Tymon's Advent

A desert region that is home to the Hellgate Tribe.
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Tymon's Advent

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They were not ready for a war with the Veritas, even if the Horseman could definitely make them all want to fight and be at war with Tymon. The thought of it made Tymon shudder. He floated down what seemed to be a road and through a desert, not paying much mind to where he was going because he saw the two villages in the distance, anyway. Going through a little rough patch would not deter him. He just wondered when he would get into the territory of the Chaos.
"The Old West, Is Ya?" Tymon implied to the desert as he passed through it, "Well, Buckle My Shoe." Tymon wore boots. "Well This Is Going To Be A Ride," Tymon said to himself as he started to do a little dance for himself, "I'm Gonna Take You For A Ride~!" he sang. "Gonna-- Okay, I'm Done Now." His brow would lower, his eyes would glaze and his tone would drop down to a neutral. But his arms were still crossed. "... It's Not Like Anyone Is Going To Come Greet Me, Or Anything..." Tymon was aware of it. "Maybe, If I Tell Them I'm Khrona And Show Them The Fruits Of My Labor With The Thirteen Restrictions, They Will Be Pleased With My Works And They Will Understand That I've Actually Mastered All Of The Power I Got." He clasped his hands together and sighed heavily; happily, "I've Been Working On It All The Whole Time~!" Tymon now had control of the Thirteen Restrictions that he made as Khrona after discovering them as Khrona and making them to store all of his power. "Now, It Just Happens All Around Me All Of The Time~!" Something about his powers actually working for really reals made it all the more satisfying, and he was wondering if theirs had worked as well.

"Wait A Minute," Tymon thought, stunning himself, "What If They Don't Understand Me At All And I Just Sound Like Some New-Face Lunatic?" Tymon remained there, stunned, unable to move because of a thought he gave himself.

By this time, a sandstorm was rolling in, and visibility would be skewed by the sand, leaving no clear path toward the villages.

Tymon could not move because of a logical error that occurred when he stunned himself, where he would have to think about the answer until he found a reason to move again. "Think, Think, Think, Think, Think..." He thought. "Hey! I Know," he said. "I'll Just Use My Psychic Powers To Transfer The Memories Into Their Heads-- But That Might Make Them Angry When They Remember How I Blew Up The First Vescrutia..." He hoped that he wasn't the only one that knew that. Even if he was, he could just... Leave that part out, if it was unnecessary. "... So Yeah, Psychic Powers..."

The sands engulfed him, and he could no longer be seen.

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