The Hellgate Tribe

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The Hellgate Tribe

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The Hellgate Tribe

have remained a powerful pillar within their country for centuries, using their vast wealth, knowledge and notable Anthems to maintain peace within the country. Hellgates focus their attention on psychology, naten, astrology ,metallurgy, divination, and alchemy and bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual realm. The tribe thrives off a well established mineral economy. Many high value stones, herbs and metal ore are native to their country and difficult to acquire due to harsh terrain. By way of tradition they use their gifts to nurture the land, making persistent effort to give and take, earning them the trust of the Elves in the area.

The culture and overall way of life often produce Soothsayers, seers, mercenaries, engineers and herbalists. The tribe consist of nine major families, six of which are named after their powerful anthems: Vesta, Urizen, Holgurd, möbius, torus and ahkkia.

Hellgate’s are primarily brown skin, bushy and curly hair, with a variety of natural hair colors:black, brown,grey and red. The average male and female height vary by the family, but notably Holgur’s are the tallest.

The tribe have a strict culture about protecting the land and knowledge. This value was left to them by Razgriz. Through his efforts the tribe became acquainted with three of The Scholars, advancing the Tribes knowledge and spiritual wealth.

As a result of countless centuries of study under the tutelage of Sirius, the black dawn, the Hellgate Tribe boast a natural genetic awareness. Children born into the tribe, even among the weakest of them boast awareness of 4-6 cosmic strands before puberty.

The tribe crafted the name,Hellgate from their desire to protect the land from the chaotic hordes of ignorance and the evils lurking deep within the expanse.

The founding nine families all agreed that life would be wiped from Vescruti’s surface and the legions of ignorance would be unleashed, forever crippling their home. Their want to preserve unity, compassion, knowledge and their Anthems united the families, some more willing than others, and the Hellgate tribe was formed.

The Hellgates crave perfection, which to them is an ideal state of motion- adaptive, fluid and efficient. They seek perfection and superiority in all their pursuits, humbly.

Hellgate’s are raised to cherish beauty and precision. They study the stars and nature as a way to understand themselves, The Unseen and The Expanse. Their adults struggle to rein the more reckless youth. Their challenging minds, sharp wit, and advanced development give way to early age Hubris, that they typically grow out of.

The Tribe has a lusty appetite for excitement and thrill seeking. They mature rapidly during the long years on vescrutia and have a long lifespan. They remain extremely resistance to disease and intune with a variety of psychic senses.
The tribe have strong, diverse culture around their imagination and the strength that’s drawn from one's beliefs in themselves and nature.

Vesta- Pyrokenetic Anthem.
Warriors striving to be students of Sirius. Handles mercenary work, and defense department of the tribe
Urizen-enchanted/endows magical properties to ordinary matter
Engineer’s and crafters, design clothes and weapons for the tribe.

Holgurd-capable of crafting power barriers from naten
Teachers/ soothsayers/ and astronomers

Ahkkia-Telepathic communication/ sensory manipulation via touch.
Healers/ musicians/ teachers/dancers/ tantric

Tyre- extremely durable bodies
This family handles missions into the Expanse for resources, miners of the void.

Flora- understand chemical and genetics make up of things they eat.
They handle the tribes nutrition and gathering needs, resting foods for poison and. Typically alchemist,

Horus- Third eye Anthem
Highly regarded for the accuracy of the Unseen. They protect the tribe from Unseen influences and carry out the burial of their dead.

öbius -

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Re: The Hellgate Tribe

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Vesta- Pyrokenetic Anthem- Hellfire
•Warriors striving to be students of Sirius.
•Handles mercenary work, and defense department of the tribe

The Vesta family have strived for anthem superiority since the day they drew breath. They are eager to challenge their peers, teachers and parents from an early age. Their pyrokinetic Anthem keeps them in trouble, but free of danger.

As they grow older and trade arrogance for compassion they typically use their gifts where they shine the brightest, on the battlefield. Even as wisdom matures in their minds, Vesta children crave conflict. Be it a battle of wills, words, or spirit, a Vesta is shooting for the number one spot.

Their children boast considerably potent Dna, giving birth to the highest number of Alphas out of the nine families. Their family dont favor a deep, immersive culture, like some of the other families. It’s not from a lack of intelligence or maturity, They have always been simple people, with simple desires. They care for the tribe and protect all of the families, including the minor, unmentioned families

Urizen-enchanted anthem/ endows magical properties to ordinary matter
•Engineer’s and crafters that design armor, weapons, and machines for the tribe.

The Urizen consider themselves the brains of the operation. Their family has their finger print on every building, weapon and tool within the kingdom. Prodigies of the industrial awakening for their unique additions to the culture of metallurgy and architecture.

Admittedly they are the smug ones of the bunch, convinced the world and the villages would be better ran if only it were a monarchy lead by the ‘right,’ leader. They craftsmanship is known across the sphere and actively compared to the Old architects. They keep to themselves while working, venturing from their labs for sultry behaviors only.

