The Boy with the Horizon in his Eyes

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The Boy with the Horizon in his Eyes

Post by Nazu Denki »

The clouds split open for the tip of the airship that sailed in its waves of plush white. The sun rested just before the convoy as bells and whistles went off. The captain would be heard over the loud speakers.altitude of 30,000 feet and standing. We are smooth sails and clear skies.. the crew of 100 or so patrons would gather and began doing their naval chores. The men broke out into song and danced about singing old Denki folklore and new age dance music. The crew of this ship was truly a lively bunch.

The Prince watch from his quarters at the head of the ship he stood in the window that allowed him to gaze upon the deck of the airship. He had just gotten dressed and the steam from his shower masked the the room in a light fog. His locs dripped of water that landed on his shoulders and dampened his collar just a bit. He would turn into the room in which he was assigned by his brother, the King.

He expected nothing but the luxurious room of the ship. It had a full size bed and bathroom attached to it that gazed upon the shipyard. Inside was a bedroom fit for royals. It smelled of Sweet Honey and looked like a room made for a home. It was designed to comfort royals on journeys like this one.

There would be a knock on the doorsand Nazuma would answer.

Who's there?

First there was an awkward silence that seem to come from his question as if the person had to ponder who they were or of the person had came to the room at the wrong time..

Nazuma wasn't to trust anyone in Mios command and it seems he was surrounded by the very such. He came to walk closer to his blade as there was still no rebuttal.

Mmmyyy... Deaarr.. Prince.
I do apologize for my intrusion. I have news that we will be arriving at Vuvec Temple in just a few clicks.Our passage has been treacherous.. Yet somehow we have made it through to Faulcun Island. I just want to say we owe you our lives Young Prince and You as well My Dear Princess.

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Re: The Boy with the Horizon in his Eyes

Post by Daitsuya »

The girl would rise as Nazuma loomed outside the window at the sailors who gathered and woke the skies with tunes of joy. She watched as he got ready from afar, honestlet she didnt like all the noise he made and the fact he invokes his naten really runs her ramped. So the girl decided to get up. She would walk into the shower and turn it on before getting in. She would undress placing a foot in the hot shower

Her shower was cut short as she heard the door knock and then the wells of Nazuma. She would turn the head of the shower off and step out as the man began speaking. She wrapped her towel around herself as the man gave them praise for saving the lives of the crew in their latest obstacle in the trail to the island Denkou inhabited before the xurrent kingdom of today. They had to first cross the dangerous seas vescrutia where they faced many of her dangerous sea creatures and the might of her waves. The Sky should treat them much fair.

As she was mentioned by the messenger, she walked out of the bathroom her hair falling just after her shoulders. She would get dress not saying a word to Nazuma. She thought him being on edge was something worth seeing. He was always so calm and this place made him tense. She would only allow him a small out burst not a murder spree. Though if he were to be aytacked she would die with him if so be it.

The Princess now dressed walked over to Nazuma and placed her hand on his back. Slowly she invoked her Naten to connect with his own. She felt what he was feeling the anger that filled his heart. She would whisper in to his free ear. It wasn't a spell, nor was it a hex or curse of any kind. She simply reminded the Prince that she will always be by his side.

We give you much thanks. I must say can we have a minute to ourselves.
I wish to speak to the Prince without prying ears.

She said as she opened the door to meet the man who spoke behind the door. She would then close the door and turn to face Nazu. She had a smile on her face as she looked him in his eyes. He was always there by her. Every since they were both children.

She would run and hug him. She honestly didn't know what she could be without him. Maybe on the battlefield still fighting. Maybe still an Flonne scout never to know comfort like this. She was thankful that she was chosen to be his bride.

Nazuma.. Tell me.. Why did you pick me out of all the women in the lands .I know our mothers arranged for us to marry very young but why did you agree with it?

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