Gorrem Host:Kura Orca

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Gorrem Host:Kura Orca

Post by Orca » Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:14 pm

Age: 28
Hair color:bald due to mutation.
Eye color: Completely black due to mutation.
Unique marks:Gills on Orcas torso and face allow him to excrete insects from his body.

Parents: Orca parents passed of old age and a heavy heart.
Species:plant-Fairy A race of fairies that evolved from the Verabellasum, a flaming plant with petals as bright as the sun.

Central Pillar: Orca and his parents have spent their lives in the Vaeroth Bog, the Kura clan often break apart and go off on their own desire and his parents interest in demonology was unsettling for the tribe and left. His parents studied alchemy and Conjuring, spending their time collecting the swamps many herbs and Corpses to further their research in summoning outerworld demons.

Contrast Pillar: During the heavy rains of Phioto Orca lost his footing and fell into a swarm of Gnats called Feer. The tiny creatures, near invisible to the eye, cause strong hallucination and intoxicate your organs upon skin contact. While paralyzed in hysteria they ate orca's several layers of his flesh. Orca's father, Nir, saved his child and captured the Gnats using a sound based technique called void snare. Orca had suffered under the toxic gases secreted by Feer for to long, his body was shutting down from toxic shock. Nir summoned Beelzebub the lord of flies, using a grimoire hoping to save his dying son. Beelzebub gave Nir the Gorrem Queen, a rare parasitic species native to Vescrutia, in exchange for Nir's signature in Ars Goetia.

Beelzebub assured the boys father that if Orca ate the Gorrem Queen he would live and regain his chance at life. Nir signed the book and fed Orca the Gorrem queen. Beelzebub took the Grimoire while Nir was distracted and left. Beelzebub had left out the horrific mutation the Gorrems would enact on Orcas body as he became the new host. His eyes were blacked, his hair removed and his skin had gills that insects used to exit his body. Sick with guilt his parents died shortly after his mutation, their final words devout in their love. 'And ever we fight on.'

Active Pillar:He currently remains in the swamp amassing his armies. He hates the demon who betrayed his fathers trust, he strives to claim the demons body and use him as a host for the Gorrems.

Crossing Pillar: Orca favors solitude and finds mankind selfish,manipulative and destructive nature repulsive. He avoids social situations at all cost. The Gorrems also play a role in his solitude. They Secrete a toxic into Orca's blood stream that causes him to go crazy with hunger. The gorrems feed of Orca emotions and blood, driving him to madness ensures that he kill the prey of their desire so they can use the corpse as a host for a new branch of their species.

Anthem: Myou Myaku (Dark Pulse) is the essence of the Verabellasum. Using the Myaku members of the Kura give seed to the void,The pulse allows them to reanimate the deceased, alter the structure of willing lifeforms, and create structures from the shadows of their imagination.

Element Natures:Earth Style Bending
Sound style caster

Verabellasum Skills:
Myou Possession:Infusing the Myou Myaku naten with corpses allow the Kura clan to reanimate the dead. Using this skill Orca Reanimates the corpse of the Insects and animals he finds, could be used on human corpse but creates a feed back loop. During the possession the Kura clans heighten Empathy allow them to view the feelings and memories of the deceased.

Orca can also use the Myaku Naten to forge shadowy creatures to defend him called Nocturnal Servants. Each of the Servants have names and are passed down through families.

Dark Slit:using myou myaku Naten Orca can open cracks between space, teleporting himself or his creatures.

Empathetic Radius
The Kura clans Empathic awareness allows them to connect and view the feelings and intentions of any creature within their perceptual range. Orca can connect with trees and to increase the range of his awareness.

Gorrem Host
Exoskeleton: Orca’s clan have heightened senses due to emphatic connection to nature, capable of sensing changes in the atmosphere and the intentions of near by creatures. Orca skins can harden thanks to the mutation of the gorrems allowing his skin to reflexively harden itself in response to danger.

Screech: Gorrem Host can communicate with a vast array of insects by mimicking their langue. His ears easily detect a wide range of sounds.

Earth Style:
The kura race grew from flowers and some species share a naturally affinity for earth bending and control of plants.

Gorrems: Orcas body was mutated when he ate the Gorrem Queen, a parasitic insect native to vescrutia. This parasite secretes a toxin into the blood streams of the host, causing them insatiable hunger. They feed of the blood and rage of the host in exchange for cellular integrity. The Gorrems also cause a mutation within the host body in order to make their cohabitation effective. Gorrems hunt rare genetics to expand their species. Once the Host has killed the prey the Gorrems desire they incubate a new species of Gorrem from the slain genetics. Gorrems also secrete a liquid that boast considerable degenerative prowess, cable of dissolving Vescrutia dense metal with ease.

Weapons:His nails can be used to parry weapons. His skin hardens in response to danger. The gorrems are toxic to everything but its host, using their degenerative powers within your body would prove fatal.

Bio:The Kura originated in the Xelphis Garden, a radiant garden home to the verabellasum and the Xelphis Fruits. Though the landscape of the Garden has changed many times throughout Vescrutia’s history, it is easily distinguishable due to the consistent presence of the Verabellasum, a flower whom petals take the shape of flames. The Verabellasum seeds only fall during the Astral year and give birth to the Fairy Race Kura during the second turn.

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