The clean cut family, well groomed and tailored fitting clothes unlike some of their more modest brethren.

Holgurd-capable of crafting powerful barriers from naten
Anthem: Hellaguard
•The family are primarily Teachers, soothsayers and astronomers of the tribe

The Holgurd are in charge of the Tribes education, deciding what topics the tribe will study for the year as well as the more judicial matters. It’s very rare the family will fall into a situation hat ritual combat can’t solve, but when it does it’s the sharp and gentle minds of the Holgurd to decide the tribes course of action.

Holgurd are incredibly patient, reserved, and soft spoken. They were among the first to agree joining the tribe as they sought an escape from the destructive traditions of their leaders

Having seen the depths of human ignorance and the fragility of the psyche, the Holgurd dedicated their lives to teaching. They focus on emotional honesty, perspectives, and the tidal strength of the planets and stars.

Ahkkia life force absorption via connection-
Anthem: Draining KISS
•The family overseas the medical community for the tribe as their heightened sensitivity to feelings and sensations.
•Gifted learners who gain insight from the energy they drain via their anthem.
•Healers, entrepreneurs and musicians.
Ahkkia is a very sensual family of entertainers and artist. They use the peace brought about by the merger to focus their time on creating and feeling. They are deeply immersed in the human experience and share the highest flight rate of the nine families.

While the Vesta create new spells and the Urizen erect new architecture, the Ahkkia ,that stay in the village, are writing another script for the local theater. ‘To dance is to live and to live is to fly’ is a saying among the family. No other family embodies the Hellgate’s ideology of aesthetic, merit, the Ahkkia are the ones who wrote it. They have their own school within the village dedicated to strengthening the artistic freedom.

Other, more excitable, Ahkkia open Cabernet, bars or fetish Grotto’s. The ahkkia are socially the most adept of the families, as many of the founding nine express introverted behaviors or all out culturally exclusivity like the myotis.

Tyre- Their Anthem makes their bodies resistant to pressure and puncture.
•This family handles missions into the Expanse for resources, miners of the void.

Strong willed and able bodied. The Tyre family are the first to lend a hand and the last to ask for help. A jolly group of space miners, who use their vigor to mine rare minerals from beyond the expanse. They favor the cardinal side and desires of the planet;alcohol , sex, and fame.

Tyre family can be found in nearly all facets of Hellgate society, making sure the cog are greased and the chimes are whistling.

Florum- understand chemical and genetics make up of things they eat.
•They handle the tribes nutrition and gathering needs, testing foods for poison and.
•Typically alchemist

The green thumb. Flora have handled the agricultural and irrigation of the Tribe, long before there was one. They are the largest family among the nine and despite their closeness to flowers, are the sharpest of tongue.

A flora won’t hesitate to remind you of your mistakes or tribal obligations. If the Vesta are the patriarchal defender , than the flora are their matriarchal counterpart.

They are the mothers of the tribe, carefully monitoring the harvest to ensure there's plenty to share with the neighboring communities. Flora’s anthem and elemental affinity make them exceptional talented alchemist and healers. Flora children have shown a strong talent for strategy, making them fit leaders at a young age.

Horus- Powerful Crystal Conjures- Anthem
•Highly regarded for the accuracy of the Unseen. They protect the tribe from Unseen influences and carry out the burial of their dead.

A very secretive and mystical family. Their children rarely use their gifts for combat, but are still among the strongest of the nine families. They taught the tribe about the Unseen, bringing clarity to some of the families suspicions about the concept of evil.
They oversee the burial and other ceremonial rites of the Tribe.
Their share a natural affinity for divination and work with the other families in deciphering the many languages spoken and written. They created tools to look into the expanse and developed their culture of astrology over the centuries.
Star gazing is the only clear objective of the Horus family, or its the only thing they are willing to share with most.

öbius - Magnetism Anthem
Studies astrology and remains incredibly secretive.
The Obius follow the way of the blade, believing that they learn who they are while engaged in battle.

They are the oldest of the nine families and spend their time mastering martial arts and weapons. The Vesta and öbius have a long history of rivalry, competing constantly for combat superiority. Their rivalry is typically healthy and pushes the two families to higher lengths, without inciting civil war.
Obius express restraint and composure in all that they do, but hide a defensive and reflexive tongue.

Myotis - can manipulate your body and blood if their saliva gets inside you.
•A species of Elves who evolved from bats during the Astral year, one of the founding nine families.
•They can live in the daylight as use echolocation to see.
•Doesn’t turn you into a vampire after biting you.

Myotis History
]Many of the mammals who evolved during the Astral years retained much of their previous form, their claws, wings, sharp teeth,and above all their fur. Even among the Ursonius Elves, who produced countless Alpha Gene children during the second Astral year, remained covered by fur well into their genetic ascension.

The myotis however lost all of their fur, gained complete upright, bipedal movement and developed soft silky skin, early in their genetic ascension. They became almost identical to humankind, save for their larger, more defined ears and smaller pupils.

