Return of The Banished King

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Return of The Banished King

Post by Nazu Denki » Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:51 am

The sun rose as the clouds of the mountain began to spread. A Gaint airship emerged from the sea of clouds. The signals would sound as the Convoy landed.

His gaze set upon the land before him. His former home. The main land of his people and the rule of his brother. He wasn't to be touched nor captured by any of the main kingdom soulders or nobles. He was to simply go about as a visitor until his trial is over. Nazuma knew he wasn't going to sense the one engery he hoped so long to feel again. Yet he was gone...

The soul reason why Nazuma didn't give in to the loneliness of the second kingdom. The power held so close to his own heart had vanished. His brother was gone and he had to go to this trial alone.

The Prince didnt have a warm welcom; there were no crowds to cheer. His gaze set upon the royal guard. Each wearing the dragon symbol of King Sheng. They all looked at him as if he were some kind of lowly vermin. His face swelled with disgust as the vessal in was in docked.

Protect the Prince. No one is to come Near him.. He mustn't be..

Nazuma would raise his hand to silence Daitsuya. He would have a liggt smirk on his face. His voice calm, and reassuring to his company.

I.. don't want any of you to come with me. Only Daitsuya.. The Mages here far exceed any of your power. You will be murdered the second you step out this ballonship.. The Mages here can use power similar to Nien.. It's magic used to manifest the will of King Sheng. Absolute Obedience.. And since you arent trained in using such Naten, you are easy prey to Shengs Aura.The Princess and I have been trained so she is safe. As long as I have the princess by my side, I shall return to you all.I may not be fit to lead you today, but I must face this day alone. For this isn't your fight yet.. I promise you will see the mainland again my kin...

He said as he walked to the front of the convoy and opened the doors. A ramp would let out and he would begin walking down once he was finished and his promise was made. The men and women would stand down and allow the pair to exit.

The Men below would have a look of puzzlement on their faces as he made his exit and return to his home. Slowly the two walked down the pathway to the group of knights. His presence brought an ominous glow that appeared behind the two of them. His words echoed across the skies and into the ears of the men before him. His tone vibrant and ot filled the air with hope. Nazuma had tapped into his Nein charkas, his power far exceeded the knights of his brother now. His heart filled with rage as he came to meet his escort.

I shall not be needing an escort. Tell your King.. I have arrived. I want to see my brother face to F..

A rush of wind would silence him. An intimidating Aura out powered Nazuma's. The men before him would smirk and step back. Nazuma was met by one of his cousins Shengs sworn protector and the Brother of Ida.
Idarei Issanin Urso....

The Fourth and the youngest brother of the group. His soon to be judges. He wasnt the strongest of the bunch and hiswas twice that of Nazuma's when he was young. But now both of them have grown. Nazuma would smile at the sight of Idarei. He said nothing but his name as the two of them went into a staredown. For two minutes they said nothing. They only gauged each others powers. Nazuma held back most of his power seeing that Idarei was doing the same. Their power almost the same yet Nazuma was still in his base form. He could only imagine how strong Idarei had really gotten.

Okay you two can put your dicks away now. You are scaring the escort.

The men behind them were frozen in fear. They could speak only the whimpers of disbelief and fear of the power trip the two before them were having.

The tension between them couldn't be cut with a spirit weapon. The men trembled, Daitsuya remained calm in all of it. This made idarei look at the girl before he spoke to her. You, girl.. You are strong arent you? You aren't affected by the Aura of the main land... You must be Daion's bastard.
Tgh..Son of a..
His words made her draw Syaid from its holster. The winged blade almost beheaded the man before them. However Nazuma stopped the girl, a single finger edged between Idarei's neck and the Crimson Blade. He was unharmed by the sharpness of the blade. It was forge from the magic of the Ruby Queen and couldn't cause harm to her using psychical attacks., so Nazuma couldn't be hurt by the blade being the reincarnation.

You must have skin of metal here my Princess. Never lose yourself in the woes of the mainland. This isn't the real Idarei.
It's just one of his golem clones. This one is despair. He will only speak words of enticement.. That's why he is called Idarei of the voice. His magic allows him to summon golems each with a power he bestows upon them. I don't know how he makes them so strong. But one strike from either of our blades will be an act of treason against the Denkou and more Ammunition for him to use in the trial..I see what he's planning. If I commit any crime now, I can be detained until I go to trial. And once im a prisoner I have no right to a judge only Shengs judgement...

The Girl would listen to Nazuma and withdraw her attack. She didnt agree with him. She didn't like anyone mentioning her family. Knowimg whi she use to be. A life she had to forget for the one she has now. A life of pain. The secon she heard her fathers nane she reacted. She never allowed anyone to speak ill of her parents. Nazuma snapped her back to reality and she remembered where she was. The girl came to her senses and apologized to Nazuma.

Nazuma would Look at the golem clone. So.. I am Here brother, I know you can see me... I sense all five of you in that golem..

The boy looked at the golem with a radiant smile his presence started to draw in crowds of people as they began to walk deeper into the mainland. The air would fill with his Aura, many of the passing patrons came to greet him. The people of the mainland flooded the streets, all cheering for Nazuma.. He was surprised at how many people came when his name was echoed through the aisles of the great kingdom.

Welcome home Prince Nazuma!

The golem raised its arms and The crowds of people shouted went silent. It was suppose to be a joyous moment yet Nazuma felt something different. Something he hadnt felt in a long time. His feeling of loneliness had vanish and he was once agian able to feel. Only one person could do this. She held his hand and he looked into her eyes. Once again nazuma was lost in her iris his wife to be. Daitsuya saw the stife in his eyes that burned with his passion to kill the man who stood before them. Idarei. The baron of his brother, his eyes filled with murderous lust.

