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World Eater

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Name:Nagase Kura Hellgate
Age:100 years old
Hair color:Charcoal black
Eye color:dark brown
Unique marks:Birth Rune on her shoulder
Parents:Zeik Hellgate and Kurai kura.

Species:Mother is Kura-Fairy, father is Makaian-Hellgate

Central Pillar:I was born in The Astral City at my families palace, like my brother Azazel, I’m privileged with a living father, a stern and watchful leaders, overseeing my studies closely and two unrivaled mothers of unwavering poise and power. They hide nothing about the ways of life from me , preparing me for the inevitable war with our enemies and instilling the importance of pride and dignity in these morally ambiguous times.

Contrast Pillar: The ever looming pressure of the enemy keeps my father busy as of late and the citizens of the city grow uneasy and restless. I fear a day will come where I must seize control of the unwilling, to tip the scales of war in our favor.

Active Pillar:I spend my time in the sensory dampened wing, studying the language of the horsemen and perfecting the fundamentals of my anthem, while trying to control my potent emotions and urges for chaos. Tempest, a close friend of the family and a creature of divine illustration and illusion, advises me against my temper. She, like my father , wishes for me to contain myself;but, I know the world needs my fury.

My father's heritage, his bloodline with the Hellgate tribe, primarily the Vesta family, keeps my blood stirred. Crazed for challenging circumstances or pushing my limits and the rush of endorphins from life threatening adventures has defined me. Though I hide it from my father, I’ve been participating in the city’s underground naten fights, under the Alias, World Eater.

Crossing Pillar:Only close family. I don’t socialize with the peers in the village and don’t crave their acceptance like my brother. I spend my time within the sensory damper in the Archer command trying to tame my lust for thrills and combat.

Bio:She takes after The Vesta family, the hot headed pyrokinetic warriors of the Hellgate Tribe. A natural fighter and born rebel. She moves to her own tune and forges her own path. She has a deep admiration for her mother’s, their grace in combat and word has always inspired her to be much like the storm she envisions them to be.

Though reckless, arrogant and often cruel. Nagase is always the last one to leave a friend behind, if she managed to keep any of them. The impending war of the horsemen keeps her family busy, often venturing to endangered towns to fend off ferrymen, raiders and other lurkers of evil. She wants a swift and decisive end to the war so she can return to happier days with her family- by any means.

Techniques and Skills

Anthem:Myou Myaku (Dark Pulse) is the essence of the Verabellasum. Using the Myaku members of the Kura give seed to the void,The pulse allows them to reanimate the deceased, alter the structure of willing lifeforms, and create structures from the shadows of their imagination.

Psionic adoptive Muscle memory: Quickly masters body language patterns and martial arts, capable of mimicking anyone she’s seen or felt in most cases.

-Direct communication from one mind to another. Depending on the person psychic awareness and mental fortitude. Can use this to communicate with animals.

-capable of creating, shaping, wielding and bending flames made from her mind, naten and flames made by natural occurrences.

-Capable of using her own mental prowess to effect, bend, mold, and move other physical objects. Varying results depending on psychic awareness and naten potency.

a state of oneness with herself and the universe, connecting her with the dimensions she’s currently anchoring(6). During this state her psychic abilities are greatly enhanced.

Psionic Imagination:
Infusing the Myou Myaku naten with a special soil, hair and bone. Nagase can animate creatures from her imagination, including those she has met along her journey, if she has their matter(hair, bone, skin,etc) She can also use this to animate corpses at a much higher efficiency than some traditional methods.

Beyond the Veil
Nagase bombards the victim with tormenting voices of doubt’s and ruin, specifically geared around their trauma or unresolved fears. If the effects are allowed to worsen, the trauma can manifest themselves.

Sensory manipulation:
She uses her telepathy to confuse her opponents. Talking to them, sending them messages that stimulate or dissociate certain senses.

A scooter with detachable handle. The handle doubles a short staff and the scooter doubles as a skateboard.

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