Ask An Expert : The Ultimate Weapon Pt 1

Citizens are given room and board in exchange for daily services. Citizens can choose to harvest Azurite or take on more challenging missions to support their kingdom
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Ask An Expert : The Ultimate Weapon Pt 1

Post by Ves » Fri May 10, 2019 1:35 pm

((This is the introduction thread for This Saga If you're interested in joining up please read this first. Thank you.))

It was another rainy day in the Astral Chaos, a tropical region by all accounts who’s climate could go from sunny with a crisp breeze to humid and wet in the course of the same week. But this climate was prefect fo the buildings who drank in the liquid nourishment from above and used it to bolster the union between nature and construct building a fortified city of natural and supernatural means. All of the beauty was wasted on Kieera Mitre, who walked through the winding cobbled streets of Kurakin a section of the Astral Chaos polluted with residential buildings that eclipsed the sky above her and suffocated the streets to a few persons wide. Kurakin was another consonant cluster of a name in the bucket of Astral words, but this place was supposed to be home to where the Astral warriors stayed. Or those who were apprentices of the Astral arts. People brushed beside and around Keisha making her look like she was a rebellious minnow swimming upstream. The rain steadily swam down her back and to the floor but she was all too focused on the keratin district signs. There were so many of them, they didn’t have any unique names, just numbers etched into wooden signs hanging from lamp, lit doorways. They went from 1-A through 1-Z, to 2-A to 2-Z and so on and so forth. The man who she was looking for, Grave Yamino apparently stayed in 4-F. Which was an incredibly long walk through the serpentine hallways.

Despite the shitty weather it felt good to get out of the Diamond Dust for a while. And Despite many of her tribe’s feelings against helping The Destroyer, Kieera leapt at the chance. Kevin did it, Her mother would do it. And she always told them to lead by example. The Michio and the Mitre were friends, and the only thing that could cut something so strong was a Mitre.

“4-A…. 4-B…. 4-C….”

The rows of houses seemed to go on forever. Kieera looked up at the houses that seemed to enclose the territory reducing the tiny lane in which she walked a mere crease in the palm of the astral chaos. Some people’s windows had flickering lights inside of them, others had clotheslines stringing garments back and forth. It could make any person feel dizzy at the breadth of it all. She realized she was fucking shit tired of walking, and word around Kurakin was Grave was one of those wanderer types. He might not even be here. She needed a smoke. She banked her head left and right, minnows crowded her field of vision until she saw the wooden sign beneath 4-F. Simultaneously, Kieera reached into the pocket of her sleek black cloak and felt the cool metallic casing of her vice as she weaved through the crowds of Astral Citizens practically fighting her way toward a few seconds of peace. Rain matted her thick black wiry hair into a sponge of curls and kinks. Her cloak and the suit underneath were waterproof, a jet black rubber material, that looked like the folds of muscle fibers- courtesy of atlantean and COER technology. Kieera loved the look, again against the Mitre wishes of accepting outside gifts.

“Mother Fucker.”

She exhaustively swore as she finally reached the steps leading up to 4-F. The stone steps were dry beneath cloth covered awning. Kierra had a seat among them and pulled her pipe out of her pocket. In the corner of her eyes she could see groups of people relaxing along the porch area, sitting along 8-9 persons wide just chatting it up in groups about the latest happenings in the Astral Chaos, nothing too interesting, the people here were far too nice.

“Grave Yaminio lives here?”

She asked vocally toward no one in particular as she reached Into her other cloack pocket and pulled out a lighter. After a few sparks she put flame to the herbs in her pipe and let the fumes relax her to a calm. One of the groups of people overheard her and replied, not even caring if she was an assassin, a terrorist or whatever… Idiots. I guess cloaked figures were the norm around here. Then again the robes were designed so she wouldn’t stick out.

“Sometimes he stays. He’s been back here recently.”

“Yeah he just stepped out.”

So he’ll be back. Kierra decided to take a toke, and wait for him right on these steps.

“Appreciate it.”

She said and everyone went back to minding their own business. People on porch came and went about their day, paying no mind to the cloaked figure seated upon the steps. As the flames chemically reacted with the chemicals packed into her pipe, Kierra inhaled and exhaled the last remains of stuff from her homeland across the ocean. Her mind slipped back to the day she got the buzz from Atra to help him out with the very errand she was on. Kierra was never too close to the shadow guy but he fought like hell in The Abyss, that was respect enough. But Kham was just as much of her dad as he was TJ or Kaylas. Though she never saw him as much of a father figure as Kevin, Kham was more of an uncle. Since he and Kisha were like brother and sister ever since the first day they met. The crystal communicator. An ordinary crystal she kept in one of the pockets of her cloak, next to her pipe and her lighter was almost forgotten until she felt it vibrate close to her breast. She snickered to herself, probably looking insane to the bystanders but she remembered how she forgot the damn thing was there! She fumbled over her cloak and pulled it out only to realize it was Atra giving her a buzz and not the big guy. He could hear her disappointment in her tone which got even worse when all he needed her to was ask Grave a few questions about alchemy. Still, it’d been 10 years since the Mitre and The Michio split apart maybe she could heal old wounds and make up for lost time when this thing was over.

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