Tempest of Ahhkia and Asora

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Tempest of Ahhkia and Asora

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Name: Tempest
Age: 233
Hair color: Changes
Eye color: Lavender
Height: 5’2

Unique marks: Tribal floral tattoo mid forehead
Parents: Born of Rowan from Kingdom of Asora and Terralynn Ahkkia from the Rivers of Vera
Species: Human, though her people are often referred to as succubus and incubus due to the characteristics of her anthem, their typically sensual nature, and their common favoritism toward the element of wind
Active Pillar: Studying in the Astral Chaos
Crossing Pillar: Kurai, Zeik, Azazel
Anthem: Draining Kiss
Element Natures: Wind

Draining Kiss(lv2) Allows the user to extract Natan from other life forms. The extracted Natan can then be absorbed or dispersed into ambient space. This can be done through touch or from a distance, depending on the level of mastery. Beginning users often extract Natan indiscriminately, however with mastery of the senses one can extract specific properties within a life forms pool of Natan. This ability is especially useful for treating poison, clots, and other blockages that cause illness. When the extracted Natan is absorbed by the user they are then able to physically process and utilize the essence of what has been absorbed. This is useful in copying information and skills found in other life forms.

Wind (lv2)Manipulating this element requires the ability to mimic the variances in atmospheric pressure that cause wind to form. This makes it essential for wind users to learn to recognize the subtle motions that occur within ambient space. The recognition of these sensations are referred to by some as the clairsentient meridian response (CSMR). Traditionally this skill is taught to Young Ahhkia to prepare them for honing their anthem for medical purposes.

Central Pillar:
Tempest was nurtured in a mixture of cultures. Her father, Rowan was raised in the royal court of Asora which value greatly the ways of religion, wisdom, technology, and formality. Her mother Terralynn, was raised in a tribe of somewhat traditional Ahhkia where they value many of their traditions but often stray from their roots to suit their lifestyle along the river Vera where they settled after deciding to break away from their root faction of Ahhkia. The Ahhkia worship mainly the ways of nature and as such are very empathetic, freeflowing, and typically sensual beings. They use technology to a limited degree, are heavily studious and exceptionally adept in healing arts.

Despite their differences their cultures came to combine and even when Rowan and Terralynn decided to separate Tempest was always welcomed and nurtured by both sides. She came to view her mother and father, and other close family as her idols for this reason. It seemed immeasurably beautiful to her that even when they would disagree, they valued communication and sharing knowledge more than anything. As her great-mother Aurum would often say "It's just a generational gap. With time comes understanding from both sides. We'll be alright"

Their ways encouraged her to drive her entire life to carry their best traits with her always and heal any coding in their bloodline that proved counterproductive to their prosperity. This resolved did not waver as she began to travel. Rather she remained dedicated to honing her family skills while keeping her studies eclectic.

At a time where the energy of Vescrutia became tense with a frequency that was unusual to her, she found herself drawn to the Astral Chaos where she begins to uncover the truth of the horseman and becomes determined to play a role in resisting their influence.

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