar down his left cheek, white tattoos on his right arm that appear to be covered with black ones.

Family: Azamina (Mother), Goiren (Father), Ishala (Sister), Rozaku (Brother)

Species: Fallen Angel

Central Pillar:
Riviera, The Land of Light
Riviera was once a bright, peaceful city that floated above the clouds, cloaked by magic that further hid it from unwanted discovery.  It was referred to as the Land Of Light, as it was inhabited by an angelic race. From these beings, three great warriors rose to power with the goal of creating the strongest families to protect their lands: the Gravehearts, the Siviars, and the Isidates. They were tasked with one mission: spread light through every corner of the world. For centuries, the three major families upheld their duties...

Then, Kai was born into the Ishidate family. Showing great potential for magic at a young age, much like his mother, Kai was sent to learn under the masters of the three families. Within a few years, Kai had learned all the major heads could teach him.

It was then that he took his studying into his own hands and learned of things the light couldn't stop, that they even had a hand in summoning in the past. With the newfound knowledge, Kai tried to spread the word that tipping the scales of balance towards light could do more harm than good. He spoke of balance, of letting things run their own course. This type of speech angered the three masters and most of Riviera.

Branded a traitor and a threat to Riviera, Kai fled the land of angels and renounced the Ishidate name, choosing to plummet to the planet below and live life amongst its residents.

Contrast Pillar: Kai has been on the run from the angels of Riviera due to the secrets he possesses. Outside of general fighting for survival against his former brethren, he's searching for any and all knowledge to save Riviera from the encroaching doom they invited.

Active Pillar: Kai currently takes residence in the Astral Kingdom, helping anyone he's capable of why searching for the knowledge the other kingdoms possess in hopes of learning more about the enigmatic darkness.

Crossing Pillar: (W.I.P.)

Riviera's Gaze: Gifted with special eyes, Kai has superior tracking skills, able to identify hints of energy left behind for weeks, to the point he can analyze what sort of techniques were used. In addition, these eyes can replicate most light based energy, allowing Kai to duplicate certain spells and techniques with his own.

Element Natures:
Light and Dark: The most natural of Kai's elemental natures, Kai was born able to use light and didn't pick up darkness until his descent from Riviera.

Water: The second element that Kai picked up upon his landing on Vescrutia. It serves as his reminder to adapt and protect.

Level 0

Level 1
Rook's Adagio: Requiring a seal for "Peace", Aidan can use a combination of light and water energy to amplify his natural healing factor, allowing him to heal moderate wounds.

Level 2
Elemental Bending: Over the years of his training, Kai has learned to bend the elements in his possession freely. Through this, he has developed a fighting style using the elements, with slight variations in each one.

Pawn's Elegy: Bending the light in the environment, Kai creates a dome of explosive lights around a target. They detonate upon contact or at his will.

Knight's Forte: Chanelling the desired energy through the blade, Kai releases it in an explosive wave as he unsheathes the blade. Releasing a second wave behind it doubles the power.

Crescendo: Known as a legacy, it is a sword born under the same star as Kai. It takes the form of a black katana with silver adornments. Kai can use this blade to amplify the power of his light techniques.

Kai was born from a star within the Ishidate family. Within the three warrior families, the Ishidate were known as the bridge between the the nomadic tribe of the Gravehearts and the monk-like Siviars. Kai was the oldest of three children born to a warrior couple. The most curious of the siblings, he longed to see the world past Riviera. He dove into research, learning all he could of the outside world. In his studies, he learned of an entity that was seemed to whispers amongst Rivierans.

Kai brought this "footnote" to Riviera lore to his parents, with Azamina being the one to convince him to bring it to the council against Goiren's wishes. Perhaps he already knew the outcome of possessing such knowledge, as when Kai was deemed a traitor, he seemed the least surprised. After saying his goodbyes to his family, Kai left, attempting to flee to the edge of the lands. The council, however, wouldn't make it easy. Each of the warrior clans sent their elite squads, giving Kai quite the hassle as he attempted his escape. After an intense battle with a masked assassin group known as the Children of Miyama, Kai barely managed to escape with his life.

As he stumbled across the edge he had been searching for, he jumped, descending to the Vescrutia. With two things in mind (the survival of Riviera and revenge for the council's acts, Kai began his journey to gain all the knowledge he could, hoping something would give him a reason to return home.

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