Flashback :: High Priority Target

The Center Of Emergency Responders headed by Michio Kham, this is where he trains those in in the use of Naten and how to properly protect the planet.
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Re: Flashback :: High Priority Target

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After the parting words were invoked, and the circle disbanded the respective Devout went onto perform their unique tasks. One by one they walked into the distance, possessing their own way for traveling large amount of distances in a short period of time. Some vanished completely, others devolved into crystal dust, floating in space, spiraling down toward The Mother. Vyrin walked with Sii into the distance on the opposite side of the moon, Maeel looked with her good eye toward the Mother and her congress of celestial accompaniment. It was the moonlight equilibrium, a very rare occurrence that happened once in a lifetime, for cattle. From here Vescrutia, awash with a color canvass of canopies of green, waters sapphire blue and mountain ranges of brown was pinned between her two moons. The Pink and Green suns were behind the moons bathing them in a cool heat. Maeel took it in, and she judged by the urgency in Vyrins step, that he planned to use the Sun’s radiation and this lunar alignment to teach Sii more of the Nova Cosmic. Maeel wanted desperately to witness the growth of the Devout’s Soul, but she was more concerned for the lone Michio who tasked himself with killing a God. She turned to face where he once sat and found Gideon was several paces ahead of her. With a deep breath, Maeel stalked after Gideon who was one of the first to uproot himself from the proceedings. She was a head taller than he, but build meant little to the Michio. Gideon was a bred Breaker, she, a member member of the Cenmotori, the difference in their capability was in their biology. No matter how strong she got, The Breaker’s Vyrin, Gideon, and the rest would always be stronger. That was their role, it was nothing to be jealous of, it was inspiring.

She could see his massive head of hair crust over the horizon. She had to catch him before he prepared for war. 


She shouted, unable to hear the sound of her own voice after a Dragon-God scrambled her inner ear to mush. She reflected on that day often, the amount of preparation and tact it took Samoosa to craft the Iacurs Pact, let alone convince the Orthodox that it was a good idea and to even corner the worms into combat. The casualties were heavy on both sides, and they had damn a whole race to life imprisonment in the bodies of cattle because of it. She would sacfrice her tongue if it meant wiping out the worms permanently.


It appeared Gideon had heard her, his voice was so soft and soothing. Startled, he turned around, and wore a soft smile. Maeel, embarrassed returned it. They approached each other. Gideon knew only Maael would shout so loud, she was just so passionate. It was lovely. Despite her hardened exterior, she too was the soul of the Devout. She wore the scars of their crusades. A bad ear from the Djou’vik, the loss of an eye From the King of Storms, a permanent scar down her cheek by a Leviathan. A diehard for the cause. A true Michio to the bone and a beautiful one. Appearance of Michio could be adjusted on a whim, and so Gideon like his family valued the interior of a person, authenticity and consistency was rare.


He replied warmly and they placed their hands on the others opposing shoulder and touched their foreheads together. The moment sat for a while as Maeel’s calloused fingers caressed Gideons chisels unscarred body. Her rough to his smooth, was a sensation never before felt. She nearly shied away at the sensation. Gideon didn’t appear to notice, he was ignoring her judgment of his Kah rather well.

“If you scream any louder Sister you’ll let the cattle know of our position.”

She laughed to herself embarrassed, yet still pressed her forehead to his own. She invoked the Ahlm Tongue which resonated in her good ear. 

“I wanted a word before you prepared for your duty.”

“A word? Can it wait I will be-”

“I. Have concerns. About your condition.”


“Please Brother.”

Gideon paused, and sighed. It wasn’t out of annoyance did he maintain a slight smile and a slight tilt of his head which ultimately devolved into a firm nod. It was a big brother warmed by the worrying of al little sister.

“… Sit with me then.”

And so they sat with a thump on the surface of the moon, atop them were diamond gleaming glints millions of miles away, the perfect mood lightning for a conversation of this sort. Gideon let his head hang towards the sky for a while, eyes slightly tense focusing on a particular star, and lips curled under each other. He finally let his eyes fall upon Maeel, her hardened exterior betrayed her emotions. Gideon could tell, even without the Ahlm Tongue that she wanted to go with him to capture The Anima.

“Maeel, I volunteered-“

“No one will know I came-”

“I am your superior.”

“Under Divine Law. Yes. But we broke those bonds so we could stand as equals. As family.”

“We are sister, but this is for me-”

“Then it is selfish! You just miss you old Kah.” 

Gideon sighed.

“You think those rumors are true?”

He stabbed at her. She deflected his gaze by letting her eyes retreat elsewhere, all around them was empty space, stars, and the gray surface of the moon.

“It’s so soft.”

“Yes. And?”

“Well. I-”

“You think I’m weak.”


“Then what?”

“I guess, I’m just trying to understand.”

“Say what you mean sister.”

Gideon rebuked her. And Maeel felt oh so stupid. The Ahlm Tongue exposed her true emotions beneath the hollow words, the quivering of her throat, the stammers of her tongue.

“You’ve never been wounded in battle? Not once?”

To Maeel, Gideon was a superhero. The Assassin who began the Silent War. Just when the Tribe thought the Master Advocate invincible, there was Michio Gideon The Breaker Second.

“And you think my Kah un weathered and untested won’t stand against the Anima.”


“It’s reasonable to think this. I would think the same if it was any other.”

Maeel recoiled a bit, the ahlm tongue conveyed much more than understanding. It was embarrassment? Shame? Michio grow strong in proportion to the pain they endure, the pain they wore on their flesh hardened them. But there wasn’t a scratch on Gideon and like so many before her, they doubted his power time and time again. She could feel the point of his tongue, jabbing her in the heart for bothering him. But there was something deeper there. She took a breath and persisted. 

“I didn’t mean to bother you brother, you know this. You hear me. I just wanted to put the legends to rest.”

Gideon narrowed his eyes at Maeel. Suspecting deeper motivations for this interruption. But he extended his palm and continued. 

“Of The Exile.”

From his palm emerged a crystal laden with inscriptions. It pulsed with a soft green Naten. A memory. Maeel almost looked hungry at the sight of it. She could witness the beginning of the Silent War first hand. 


“Take it.”

He gripped the crystal between his index finger and thumb and extended it toward Maeel. 

“And maybe you’ll understand why I must do this alone.”

He whispered. Maeels hand were already upon the crystal, as soon as she touched it, neural pathways were opened to quantum levels. Time and Space were irrelevant, Maeel could see dozens of thousands of years into the past over the shoulder of the most important Michio in history.

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