Even among their tribe, the Hellgate’s, they were known as humans. Until the technology and genetic studies developed within the country.

Myotis DNA effortlessly capture the complexity of evolution. The myotis heart supply an abundance of naten and blood to their body, that they store excess in their second heart, known as their Ava.

This blood is deeply endowed with Naten and can be manipulated by manner of voice or intent. Some Myotis sing as they fight, commanding their Ava with tunes only they understand,

Their bat like dna is still deeply connected to them and can be triggered by strong lunar light. Under the lunar influence the myotis experience Vampirism. Which causes them to transform a into furry winged, feral versions of themselves.

Their fangs never break, much harder than steel. They easily pierce through armor and tear at the targets jugular. If their victims survive, they find themselves subservient to the Myotis who bit them, until the venom runs out. The cellular structure of myotis is constantly in flux.They can trigger partial Vampirism, even without lunar light. Allowing them to create sharp bones from their elbow, and sprout wings from their backs. Though they are raised passive, nature calls for defenders. The Myotis are the last to start a fight, but the only one left alive.

The myotis are deeply emotional creatures and share a strong connect with Vescrutia’s four moons. They can sense their vampirism coming and remove themselves from densely populated areas.

They embrace their transformation and spend this time with their family, bathing in the lunar light to restore their health. The moon has spiritualist influence in the Myotis culture, they spend them time in deep reflection.

Their place in the Tribe has always been strong. Their young are natural warriors and protectors and boast a highest survival rate among the nine families.
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Re: The Hellgate Tribe

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This Character Template gives permission and guidance on creating your own Hellgate , and RP within the Hellgate Tribe

Name: Always a first name, second name commonly Hellgate, but not required.

Age: 15-600yr This is typically the Age of Adolescence, you’ll start here and begin your Quest of Maturity.

Hair color: There are nine families in the Hellgate tribe, so the hair colors vary. (No limit)

Eye color: (No limit)

Height: nothing taller than 8ft

Unique marks: All Hellgate’s are born with a birthmark called their birth rune. This skill is present at birth, but typically doesn’t activate until late in their adolescence.

All Hellgate’s have brown skin, bushy, curly, textured hair they live in the same country as Astral City but very far away, the have long life expectancy, centuries of culture and a knack for knowing their way around challenges. The tribes home city is called Acrix Solara, a sand region in the Astral.

Parents:Your call. It’s kinda a huge community deal within the tribe. If your born from two different families within the tribe, Vesta mother+ Urizen father- you only get one of the families Anthem.

Species: Human

Central Pillar: Hellgate’s have a strong presence in the country Astral Chaos, known for their quality merchandise, astronomers, astute warriors and philosophers. They’re centuries old and have deep knowledge about naten and their connection to life. Their culture draws great emphasis to the sun and share a deep fear of the expanse-Outer space. Dna Evolution is a close and familiar conversation within the tribe and host unique rituals during the Astral Year to ensure the evolution of the tribe.

Contrast Pillar: Hellgate’s are given their room and board as a birthright, you don’t fight for food and you always have a place waiting for you back home. This allows their youth the time they need to develope and decide what they’re contribution to the world will be. Parents are typical very relaxed, allowing their children a wide spectrum of behaviors as birth right of expression and a natural process during the Quest of Maturity.

Active Pillar: By the time the youngling has reached ripeness within their adolescence, they are expected to take the Quest of Maturity-which is gauged by Intellect, emotional capacity and self identity.

Crossing Pillar: The Hellgate ideology revolves around a balance between individuality and connection. Encouraging its youth to understand the value of life and their connection to its prosperity or downfall. Hellgate’s are builders, healers, warriors, and thinkers -these archetype typically find themselves in service to their ideal community.

Hellgate’s are taught the universe is subjective from a young age. They share no Mythos within the family and don’t believe is an objective universe or polarity. They believe good and evil are actions, seen only in people- but, the universe operates under the order of Paradox and Chaos.

Anthem: See Guide The Nine

Elemental Nature’s: Hellgate’s are born with a Dominate and recessives element.(non spatial/ Non temporal)

Birth Rune: This is another unique skill, kinda like a “second,’ anthem. Birthrune rarely reappear, but it’s not impossible to inherit your parents birth rune.

Knowledge of the Occult:
A vast majority of Hellgate’s are caster, their study of the arcane grants them incredible elements magicks and a wide variety of psychic abilities.

Sixth Sense: Hellgate’s are deeply connected to all of nature, this includes the Astral realm. Granting them a passive sensory perception ability. This is commonly referred to as a sixth sense. Some experience this intrinsic knowing visually like the Vesta, but the floura experience this through touch and even smell.

Weapons: Martial Arts including weapon arts are taught to every child, each Hellgate selects a weapon before maturity that they are expected to master.

Bio: You begin your journey At home, in the thriving city of Acrix Solara, home of the Hellgate Tribe. You’re waiting for your scores to be announced and all your peers are bragging about their Scores. You’ve study your tomes, ,did well in weapon demonstration and can’t wait to receive your Grade.
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