Silent Persona

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Silent Persona

Post by Mikamaru » Tue Jun 04, 2019 2:01 am


Name:Mikamaru Zidoc
Hair color:Black with Red highlights
Eye color:Brown
Unique marks:None
Parents:Zahra Borengin (Mother), Asford Zidoc(Father)
Central Pillar:Neovia
Contrast Pillar:This is graduation year for Mikamaru, He has to figure out what's his next step as he now enters a world of pain. He's a new comer and wants to protect his home and his family like the heroes of today.
Active Pillar:Mika works for the student cafe. He hasn't met anyone in particular. He now leaves his job to fight in the war against the ravengers. He knows his skills can be used. He wants to let people know the Zidoc are just as powerful.
Crossing Pillar:No one yet

Anthem:Data Break.

DATA BREAK: Mika becomes a digital verson of himself. A living AI to say the least. He can take control of any weapon and computer he touches while in this form. He can make things such as weapons, foreign objects and animals a cyborg in which he controls.

Element Natures: Natural Naten, Combustion release(fire/wind), Gas Manipulation

Skills/Abilties: Technomancer, Naten disruption,Nanites

Technomancer: The ability to use magic to manipulate technology.

Naten Disruption: A fighting style that Mika uses to attack the pressure pointa in the human body for naten consumption, blocking them from using naten in that body part. Often causing opponents to go numb.

Nanites: small tiny robots Mika uses in Data Break.

Combustion Release: Mika can create small mine like points in the atmosphere and make them implode.

Gas Manipulation: Mika can change the chemical of air into a explosive gas or poisonous one. He can purify toxic gas.

Weapons:Mika Can create weapons using technomagic. He can hack into any computer system using his technomancer magic.

Data Arm: A gauntlet that mika uses to create and hold various parts of materials to create weapons and other useful technologies.

Nanite Locket: A pocket watch Mika carries around that stores his nanites.


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Re: Silent Persona

Post by Zeik » Tue Jun 11, 2019 4:14 am

Please refer to the Skills rubric to finish your skills and give a little bit more detail on how the work, please and thank you.
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