A true strom mage contols the wind.

The girl would look into Nazuma's eyes and he could only feel her emotions, her love. This moment Nazuma was Nazuma's bliss. They followed the escort down a dark Street

The crowds that cheered made Nazuma only feel the Golem and himself. was it an Illusion. Or did he simply fall to Sheng that quickly. But no this was real. The fear of the Kingdom was thick in the air. It smelled of misery and piss. The kingdom had a slump, Nazuma's face turned in discontent. He came to see the main street and continued his walk to the palace now in his eye sight.

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Re: Return of The Banished King

Post by Nazu Denki » Mon Jun 10, 2019 10:50 pm

:mrgreen: Nazuma would walk the main street to the castle. It was surrounded by plush flowers and grass as green as limestone. The castle was made of gold and extoic stones and tile. It was truly a sight of grand elegance. The slumbs had turned into a aisle of prosperity. It was decadent and peaceful. He only wondered how did it become like this. His face snared in disbelief of what he had just seen. The faults of a Kingdom ran by Dictatorship. He only felt pity as he swam through the seas of misery.

They would soon be at the grand gates of the palace. Not a word was spoken between Nazuma and the Golem. He made sure he would be subjected to the magic of the golem by speaking back to it. The way around the spell would be to speak in general but that would still be a challenge, the golem before them was different it had a curse upon its back which makes it respond to every a person says negatively. A spell that tampers with emotions. This is why Nazuma stopped his bride, if she had cut the head of one golem it would be an attack on the royal Denkou and Sheng knowing how quick to action the Princess is made this golem all the more sinister.

The grand gates would open and into the land of the palace they came. The land of Riore and his former home. He should have been met by his mother and brother but neither of them had shown. More of Shengs plot to mess with Nazuma. The words of his brother ran rampant in his head as they journeyed through the pathway to the castle. I will take everything you love from you as you did I, little brother..You are banished to the mainland and cut off from the The Riore. You are to have no contact with anyone in the mainland.

The day his life changed with a bang. He was shippped away to the second land. There his life changed, he changed, but overall, the way he thought changed. He gotten something he only could gain in the Astral. A taste of change. He gazed upon his former house of Ri'ore in bare radiance, the gaint house was towering with Emerald rooftops and Pearl stone walls with golden trimmings. It has over a thousand windows 300 rooms, 100 bathrooms,85 livingrooms and diningrooms and a gaint ballroom, 4 kitchens, 28 courtyards and gardens with Full guesthouses, 6 greenhouses, a training field, 40 stables, and over a 1000 yards of forest wildlife behind it. It was truly a grand palace indeed.

The air was more peaceful than what he was just inhaling. It was more sweeter; the crisp smell of the flowers blened perfectly with eachother, it smelled like sweet honey. It always smelled of roses when he was a child, it only showed him that things have changed even beyond the castle walls. Still silent as the moment he began, still holding the Princess's hand, he held back his emotions of anguish. Why did his brother choose to bring him through the slumbs. In his eyes it was distasteful and a mockery to his presence. Instead of a grand entrance he was given a prisoner's greeting.

He was taken to a treehouse that was made for him when he was just a child. It had been unkempt since he left. Most of the plantlife had grown into it but He still saw it as home. Maybe Sheng wasn't so bad. The treehouse was constructed inside a Gaint tree. It is poweredby hydropower that provides electricity for it.

The escort would then disband and leave Nazuma with Daitsuya and Idarei's golem.
This is where you and your wench will sleep..The perfect hole for scum like you two.

The Prince and Princess ignored him it was if they were in a trance locked into each others gaxe. Daitsuyas special ability allowed to hold her opponents in a trance this is her psychic magic skill know as Lustful Gaze. She locks her companions in a Illusion when she touches them. Nazuma uses this skill of hers to not focus on the golem and safely make it to his destination without any impulsive attack. The golem would give up after a moment to see if the two of them would give him a reaction but the two of them remained synced together. It cumbled into balls of clay and vanished into the soil below.

The girl canceled her Magic and would break down into tears. She not only entered the mind of her victim but she adapted a sense pf their feelings. Their truth. She felt all of Nazuma's burdens and negative thoughts his battles, his nightmares. They seemed to be more presence than his dreams and aspirations. She wondered what was coming over Nazuma. Was that he had returned to the mainland and saw how his brother has controlled the kingdom. A slump before the grand aisles of the Ri'ore House. She felt his sorrow and cried for him. She mourned what he once mourned for, she felt his emotions and wonder how did he keep it all inside. How did he still smile.Then she remembered seeing herself and the glow Nazuma pit behind her and his family each of their smiles. He holds on to them. His life was met with many of a kind and he helped others see the light in the tornados iris.

Please don't ever make me do that again. I won't use that technique on you ever again.

The girl didn't like using it the risk was to great of an emotional strain on her. But that only drew her closer to him. He would look at the girl and smile. His words as confident as the smile manifested on his face.

I do apologize for that, Suya but I had to think fast. I am sorry for forcing you to use your psychic magic. But the our mental connection had to be done. I won't use my Nien on you again.

He would stand her to her feet and wipe her tears. He would then place a kiss upon her forehead and then he would then take her to a room were a hamack rested he would lay inside it and she would lay on top of him the two of them would fall into a light slumber.

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