Understanding The Astral Chaos.

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Understanding The Astral Chaos.

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Astral Chaos

The Astral Chaos is a large country made up of many different tribes, located near the center of the country is a city called, Astral Kingdom. Here in Astralcity , you’ll find a community made of crafters, warriors, scholars and dreamers. The Kingdom is surrounded by mountain ranges and lush forest which house unique life and nature resources.

The Azure
Among the most valuable resources to be harvested in the alps of chaos, the forest of resonance, Vaeroth Swamp and many others area in this country , is The Azure. The Azure is one of vescrutia's many forms of Prana, or spiritual energy;but, it can only be found in this country. The AstralCity citizens harvest the Azure from the lands and use the element to produce weapons, armor, advance their tech, fuel their machine and whatever else they can think of.

The Kingdom of Astral Chaos- Astralcity.
The City is Protected by an near impenetrable barrier and governed by its three founders, or The Astral trinity. They take an active approach to removing tyranny, villainy, deception- Evil. Most of ppl The Citizens of AstralCity spend their time forging new skills, crafting new devices, tending to their studies, or simply getting to know themselves or their neighbors. Though the kingdom has existed for hundreds of years a lot of The Astral citizens are survivors of war, due to the ongoing oppression of The Horsemen.

Forest of Resonance
While adventuring through the forest of resonance Kurai, Zeik and Meridia found an ancient crystal pulsing with Prana and covered in foreign script. These travelers would later be known as The Astral Trinity. They were each gifted in arcane knowledge and knew the crystals either came from deep in the core of Vescrutia or were be to nd the veil. Either way, their Magic’s hadnt been seen in this world. They studies the Crystals endlessly until they triggered an energetic reaction that encased them in a temporal field. The Astral Trinity found their wildest imaginations could be crafted right before them and were shown visions of worlds consumed by a darkness beyond their reach.

The trinity, warriors from different walks of vescrutian life, began building a fortress to stand as an unbreakable pillar against that darkness and declared it the kingdom of Astral Chaos-Astral City. Astralcity is hidden within the Forest of Resonance and fortified by the Alps of Chaos. They built their kingdom and crafted instruments to repel the coming invasion.

Core Element
The Sanctus Crystal serves as a vital piece in arming the Astral citizens with the strength to deter evil at every corner. The Sanctus Crystal has the stored Prana of Countless destroyed world and thusly are capable of the connecting the physical and spiritual realms.
This allows the members of Ars Haven to Unlock their core element.

Sanctus Crystal
The citizens of Astral City use the Sanctus Crystal to regain lost Prana through resolving Karmic bonds. When the core element is awakened they began to study:The Animus, The familiar and Soul Beat.

Core Element:The Animus
The Animus is one of the three abilities found along the journey of your awakening. The weapon is forged from the strongest emotion, in your soul,making it indestructible. The weapon whispers it’s name to the wielder's and is apart of you. It’s structure and skills may mimic your characteristics of your temperament or be wildly different.

Animus Guide:Be sure to include the following when detailing your Animus

Weapon name- What do you say/think when you summon it?

Weapon type - dual blades? Staff? Something you imagined?.

Weapon physical description: What does it look like? Supply photos if you like

Animus Skills:Does the weapon give you access to new abilities?

-Core Element:The Familiar-
Familiars are a manifestation of your desire and take the form of an animal.
The animal evolves over time
as you regain post prana. In some cases you may take on physical characteristics of your familiar. For example someone who's familiar resembles a form of bird may experience their hair transform into feathers. (Optional.)

Familiar Guide: Be sure to include the following

Familiar name:Your familiar and Animus generally have the same name as they are both manifestations of your soul.

Type of Animal: What type of animal does your familiar resemble?

Familiar’s talents:What type of skills or powers does your familiar have?

Familiar Form:Familiar’s evolution has three stages, Basic , advance, and Arch. There isn’t a concrete limit of their size or intelligence.

Core Element:The Soul Beat
Soul beat is the last skill unlocked along the path of awakening. As one evolves the familiar, so does their body and mind. You’ll need this fortitude to fully utilize the Soul’s Prana and your soul beat.

Soul beat is the ultimate synchronization between you and the universe and optimizes your abilities. This skill is expressed in a variety of ways;transformation, powerful ability, new abilities, and etc.
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Re: Understanding The Astral Chaos.

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Naten:Naten is a natural force within the Vescrutian universe. You gain naten by way of breath, water, and light. Naten enriches the body and mind and opens your senses.

Once naten is within the body it can be used to connect with other elements that possess naten such as fire,water, air, lightning, and earth. It also allows them connections with other forces of nature such as time, spatial manipulation, gravity, darkness, and light.

The expansion of the mind opens Vescrutians to a range of heightened senses and psychic prowess.

What defines these powers is the culture, habits, study, and experience of the individual. This generally leads to players creating tribes, clans, clubs, zealots, marauders or any other types of organization

The 12 Strands of Dna:Dna is a major component of study to the Hellgate Tribe. Having studied under the vast knowledge of The Scholars for generations, the Hellgates have grounded the connections to their dna and the significant spiritual presence it has within the universe. Their understanding of dna states that life on Ves 2 physical strands and countless holographic strands made from light and sound.

Every single lifeform’s dna is in a constant state of evolution, which is influenced by environment , sound,light, naten and Prana. Hellgate’s strive to gain connection to the holographic strands of dna, which they believe stretch into the cosmic body;but, the process is incredibly difficult and takes lifetimes-even with hellgate longevity. However, Hellgate tenacity would never tolerate total failure. Members of each of the nine families rose to the height of their tribes capabilities and became known as Queens.

They were the first to not only know of The Strands, but ground the knowledge for others after them, allowing future Hellgate generations to naturally grow up with heightened genetic awareness.
The First Queens went on to prove the existence of 10 strands of Cosmic Dna and help detail different levels of Genetic Awareness, which Hellgate’s continue to study today.
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