The Warg Tribe Character Template

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The Warg Tribe Character Template

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Warg Template

This character sheet is proprietary information under the ©Vescrutia2018 all reproduction, expansion and spin-off content of this concept is on a dialogical bases with the owners only. Any unauthorized reproduction of any kind is subject to legal action to the highest extent of the law.

Name: ________
Age: *nothing over 100*
Hair Color: *Whatever the color of your animal transformation is *
Eye Color: *Whatever the color of your animal transformation is*
Height: *Wars are exceptionally massive people, at full maturation they are taller than 6’0” or 1.75Meters*
Unique Features: *Whatever the color of your animal transformation is*

The Typical Warg Appearance
Warg 1
Warg 2
Warg 3

Parents: Your pack mother and father are still alive, and who they are depends on what pack you are from


Species: Human

Central Pillar: You’re from the frozen wastes, the frigid artic lands surrounding the Astral Chaos. Your Anthem, which allows you to turn into an animal has allowed you and your tribe to thrive here for many years. Wargen technological access is low, they have no need for it. They live simple lives among the wild life for the thrill of the hunt and survival. They they live their lives mostly in their beast skin. The Wargen, are a warrior people, spiritually gifted and after meeting with The Great Destroyer they have pledged their allegiance to COER- the Center of Emergency Responders, the global initiative to protect Vescrutia.

Contrast Pillar: While the fight for the cause is noble, you’re questioning how affective it is. Maybe there’s a thirst for adventure in your spirit that is not satisfied by being a COER agent… dare you ask to leave your pack?

Active Pillar: You’ve just woken up from a long hibernation. It’s time to join your beast-kin on the front lines of the fight against those who seek to disrupt the balance of Vescrutia.

Crossing Pillar: You’re very close with your pack mother and father and other Wargen tribes as well. Whether you’re younger or much older decides how familiar you are with Neovian life and the connections you’ve made along the way.

Anthem: Heart of The Beast

Heart of the Beast allows you to transform into an animal indicative of the Tribes above. When transformed you are faster stronger and more durable than ever before, and capable of amazing feats. Further discipline in this anthem will expand your abilities befitting of your Pack Elders who are rumored to spiritually project their animal spirits as free standing companions, regenerate from any injury, imprint your animal persona into other animals and tame the wilds of Vescrutia allowing you to build your own pack of beasts. The Warg elders boast other mysterious powers. Your sense of smell is uncanny, you’re the perfect tracker. Your sense of sight allows you to see Naten presence through solids. No wonder your people are on the front lines of this global defense force. You’re the perfect trackers.

Element Natures: None

Skills Abilities: Wargs, in their human form maintain heightened senses of smell, stamina, durability and physical strength than average vescrutians.

The Arbiter- If you are an existing Warg, and a member of COER you’ve unlocked your arbiter. The will slumbering in all of creation. Your arbiter allows you to anchor yourself to other strong wills.

Cordis Nova- the physical manifestation of the arbiter, your cordis nova is your beast transformation, sentient, like a spirit animal that can fight beside you. As you anchor more strong wills, you can build a pack that will allow you to summon more animals by your side.

Weapons: Depending on the Warg tribe you use, you may have access to your fangs, claws, teeth, horns or antlers even in human form.

Bio: *sample biography*

You can write a sample biography about you waking up from hibernation, or fighting on the field as COER, I’m intrigued to see what you come up with!
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