Where The Wind Blows; Ophiuchus

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Where The Wind Blows; Ophiuchus

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As the many events with Tymon went on, a strong wind blew all throughout the Neo Citadel in the Neo-Nightmare, carrying with it an angelic being unlike any that had ever been witnessed. It was one of Tymon's remnants of himself -- one of his Thirteen Restrictions -- known as Ellio, or Ophiuchus, formally. It was brought to the Neo Citadel in order to serve as an envoy for both Tymon and the Veritas; an ambassador of sorts. The wind carrying it -- who was an entity named 'Taomin' -- only graced the land for enough time to drop off the angel body and quickly departed after that.

Ellio, the Fifth Restriction of Tymon, hovered within the Neo Citadel, arms crossed over his chest, his several angelic wings of crystal spread out wide. The being was child-like in appearance, sporting blonde hair and an all crystal blue attire. He wore golden shoes with wings on the ankles. Ellio looked around for someone that seemed like they were of some sort of importance here. Patiently, the angel floated, waiting to be acknowledged. Apparently, he had some words for the ones who ran this place.

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