Planet Terra

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Planet Terra

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This planet is located in our galaxy but has very little naten awareness and causes mild amnesia to aliens when they arrive. Keep in mind you’ll gradually lose your powers over time as naten isn’t abundant on this planet., forcing you to rely on your core element. The planet suffers from several global curses:No Evil/ Dogma/ Congress and remains under total Horsemen control. Having infiltrated the humans political Betwork, they’ve influenced them into years of self inflicted oppression all while destroying the natural resources that produce naten.

New naten users are still being born, despite centuries of abuse;but, they are forced into arduous mercenarie work, or killed just as they learned how special they were by a silent evil.

They’re an underground faction of naten user lead by Nine Breaker. It’s rumoured he awakened his powers at a young age and learned of an evil organization plotting to take over the planet.

“ANTI,’ performs underground organization to undermine the Blackvest and capture ppl with unique powers. They’re then trained and indoctrinated into saving other rogue ‘user,’ and bringing down Ravengers.

On this planet the horsemen operate secretly, keeping their actions invisible to the naked eye of the ‘populace.’ Only members of ANTI believe in the Ravengers.

All law enforcement is recognized by their black uniform and eagle crest. They aren’t targeted by the Ravengers and hunt, in secret, for potential naten users under the code name HOUND.

invisible to the populace and lethal to the unordinary. Creatures of considerable power who seek awakening naten users and kill them.

Populace-sleep walkers. Normal civilians. They see nothing unusually and have deep fear of new information, and differences.

Day dreamers
People who see the problem and no solution. They party and rave, make music about the issues, but are generally overlooked by Ravengers and HOUND

No evil-
This curse prevents the mundane from recognize the faults in their world, leaving them oblivious to the unseen forces and energies. They believe they are alone in the universe, that they are all that ever was and will be.

This curse perverts truth and relies on lies and apathy. The planet is overrun with falsehood and traditions set in stone by the Horsemen, preventing them from learning of their true nature and heritage.

This curse prevents people from using naten, if there are more doubtful eyes than believing eyes. Using your naten in cities is harder, if not impossible because of mundane doubt.

This curse censors certain words, preventing anyone from just telling the populace what is happening to them. Once triggered, the populace become enraged or distressed and flee from any further conversation.

Prompt:Once you arrive on Terra you’ll end up in a fight that will exhaust most of our naten, putting you in a desperate circumstance to find food and recover on foreign soil.

Your body will have a violent and painful reaction to touching the soil, causing everyone to have a brief psychic experience with the planet and feel the pain of the lifeforms.

Once you’re body adjust to the planet and you stop having psychic visions, you’ll need food and shelter in between the battles with the ravengers. Ravengers patrol places with small population, you’re more likely to get attacked outside of the city.

Eventually we will be attacked by ANTI, who prey on renegades, which they presume we are. Repelling them makes us Priority targets, so we venture into the cities where ANTI isn’t as powerful because of the powerful doubts of the mundane.

Mission: In order to return home we need our naten awareness to communicate with Vescrutia. There are powerful demons destroying the planets energetic grid, each demon destroyed grants us higher volumes of naten, but we are still subject to the doubts of the mundane.

Fortunately the demons hide in landmarks the mundane don’t travel to, Bermuda triangle for instance.

Defeating the demons/ stopping Anti/ and awakening the mundane are the primary objectives.
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