Atlantean Character Template

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Atlantean Character Template

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Atlantean Template

This character sheet is proprietary information under the ©Vescrutia2018 all reproduction, expansion and spin-off content of this concept is on a dialogical bases with the owners only. Any unauthorized reproduction of any kind is subject to legal action to the highest extent of the law.

Blank Character Sheet

Name: ______

Age: *nothing over 999 years of age*

Hair Color: * you’re a fish so you don have ‘hair’*

Eye Color: *any color befitting of the fish that you are*

Height: *normal human height*

Unique Features: Atlanteans are bipedal ‘Fish People’ for all intents and purposes. They have an even balance of human features with fish features like so:

Atlantean 1
Atlantean 2
Atlantean 3
Atlantean 4

You get it, you’re a fish person with blue skin, human features but with all the essential parts of being a fish that allow you to exist underwater and not die (gills, webbed feet, maybe fins?)

An Atlantan is NOT:
A Koi Fish Elv
A Shark Person

Parents: Your birth mother and father are alive, or not depending on if you choose that they survived the wrath of ZK and Kham known as “the day the sky fell”

Species: Atlantean

Contrast Pillar: 10 Years ago ZK, and Kham massacred your people who tried to assassinate them for settling on your beach. Will you seek vengeance or live among the surface dwellers in peace or do something else entirely?

Active Pillar: Atlantean’s are heavily involved in Neovia’s institutions. They mainly assist with the trade quarter, ensuring safe passage across the fresh water sea and supplying food to the neovians.

This opens up your bio to be a merchant, a hospital worker, or assisting with technology that will allow surface dwellers to venture beneath the freshwater sea and conduct research. Or an existing researcher that wants to study surface life. You could also be apart of the queen Celeste’s close circle who plots the downfall of Neovia by uniting the 7 Seas (remember Neovia has no currency)

No atlanteans are serving COER members but perhaps you can be if you convince queen Celeste of your allegiance.

Crossing Pillar: The Queen of your people is Celeste Queen of Ulum, you’re familiar with her sister Crissette and her Champion Ross.

The Atlantean Government is a Monarchy with Celeste as it’s queen. Beneath the freshwater sea all Elven races and beasts bow to Queen Celeste but her power has been doubted and brought into question after the ‘day the sky fell’.

Anthem: Atlanteans boats a variety of Anthems, feel free to make one up thats not ‘____ elemental manipulation’ (as you already have access and ability to study that further)

If you are a female your Atlantean you can advance your anthem into the ‘Master Class’ is a member of the Ulthrazeen

Female Atlanteans can become members of the Ultrazeen, priestesses of the seas who study the life beneath the surface, the tide, the moon and the waves. They’re referred to as Sirens, or Sea Witches depending on who is telling the story. They are sorceresses who have tremendous power to control the weather, They can utilize sound to psychically influence intelligent life around them, as well as echolocate with other atlanteans. As your mastery of sorcery evolves you can eventually control gravitational forces and maybe the Queen of Ulum will allow you to access The Book of The Deep. One of the 13 Spell Books of Legend.

If you are a Male Atlantean your subclass is Mariner

Mariners have no talent for deciphering the Book of The Deep and can not use their voice to psychic charm creation. But they are battle hardened warriors who can regenerate whole limbs, camouflage themselves by turning invisible, fly, and other amazing feats.

Element Natures:

Atlanteans have learned water manipulation from The Primordial Scholars, feel free to seek any additional natures on your own.

Skills Abilities:

Atlanteans are not amphibious. As an atlantean you require a ‘water breather’ you must maintain contact with Ulum at all times to exist on the surface and not die. That is to say, if you get in combat and someone punctures your water breather, you have a very limited amount of time until you will die. So please keep that in mind. Water breathers are masks that cover your gills and keep you breathing the magical waters of ulum. COER has fashioned for the atlanteans a water breather suit should you enlist.

As an atlantean you’re born under densities that would kill any normal human your skin is harder, your physical capabilities are beyond super human. You are immune to most poisons and can filter out toxins. You’re skin is incredibly sensitive to the slightest shift in temperature and air pressure making you a halfway decent sensor. You can consume the water In your breathers to increase your speed beyond your physical limits. So while your breather is your Achilles heel, it comes with many benefits.

Central Pillar: You’re from the Freshwater Sea of Ulum. An extremely large body of freshwater that touches the beautiful beach, the Jade Shores that Neovia exists upon.

Weapons: Atlanteans have malleable waterbased weaponry. What looks like the hilt of a blade can be turned into a water whip, sword, bow, spear, lance shield and many other weapons. Your mastery of the different forms will come with time, and dedicated practice if you want to start from bottom.


Make your own bio and backstory!
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